Good Morning, Here's A Brand New Dark Souls III Trailer

You've woken up. You've had your coffee/breakfast/weetbix.

Now procrastinate further with this lovely little Dark Souls III trailer.

Dark Souls trailers are a mixed bag. It's a hard game to sell in a trailer I think. What do you say?

"Um this game is hard, but it's really good though."

Yeah, you mostly pitch the game on the 'challenge' angle. Fine by me.

I am excited for this video game.


    I'd love to see a Dark Souls version of the Edge of Tomorrow trailer:

    Cool video! But... that cover is hella weird and not right for this :/

      Although for me those reasons make it almost perfect.

      That weird conflict between a dark, twisted game world and a song on the other end of the spectrum creates an almost haunting feeling.

    Hahahahahaha. I cannot stop laughing at the song choice. I'm not sure where it falls on the brilliant/weird spectrum, but it's sure as hell high in one field.

      Pretty sure the weird end. The singing doesn't even match the music aggggh its so bad!

    Game is not hard, punishing would be the better description.

      Can we kind of come to some agreement where things like hard/easy are subjective and determined by a gamers individual experience, not only with the game in question, but their experience with other games?

      For example, my Mum's an experienced gamer. Hitting high scores on arcades in the 80's experienced, but she never got the hang of navigating 3D worlds with dual analogue sticks (unless it's isometric-like viewpoint.) For her Mass effect is incredibly hard. This would be impossible, much as she loves watching the VaatiVidya lore videos.

        Right there with you, I just did a wonderboy run (SL1) and I do them all the time because much like my younger sibling constantly retrying failed super mario bros stages, you see the patterns eventually and it's "easy" then.

        Nonsense. Everything needs to be according to my own scale so then I can feel superior to everyone else by saying a game that everyone thinks is hard is easy and they just need to "Git gud." Conversely, if other people find a game easy when I find it is hard then obviously it is a poorly designed mess with control issues, lag problems and incomprehensible gameplay decisions.

    Man, I danced like Elaine Benes (Seinfeld) when I saw this. All thumbs and little kicks.

    I haven't been paying any attention to Dark souls 3 until today, which is probably good considering how much I knew about DS2 before it dropped. I saw so much potato footage last time... so much

    Hmmm... Such things are meant for braver men than I.

    Dreading the impending sense that there isn't going to be any light areas, the game looks dark. The nicer places like oolacile made dark souls feel so complete, I loved the colours even in undead burg.

    It's a weird song choice, but one I feel is strangely fitting.

    I'm keen to lose a year to this, just like Bloodborne.

    Also, I need something to kick the bad habit that is Destiny.

    Exactly how I feel. Bloodborne with shields is not what I want from Souls3.

    Pumped for this... but i shall wait to see if it fits what i hope for a 3rd game in the series (or 4th if you include DE Souls as well i guess)

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