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    Hi all! Hope your weekends were great, and that the flooding and lightning damage was minimal.

    I haven't picked up a game since Metal Gear Solid V, and I've rediscovered what it's like to be a productive writer. It feels really good. Think a (long-overdue) break from gaming is mandated for the moment.

      I haven't picked up a game since Metal Gear Solid V

      If you have to have a break, now isn't a bad time. There's some absolutely brilliant stuff coming up, but for the next few months I don't think you'll miss too much.

        I've got a backlog of games, but I'm not really inspired to play them right now. I think the next game I play will be Dark Souls III.

        XCOM 2, The Division, Dark Souls 3, Fire Emblem beg to differ :P

      My printer was boxed up waiting to be moved to Cathryn's dad's new place and it was left outside on the balcony in a box and the balcony flooded. I now have no printer

    Morning TAY! I did a thing! Bit rough, and really could use a few tweaks, but given my situation, it's kind of the best I can do atm. Really just wanted to do something a little different to say thanks to all you lovely people who've been helping me out through these troubled times.
    Some day I might get around to re-doing it with a bit more attitude, but hope you dig it in its current state anyway! (contains some nsfw language, so play with headphones!)

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      Oh Jesus, I hadn't read anything about this! I'm really sorry to hear about your situation, here's hoping that the waiting time isn't that long. I've just made a quick donation, I'm sure there have been some very generous TAYbies who would help out if they hadn't heard either!

        wow! cheers man! much appreciated! Wait time for surgery is estimated to be around March at this stage. Fingers crossed it's not too much longer than that. Well and truly tired of all these issues!

    Anyone in Melbourne's bayside area keen on a midweek session of Spyfall?

    Hey Kotakians, I smashed The Division over the weekend, and am completely convinced it'll be a Day One purchase for me - but now I'm torn which platform to get it on. Does anyone know if either Xbox or PS4 (yes, I'm a console peasent) is having any exclusivity (other than this week's beta) with regards to missions and things, or is it pretty much open slather for both at launch?

      As far as I saw when trying to pre-order so I could get the beta (which I didn't :( ) there weren't any console exclusives that I could see.

      PS4 and Ubi have previously had some exclusivity but if it's not on offer now I don't imagine it will be down the track.

      I wouldn't worry about exclusives. Go for the option that has more friends you can play with. Dark Zones really shine when you're in a group.

    Morning, TAY.
    Had Thai for dinner last night, because the centre of Geelong was blocked off due to the bike race yesterday.
    Been pushing my way through Euro Truck Simulator 2 whilst waiting for American Truck Simulator to drop... so...
    If you were or are a trucker, what would/do you call yourself on the CB?

      Tango Indigo Golf Sierra

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      Cold Train..taking this one off the tracks good buddy

    I'm trying something new this year. I'm going to try and only buy 1 game a month (not including DLC) and work through my massive backlog of games.

    I just had a quick look through what's coming out over the next few months and this is what I've got:

    Jan - The Witness
    Feb - XCOM 2
    Mar - The Division*/Twilight Princess HD
    Apr - Uncharted 4

    *Depends friends get it or not

    Lets see how long this lasts...

      ...I feel like Twilight Princess might have to wait.

        I'm prioritising The Division over Twilight Princess (seeing as I already own it on both GC and Wii). I really need to find out what platform people will be playing on. Having seen the interface, I'm kinda of leaning towards PS4 though. But then I didn't get to play the beta...

          Raygun Brown played the beta on both Xbox and PS4 and reported that, while it's probably negligible, the game looks slightly better on PS4.

            I'm mostly trying to decide between PC and PS4.

              I'm on PC, and was playing with Rize and CJ for a bit there on Saturday.

          I can say that PC didn't feel like a port at all. The menus could be better for mouse use, though.

          Probably goes without saying that I'll be buying it on PC :P

            I'm leaning towards that too because I don't want to also have to renew my PS Plus. :P

              I'm going with PC for my usual reasons (generally summed up as "I'm a PC gamer") but it's also so I don't have to kick my wife off the TV if she's using it. That's still the biggest inconvenience for my PS4, and one of the reasons I still love the Wii U.

        Twilight Princess has been waiting for... *checks watch* 9 years as of last week for me now.

