Kanye West Is Really Proud Of His New Video Game 

Kanye West Is Really Proud Of His New Video Game

Last year, Kanye told the world he was working on a video game. Today, the world was treated to a trailer for that video game.

Right now, Kanye is livestreaming a big performance shows off both his new album, The Life of Pablo, along with his newest clothing line. Unexpectedly, he also showed off his game during this performance, and you can watch the trailer for that below. It's called Only One, just like the song.

"I worked on a video game and I wanted to show y'all," Kanye said. "The idea of the game is, my mum travelling through the gates of heaven."

Honestly, it looks pretty sweet. And Kanye is proud of it, too! After he showed off the footage, he didn't seem very happy with how much people cheered for the game.

"That's not easy to do, man!" Kanye said, presumably about making the game in the first place. "Y'all just be acting like that shit is regular."

That's when Kanye played the trailer for the audience again. But not without giving us a small tale about the game's development.

"No, you don't understand. I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they will diss the fuck out of me. And I'll be like, 'I wanna make a game,' and they will be like, 'FUCK YOU.' That was hard to do, bro!"

I want to know what game developers (?) dissed Kanye for wanting to make a video game. Then again, this was the man who thought Wiz Khalifa was dissing Kim Kardashian on Twitter, when actually Wiz was just tweeting about smoking weed — so who knows.


    My god this guy is so delusional...

      Dammit loops; Kanye West is a goddamn American ICON! He's a national hero dammit! We should thank the powers that be for deciding to bless the human race with his brilliance.

      I'm kidding

      Either that or he might just be one of the greatest trolls to have ever lived.

      I like to envision some days when he gets home he just breaks down like, "Man it's exhausting pretending to be that crazy."

    No link....

    EDIT: There it goes.

    Last edited 12/02/16 10:34 am

    Sooo...that trailer is pointless/useless. Could be advertising an anime for all I know. Says nothing about what the game is or what it's about.

    Maybe that's why he got an underwhelmed amount of applause.

    Looks great!

    Obviously not much was shown for a reason. Probably still in development. Can't wait, especially if that'a the art style used in the game!

    Last edited 12/02/16 10:38 am

    I'll give him this, it would've been hard to do, especially with that topic. By all means he apparently did have an extremely close relationship with his mother. I dig the artistic style, I dig the aesthetic, it's pretty cool. I'm just needing to see some gameplay that's all before I get excited? What IS the game? Is it a rythm game? A platformer? A shootemup? A puzzle game? What is it Kanye? I'll get excited when I see some substance... but great games have been made from lesser ideas and great emotion comes from the heart. If the ego is truly in check for this, it could be very good. Who knows.

    Last edited 12/02/16 10:42 am

      bingo. dude shows fuck all in regards to a game, then has an inside perspective of the dev progress and the content of the game, that isn't apparent in the video and is upset because every one is too busy wondering how the video relates to an actual game or what type of game it is.

      i wont be surprised if it turns out to be just like every other "celebrity game" and is actually regular shit that everyone does now.

      i also hope it is in-fact a good game and not regular shit.

      Yeah. Losing the people you love is hard.
      Seems like this is his grieving process, so I'm not going to shit on that.

      Not likely to rush out and buy it, but gonna keep respectfully quiet.

    Fuck him. I hope his game falls apart along with his life. If he made a game about how he's scared to walk around chicago id play it.

    I'm sure there'll be a sale out there for at least every second believer in Kayne with the means to play it. Kayne himself should be good for at least 1,000 copies.

    Last edited 12/02/16 11:31 am

    "Kanye West Is Really Proud of Kanye West"

    Seriously though, I'd love to believe this game will be something other than more self-congratulatory garbage...but I really don't see that happening.

      I have this horrible feeling that if you manage to get the player to heaven, you will be greeted by Kanye West as God

    In other news: Kanye West is proud of his morning turd

    This to can be hard to do... Bro

    Last edited 12/02/16 11:55 am

      Yeah, but he put a lot of work into that turd! Do you even understand how hard it is to create that turd? Ya'll just be acting like that shit is just regular!

        Kanye's doesn't stink.

          Well, it doesn't stink to Kanye.

    lol I just love how he made them watch it again, that made me crack up. Didn't like their reactions, so made them watch it again and told them how they should react... more Kanye gold

    yo dowg, I get up in the morn'n and work and shit. Have two kids and a wife. Suburban stress and first world problems. You just act like that shit is normal dowg! I am super human for doing shit. For reals.

    This guy is a super rich 1% entitled jerk who wants to be worshiped.

    It kind of looks like Kanye has, uh, 'invented' the final section of Journey....

      He's no Austin Wintory by the sound of it, though...

    i like it too, not much about the gameplay really.
    all the characters are african american, lets boycott them for diversity ;D

    Kanye: I put a lot of effort into this!!!

    Everyone: Gameplay doesn't look any more advanced then Robot Unicorn... with fancy cutscenes..? *sigh*

    First of all: Kanye, you think its hard for you? How about the poor devs working their asses off making a video game for your dumb ass and you probably couldn't program if your life depended on it.

    Second: That trailer actually impressed me, I was thinking it was gonna end up as some pixel stylised tapping game. But then again, look at the trailers for King games, it could end up being a microtransaction-filled piece of shit.

      Well his wife certainly micro-transactioned the fuck out of her game, so it is quite possible he would catch on to the idea.

    I try so hard to seperate the art from the artist, but in this case the artist is so damn up his own backside he makes it so hard.

    I can't stand this person. I really can't. What kind of "artist" berates his fans for not liking something he's done "enough"?

    I wish that clip was another 30 seconds long so I could see the audience not react enough a second time. But I guess this way I can imagine what their reaction would be instead. In some ways that's better because in my head someone runs out and wipes poo all over his stupid face.

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