It's been a while since I've done ScribbleTaku, so I'm glad it was Casual Prolix — an old nemesis of mine — who defeated me!

Correct, yesterday's drawing was Parappa The Rapper.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Ooh, that looks very familiar. First thought was The Neverhood, but I reckon it's more likely a mega drive era platformer of some description...

      My first thought was Boogerman, but it seems the signs are lacking the hand :\


    Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout? I see a Danger Sign like that and think of Warner Bros. cartoons.
    But my heart really wants it to be Earthworm Jim.

    Last edited 25/08/17 12:50 pm

    Danger point sign quest for the snes, great game that one.

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