Nice Aiming, XCOM 2 Soldier

Nice Aiming, XCOM 2 Soldier

Briefly: An XCOM soldier missing a nearby target? No way! The series changed a lot over the years, but it's good to see some of the basics remained the same in XCOM 2: Even with high chance to hit, soldiers still miss enemies right in front of them easily.

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    From memory, TB missed on a 100% shot

      He didn't miss he just didn't notice due to graphical glitch.

      As mentioned the it was a hit but camera and bugs didn't visualise it.

    What happened here was a miracle and I want you to fucking acknowledge it!

    Here's my one if anyone is interested

      The bullet literally leaving the gun sideways made me loose my shit.

      Edit: also what's the song playing in the background?

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    As much as I am loving this game and enjoying it, this is the one gripe I have with it, the percentage % change is just bollocks. So many times my snipers have high ground and all talents to maximize damage/hit chance when on high ground and they miss every shot, and just like the gif above, near point blank range and miss with minigun/shotgun.

    Mind you on the reverse I have seen unpromoted rookies hitting enemies with 30-40% chance from a long distance away.

    This is why I rage deleted the original. I just can't stand the element of chance involved. Let me dominate damn you!!!

    Yeh, it's why I won't play Ironman mode. I play Ironman mode in my head.. I will NOT accept a point blank mini-gun miss. sure, do reduced damage if you like.. but I will not accept an outright miss. So I reload those times when something happens that is just beyond belief all for the sake of randomness. I'm just thankful they got rid of the fixed outcome per turn thing, so now if you replay a turn, the outcome can be different.

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