        I should really get back to it :P

    So for us plebs who didn't get a Division beta key, is it good?
    Why is it good?
    Are we getting it?
    Can we shoot Pyrean in the back and steal his stuff? (This is the important one)

      Gameplay is pretty solid. Gears of Watch_Dogs seems to be the catchcry. It's an RPG so you start off which guns that spray tickle dust all over the place, but you quickly find better gear. There's only one story mission, one side mission and a few random encounters (which mostly include clearing an area and releasing a hostage from a broom closet or finding some macguffin) which are fun. It seems interesting so far. As you level up and upgrade your forward operations base you unlock new perks/skills which you can upgrade on the fly, so you're not locked into a set loadout. The game looks great and there's plenty of exploring to do, which is probably my favourite part of the beta. Just wandering looking for things, the most interesting to me was discovering an "Echo" where you hold a point and your computer collects data from various sources compiled from the cloud, and reconstructs a still holographic image of a significant event, with audio recordings presumably from phones or radio transmissions.

      It was hard to get a feel from the "purpose" of the game, since you're thrown into this post-catastrophe scenario and all we've done so far is locate and begin upgrading the base. I'm hoping there is a sort of underlying mystery to resolve. I don't know if content will be released id "seasons" which will drag out the game. Rather than restoring things, for instance, will be be constantly treading water in a static environment? These are questions I want answered before I make a decision.

      The PVP is unobtrusive. The game constantly reminds you that the best gear is in the dark zone which is a free-for-all with rogue agents clearly marked as such, but I guess you don't really have to go out there if you don't want to.

        How big is the difference in the PvP area between someone who's been farming the dark zone for the best gear and someone who's just about to venture in there?

          In my experience you can get gear that's as just good outside of the Dark Zone, but you can get gear faster in there and therefore have a higher chance to find an upgrade.
          There was a store in the DZ that sold a couple of yellow guns that cost a tonne of PvP-specific money but weapon rarity seems to be more about skills and bonuses on weapons rather than outright damage.

          Put it this way: I was headshotting people with 2-3 hits using a sniper rifle I found off a random garbage enemy in solo PvE.

          I only went out there once and that was quite early on so it's hard to say. You can expect players already out there are going to be a higher level and have better gear, and of course know the layout better. At first you get thrown in and don't really know what to expect or understand what you're doing. The NPC enemies will be tougher too, but that's why the loot is better. I didn't venture far - I killed a couple of NPCs, scored and OK gun and a cool jacket, joined in on an extraction (which was pretty cool - holding the zone while a chopper comes in and attaching my gear to a rope which is then whisked away) then had to plod back to the gate to get back into the regular area.

          I guess the gear is better and drops at higher levels but the guns don't completely make the game either. Again, if I pick up the game I don't imagine I'll venture in there much at all because I'm sure that regular gear will be fine for the story.

          Apart from the actual starting area before you enter the game, and the dark zone, the only other players are those in your party. Presumably if you're a level 5 and go into the DZ, you'll probably get matchmade with other level 5s - but if there was any such matchmaking it was invisible to me. There is also matchmaking for the story. The mission I did was recommended for level 4, which is what you start at in the beta. I triggered matchmaking and joined a session in progress, wither two other level 4s and a level 5. I don't know for sure but I think it dumped me very near to the mission start but probably not *at* the mission start so I recommend to (and will probably opt to) play though the story solo at first first run-through.

          Weirdly after we finished the mission that group stayed with me in the game and continued to move as a group doing the open-world encounters. I guess I inadvertently joined a party and couldn't figure out how to leave it without logging out, but since I was about to quit for the night anyway I didn't really explore this further.

            @rize as well; I guess I'm curious as to how the PvE component of the game works and if it's intended as a single player game with a lot of solid content with a multiplayer optional component tacked on or if it's trying to be more like an MMO with missions = group dungeons etc.

              You wander the city solo unless you have a party. The single story mission available was rated at level 4. When I approached the mission I was prompted with a mission summary and I was under the impression I was supposed to matchmake so I did, but I guess I could have commenced it solo. With four of us we steamrolled the enemies. I think it would have been tough to solo but could've been done. For all I know the game added more enemy resistance to factor in that there were four of us, similar to Halo, but as I have no basis for comparison I can't say for sure.

