Stop Virtual Reality You Don't Fit There

Stop Virtual Reality You Don't Fit There

His hands are like "what the fuck is this shit."

These illustrations are from the manual for HTC and Valve's latest Vive dev kit. They're sincere instructions, detailing the amount of space required to use the Vive's fancy spatial awareness mode (using receivers to allow you to walk around the room).

Don't sweat it, owners/renters of small apartments: the Vive also allows for "normal" VR use, where you can just sit or stand on the spot.


    I'm totally going to order that negative-space PC case from Newegg, I hear air flow on that is quite good.

    I'm disappointed. I thought this was going to be about a VR furniture rearranging game.

      I'm actually looking for something to do just that. Moving house in the next month, want to at least plan ahead the bigger items. Am looking for non-VR suggests.

        My kids built the new place in The Sims in about 20 minutes, and then furnished it with our stuff.

          yeah people might not like the sims, myself included, but it can be a great way to design rooms and furnishings!

        Human brain and maybe a piece of paper to write down your thoughts, quad muscles to lift furniture and put it in place.

    I can't even use Kinect in my apartment. It's only useful for a skype camera and mic array.

    I can either afford furniture, or a VR setup... not both!

    More worried you have to plug in the lighthouses, at optimal spots... which would NOT be conveniently directly above a wall socket, gonna need to break out the extension cords, which would be a tripping hazard for someone with their view obstructed.

      Seems pretty unlikely most people will want to mount them on the wall either, so don't forget to get out some spare tripods too.

      The VIVE looks awesome but I just don't see it catching on in homes (at least initially). Seems more destined for museum/education uses.

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