Casual Prolix is approaching godlike levels. Seriously.

I thought yesterday's drawing by Dong Tri Phan was close to unguessable. And it was, until Casual Prolix swooped it. Amazing job. Amazing guess.

It was Jill of the Jungle!

Today's drawing comes from me! Good luck everyone!


    biker mice from mars!

    also wtf is this? im creeped out...

    I think you listed the answer by mistake, Mark.

    I think Casual Prolix must be submitting scribbles under different accounts so he can answer them the next day. I mean, has anyone seen all these people in the same room at once? I didn't think so.


      I'm really just using my nearly godlike powers to compel people to draw things I know. Mark seems to be resisting and exercising free will this time because I never asked for this.

    Jill of the Jungle?

      Came here to guess one of the only ones I've ever known, and was still beaten to it.

      then I read the article and saw the answer,

      ha ha ha @markserrels had a brain fart!

        Unless its the same game on consecutive days I'm not so sure.

        The lock one from yesterday was also Jill of the Jungle.

          Really, I missed yesterdays, my apologies @markserrels

          cant believe yesterdays was that game.....its the first thing I though of when I saw todays drawing. This is why I am sooooooo bad at this game, I would have bet my house on it being Jill of the jungle today. thanks for the heads up @tael

          and let this be a lesson to all of us......... never try at anything!

          also never poke fun at someone unless you are willing to end up with egg on your face in return...well played sir, well played indeed.

    I only just got lucky with the last two. Sadly near godhood is such a fickle thing because I have no idea what today's is. Unless it's Gravity Rush.

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