              The area the mission took place in was a building interior that, as far as I can tell is not ordinarily accessible from the overworld, but once the mission was over I simply rappelled through a defunct elevator shaft and walked back outside onto the street so the "dungeon" certainly exists as part of the general game world rather than existing only as a separate space.

              The other multiplayer is the PVP because once you go through the gate in the wall dividing the city from the Dead Zone, you can be attacked by other players. Again, I assume you are matchmade as you walk through the gate so you will meet players of your level but this is completely invisible and presumably happens automatically, assuming it happens at all. I came across about half a dozen other players, all between levels 5-7. Once someone kills another player agent, they are marked as rogue and presumably open season. I assume this is on a cooldown, or perhaps persists until a non-rogue agent kills you.

              I didn't die in the beta so I have no idea what happens if you die, presumably you wake up in the medical wing of your FOB with a money/XP penalty.

                Dying in the Dark Zone you end up respawning at the nearest safe point (and you lose a bit of stuff, increasing if you're more rogue), in the general world it either checkpoints you, or... I'm not sure actually, I think I only died during that mission thing.

                The way being rogue works is it's set to a timer, so if you graze someone you'll spend 20 seconds rogue (resetting any time you shoot another player, probably doing the same when you get shot), then it ups to like 90 seconds, and further beyond that (Rize and I hit like 5 minutes and then we were =gunned down by like 6 dudes).

              The beta was limited to a single group-based instance, but you could absolutely do it solo. I'm guessing future ones will be similar in that they're soloable if you're a few levels above the recommended.

              Even without the group instance stuff there was still tonnes to do in solo, but I think you'll get the most out of the game switching it up between solo, co op, and PvP areas (which doesn't require attacking players).

      Pretty good. Had some good fun in the beta and am keen to see what they do with the story (which was, as is the norm, kept out of the beta).

      Solid gameplay, interesting and pretty environments, PvE is great and PvP was waaaay more fun than I was expecting.


      Absolutely. You could even wait until he thinks he's secured his loot and then kill him, steal it, and secure it via his extraction request.

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      I spent half my time in the Dark Zone imagining how I'd kill Pyrean and steal all his stuff.

      Can we shoot Pyrean in the back and steal his stuff?

      Bish, always asking the important questions

    So Friday night my wife comes to the city (which was an ordeal in itself due to the storm power outage) and we get some body mods done. I finally get my Mass Effect Paragon forearm tattoo I've been meaning to do (my wife got her renegade wrist done two years ago) and my wife got her earlobes punched and 6mm plugs put in. She tried stretching the lobes last year but it went really badly and she ultimately took them out and let them heal. Too much scarring from previous healed piercings I think. So her piercing was much scarier, but she took it like a champ. When my tattoo is done, the guy slaps on what looks like a piece of clear contact paper and says "leave that on at least 24 hours, when it starts to peel take it off, put on some first aid cream then put on a new dressing. Once that dressing peels off, you should basically be healed", My jaw dropped. I'm used to two weeks of putting on cream a dozen times a day. Hell my first tattoo back in 2004 Tony Cohen sticky-taped a paper towel to my leg and sent me on my way. Apparently "SaniDerm" is a dressing for burns and is a total miracle. Instead of letting scabs form it wicks away all the excess ink and plasma that rises to the surface, and it's basically a miracle. I went through the first dressing a little faster than expected and didn't put on the placement properly, but still, I think it's basically healed and I don't expect it to scab much at all.

    Back to the power outage: my wife planned to drive into the city Friday night (because she's insane) with an expected ETA of 50 minutes. 75 minutes later she was barely 2km from home because the traffic lights were out and they closed the Hume Highway. She ultimately diverted and parked at a train station, getting to the city half an hour late for her appointment (which was no issue). The power had been out since about 1:30pm and we got back to our place around 8:30... to find the place still in complete darkness. I went inside to feed the cats and rescue our chinese food leftovers and we went to her aunt's to use her stove and hang out somewhere with air con. I spent about a hour trying to find updates on power outages and discovered our retailer has an app for that. At first the app insisted our area had no unplanned outages, which I considered unlikely Then it reported 137 unplanned outages. Half an hour later, our street seemed to be in the clear which we treated with some suspicion given that app's early inconsistencies, but headed home and thankfully were able to relax. I would have preferred to spend the evening playing Witcher 2 or The Division, but we got there in the end.

