Super Mario Kart With 101 Video Game Characters Is Insane

Okay, everyone is in this goddamn race: Sonic, Solid Snake, four different goddamn Tetris blocks.

Oh man, this is the best Mario Kart race ever.

This video by Hat-Loving Gamer is insanity. Sadly it's not a 'real' game of Super Mario Kart, but in a weird way that makes this video even better. Hat-Loving Gamer had to create all these sprites individually. That's a lot of sprites.

Anyway, we live in a world where surely someone can make this a reality.


    Back when winning Mario Kart required skill, not items. A little part of me died when i saw the Blue shell in the SNES version :o

      The blue shell avoidance is just another skill to get under your belt.

    That was pretty cool. The makes 2 pretty ace mario kart videos inside a week. I couldn't help but laugh at the tetris pieces driving karts.

    The car-jacking is absolute gold.

    Those 'diagonal' directions for the sprites would be hell to draw.

    How unrealistic. Once you are hit with the blue shell with the goal in sight, there's no way you are going to manage to get in with the first batch of winners. Rather, he would have been hit by the powerups of every single player afterwards until he becomes 101th and the race ends before he can cross the goal.

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