      Haha, oh man. Trying to drive then? Apparently a huge tree came down right across the highway just near my place, definitely wasn't going to be getting through that way :P That night was crazy.

        Did you wind up losing power? I know you're near bass hill, right?

          Somehow no! We're in a weirdly good spot it seems. All the surrounding suburbs had power cuts or huge trees topple over or something. Nothing for us though. Just some extremely sideways hail, like it was hitting the window beside where I sit at home but to get that far under the awning over the verandah it'd have to be going shallower than maybe 30º to the ground. Absolutely mad.

    Ah, February.
    The only two good things about you are the fact that you're only 28-29 days long, and you're the last month of Summer.
    Bring on March, I say.

      Thanks for reminding me it's a new month. I'd lost track of the days.

      No! Summer can't leave yet! It's been all dark and cold and rain and this isn't fair :(

    Been playing heaps of Dragon's Dogma over the weekend. I was originally playing a strider and then a ranger since I tend to favour agile fast attack combat in action games but then I ended up trying out a warrior just to see what it was like and I've stuck with it ever since. I think this is the first action game I've played where I've actually loved the 2 handed weapon option. Most of the time I don't really find the slower style that accompanies 2 handers fun, but Dragon's Dogma has the perfect balance of speed and power that I just love it. Altogether the combat in this game is just great though. I really wish more fantasy RPGs would have over the top action combat instead of the slow sort of realistic combat they tend to favour.

      The great thing about Dragon's Dogma is that it rewards you for trying out all the different play styles. Warrior, strider, whatever, their upper tiers all unlock passives that you can slot, for things like more stamina or carry capacity or stuff.

    No wind, sun is hot...
    I might have to get the baked beans.

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    I spent half my weekend pants shopping, half bedridden with horrible migraine, and half playing Halo with Cakesmith. No I don't know how math works.

    I also packed up all but one of my Assassin's Creed figures because they were looking a little ridiculous. Had to think about which one to keep out, went with the Brotherhood outfit Ezio cos he's my bae.

    So, a Monday morning question; if you could display only one piece of gaming paraphernalia, what would it be?

      I display only one piece at home and that's my Darksiders 2 Death Mask =D

      As in stuff to do with gaming that doesn't actually involve the games themselves or the devices used to play them?

      That's... actually a really hard question. Partly because I mostly go for the actual gaming stuff in terms of purchases, and that's where the majority of my big showpieces are. I guess I'd probably lean towards picking one of the more unique/uncommon things. So just quickly looking at a picture of my shelves from a while back probably either my set of little Viewtiful Joe figurines, or maybe the Star Fox Zero E3 pin and patch I grabbed last year. Oh actually, maybe the de Blob vinyl soundtrack. That's cool.

      There was a Hylian Shield up at Gametraders in Highpoint, so that'd probably be it for me.

      I think my wife would object but I think the nicest piece of gaming tat I have is my 12" FFX Rikku statue. It's tall, nicely detailed, and she's pretty. I should dust her off more often.

      I think if I had to compromise with the wife it would be the Halo Reach collector's edition Noble Team statue. Which I also should dust more often.

      I think if my wife chose by herself she'd go with the Bioshock collector's edition Big Daddy. She loves Bioshock nearly as much as she loves Mass Effect. Which reminds me, I should really buy one of those Normandy models some day.

        For the record, currently on display from memory:

        12" FFX Rikku
        Assassin's Creed Altair perched on bell tower
        Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio Auditore (it's a white figurine but I don't think it's the one from the "white edition" of Brotherhood)
        Watch_Dogs DedSec edition Aiden Pearce
        Bioshock collector's edition Big Daddy
        Halo: Reach collector's edition Noble Team
        Destiny Ghost edition Ghost
        Fallout 3 Collector's Edition Vault-boy bobblehead
        Fallout 4 Collector's Edition Vault-boy bobblehead

        The rest of these are the Pop! Vinyl figures:
        Game of Thrones
        Danerys (Mother of Dragons version, might have been bundled with Game of thrones season 2?)
        Viserion (bundled with Game of Thrones season 3 Blu-ray)
        Joffrey Baratheon (bundled with Game of Thrones season 4 Blu-ray)
        John Snow
        Arya Stark

        True Blood
        Eric Northman
        Pamela de Beaufort
        Lafayette Reynolds

        Lone Wanderer (male)
        Lone Wanderer (female)
        Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
        Feral Ghoul

        8" Bioshock Big Daddy
        Scarlet Witch bobblehead
        Borderlands Mad Moxxi

          I'll make a list of mine when I get home. Too many things for the top of my head haha.

      Ack! Migraines are the blurst! Glad to hear you're over it at least!

      Borderlands Loot Crate.

      I don't have too much. I've got an AC, a Batman, and my pip boy, but beyond that I've never gone overboard with the statues etc. I do have my maps, but they're in the other room.

      That canvas printed Witcher 3 map from my TAY Secret Santa was sweet though

      If we're talking about stuff we actually own then it would have to be my Noble Team statue from Halo Reach.

      Oh actually - I had a large poster for Metroid Prime Hunters that I got from EB (along with one of those large cardboard cube things) when they were taking those down. It used to have pride of place on my wall til all the posters got taken down during the redecoration. But one of them still remains - my House of the Dead: Overkill poster, like this one. That one's special to me too :P

      My Molag Baal statue from teh ES:O collector's edition - truly was the best part of that game. :P

      10th Anniversary Birthday Pikachu plush from the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo.

      With regard to gaming paraphernalia, if you include consoles themselves, I'd like to say my old Atari 2600, but I don't actually have it any more :(
      In terms of actual game related items, I've surprisingly got very little. I used to display my set of Street Fighter figures I got from China back in the days when I had shelves.
      These days I have a Yoshi t-shirt I wear quite often, and also a Star Wars Angry Birds shirt my sister bought me, despite never having played the game.
      Only other things I have I think are some Mario Shoe laces and face washers I got from the Stars catalogue, and if you can include game boxes, I've still got my Quake 3 tin box.
      So, that said, I probably would go with the Street Fighter figures if I still had shelves to put them on!

    I actually managed to leave the house this weekend to go to the Rocket and Nob meat! Was so great to finally meet some of you out of towners that I haven't met before! (Including Rocket, even though he's living here now obviously!) Even though I wasn't able to stay very long, it was great to just to be able to get out and do something social for a change!
    Thanks for the funzies guys! Also the pizza! Was the first time I've had take away food in ages, and it was yummp! Hopefully we can all do it again sometime! :D

    I just learned a fun fact about The Division: apparently (for the beta at a minimum) client data was stored locally and not authenticated against the server during login. As a result, people have been editing their characters files to give massive stat boosts and unlimited ammo guns etc. I feel like it's a safe bet to say Ubi will address this before release, but if they don't...there goes PvP :|

    Worth noting that I had zero issues with people doing anything cheaty but as this knowledge spreads it could ruin the game.

      Kinda glad I'll be playing on console - I hear this type of stuff is only on the PC version. Seen a few videos of aimbots, super-speed movement and infinite ammo, as well as a stream where people were dying to invisible players or being shot through walls. Not cool.

        Based on my understanding of it it will affect all platforms, it was just much easier to do on PC. Only an assumption cause I haven't done too much reading on it yet.

          Well, true, but because consoles are a closed environment (and modding isn't too prevalent... yet) it's much harder to do, and thus far less likely to become a widespread issue. The worst I've seen in Destiny, for example, is lagswitching (though with Destniy's terrible netcode, it's kinda hard to tell at times :P). For PC it's just "download this program and run it in the background as you play." My hope is that it gets fixed, otherwise the PC community will be dead inside a month of release; but also that it's too convoluted on consoles to bother with for the vast majority of would-be cheaters... at least until it's fixed.


    Web browsers. Fullscreen or windowed?

    I figure I'm probably in the minority here, but I always have my ​​​​browser windowed in pretty much a 4:3-ish ratio. Not just because I've got other stuff going on in the background that I keep switching to, but I also find it infuriating whenever the text on sites stretches out the whole width of the window instead of being confined to a column of a certain width. Just find it way too trying to read the entire length of one line, then pan back to the start and try figure out where the next line actually is, and for the most part there doesn't seem to be any reason at all for having the window stretch the full width of the screen, save for perhaps if I'm looking at a screenshot of something and want to check out the whole thing at once.

    It sucks that 4:3 and 5:4 monitors don't really exist any more, I'd much rather have one of them as a secondary screen considering I basically never use those extra columns down the sides.​​

      You can still buy 4:3 screens believe it or not! As for me, generally fullscreen, which may seem a little extreme considering I've got a 4k screen and a secondary which is 1920,1080, but I think it's just force of habit more than anything.

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        You mean like... not by trawling around on gumtree?

          yeah there's places that stock new ones! They are harder to find these days, but a lot of business' still use them, especially for Point of Sale machines

          Last edited 01/02/16 1:25 pm

      Mostly because I have stuff going on in multiple windows and easier to just switch if the overlap.
      And that habiot flows over for my personal stuff as well

      At home: fullscreen
      At work: windowed for inconspicuousness

      Windowed. Most of the time. I leave things poking around the edges so I can keep an eye on them for notifications. Sometimes I work with multiple documents applications and only the relevant browser data needs to be sitting on only a portion of my screens.

      On my PC it's usually full screen, on my Mac it's usually windowed, cos, I dunno why :P

      I snap mine to the right half of my 21:9 ultra-wide.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Friday night I started playing The Witness, which is brainbending. Just when I think I've got a handle on a puzzle's mechanics, I get to the last one in the area, work it out on paper, present my solution and it turns out to be wrong.

    At 11, I jumped into The Division beta with some of my Destiny raid team. PvE stuff seems alright - hard modes seem to scale to the level of the group leader, which is nice - can't say if loot drops scale as well. Shooting/cover mechanics are standard, no issues aside from accidentally forgetting which buttons are which :P. Skills look promising - looks like the self-heal is almost mandatory, but that will probably change when more unlock. The sticky grenade is awesome, but dangerous in the DZ. Loot system seems pretty cool - huge potential for customising weapons, min-maxing loadouts... though still concerned about the whole "best loot is in the DZ" thing - I assume this will be a much bigger deal at the end-game, but in the beta, it seems like the best gear you can get is from the DZ vendor, which takes some of the risk out of acquiring it - get DZ rank high enough, get DZ credits, buy gun; no need to extract it like dropped loot.

    We ventured into the dark zone once we'd all hit level 7. People seemed pretty content to not dick over others, for the most part. The PvE stuff in the DZ is pretty fun; the tension of not knowing if a random will attack you is cool (although far less so when they actually do). I want to try it out again tonight, now that people are familiar with the way DZ works... I reckon it'll give a good indication of how people will act in the actual endgame. Anyway, we got some cool loot, hunted some rogues, went rogue ourselves a couple of times by accident (those sticky grenades will splash other players, and if they're non-hostile when it does, you go rogue) and a couple of times intentionally (our parting action as we were about to leave the DZ to equip our extracted gear was to hit an extraction point with four sticky grenades as people were placing their loot on the chopper - they were downed instantly, and we easily finished them off - yes, we are terrible people - and almost immediately we got wiped out by another nearby group we hadn't noticed). I can future teams farming other players' loot - luring them with a ready extraction point, then killing them and extracting the loot for themselves... Anyway, by the time we left the DZ, it was close to 5am, so I left my group to get some sleep. Still haven't touched the loot I got from the DZ... will look through it tonight, I guess.

    Saturday I played some more Witness, started Rise of the Tomb Raider for a few hours (which is pretty cool thus far), then hopped into Diablo - my wizard, who was getting challenged by T5 (red-bars were no problem, but blue and yellows wrecked me) found a fifth piece of the Tal'Rasha set I was working on within about half an hour, and stupidly didn't realise it - thought it was only the fourth as I'd been wearing a different chestpiece that upped my fire damage. Played through some bounties, hoping for more drops to be able to complete the set, then started a Crusader. Got him to 20 pretty quickly by running hard rifts and bounties, but couldn't really find a skill combination that I liked. Was feeling pretty tired after the late night/early morning, so opted for an early night.

    Sunday I started by playing Pony Island. That game is amazing. Don't read too much about it, just go play it. :P

    Went back to Diablo, realised I had 5 pieces of Tal'Rasha's and a Ring of Royal Grandeur - facepalmed, then equipped my other two Tal'Rasha pieces and got the 6-piece set bonus... T5 became a cake walk, so I bumped it to T6... then T7... then T8... Finally found my equilibrium T9 - could deal with everything but the elite packs. So I tested out my new gear in some Grifts - started at my previous high-point of 22. Facerolled thorugh to 35-or-so, getting a gem of ease to 25... finished a 37 with a few minutes left, then kitted a level 70 weapon with the gem, dropped my new crusader into T6, and whacked a few things. Once he hit about 40 (in about fifteen minutes), I dropped to master to be able to kill packs more efficiently. A few hours later he hit 62 and I called it a night. Still not sure about the skills... will do more investigation on proper builds once I hit 70, but I hear a Thorns-focus is pretty viable...

    And holy crap that post was way longer than I intended. Oops. :P

      get DZ rank high enough, get DZ credits, buy gun
      Keep in mind that you lose DZ exp and a fair bit of DZ cash if you die in there, even when not rogue.

        Indeed - and I'd hate to go in there solo with no-one to revive me. But working in a group, we all managed to maintain steady progress, and all hit DZ12 with about 3k DZ credits in about four hours without attacking non-hostiles (though we did hunt down some rogues, and defend ourselves the couple of times we accidentally went rogue ourselves). Which is why I'm keen to see how the attitudes have stabilised tonight - now that everyone who's in the DZ has probably capped out on their progress, what will they be doing?

        My point was more related to having a pre-defined objective with a definite outcome (tho the vendors' stock will likely cycle periodically) rather than having to a) hope you find something from a drop/crate, b) hope you can extract the bloody thing successfully.

      The Division beta was so much fun. Going to spend so much time playing the full release.
      Outside of Dark Zone is pretty fun, especially with a group.
      Dark Zone is what makes the game, without a doubt. So many interesting, tense and fun encounters with other players. Might write some of them up later.

    A thought that I've had for a while, and ask TAY is much more interesting than ask LH - if a worker who has a higher than normal exposure to contagions (certainly anyone frequently exposed to bodily fluids - doctors, nurses, childcare workers, sanitation workers, etc) falls ill and it can be shown, on balance of probabilities, that it is probably due to their workplace - could they make a workers' comp claim?

    Last edited 01/02/16 1:05 pm

      My guess would be yes, but the condition would have to without a doubt be proven to be directly linked to any of the stuff they came in to contact with. Perhaps not a particular batch of fluid, but my guess is that if you've come in to contact with fluids that contain a contaminant, and you develop symptoms attributable to the contaminant, then I can't see why they wouldn't be able to.

      I would always assume no but each workplace is different.

      Workplaces with that sort of exposure generally have employees sign off on procedures to eliminate or mitigate risks for that kind of exposure which can give them a fair bit of legal protection. It's essentially why OH&S standards exists; it's not just about protecting people, it's also about protecting the workplace from employees doing the wrong thing and then looking for a payout.

        This is what I thought, it would be an issue for these workplaces if people could make claims. Then again, I compare my wife and I - I sit behind a desk all day, and I've taken one sick day in 12 months; my wife works in childcare and probably uses 6-8 of her sick days each year and they're almost all from gastro bugs that go around daycares and preschools. The nature of her workplace means that it's basically accepted that you'll need to take time off because children are flithy blighters, and so you've actually got 3 or 4 sick days a year if you come down the the flu, or are pregnant and need time, or need to take time to care for children/spouse/parents.

          In the case of your wife, there would be OH&S requirements on the employer to make sure that all the staff are trained in things like proper handwashing and other hygiene practices. Worker's comp would come into play if, for example, the handwashing facilities weren't available, or the nappy bin wasn't being emptied, or if the director failed to notify staff of an outbreak of contaigious illness.

          I do think that we should have better hygiene in australia when it comes to colds and flu. Wearing a face mask when you're coughing and sneezing is a good way to protect others, but we just don't do it enough here.

      I certainly saw claims of that nature when I worked in Worker's Compensation back in 2007/2008 but the legislation may have changed since then and I wasn't actually in a claims role at that time, so I can't say for sure how such claims were handled - only that there were open notifications to that effect.

        I've seen people get away with some pretty stupid compensation claims just because employers aren't inclined to make a fuss about it, you must have seen some great stories...

          Not worker's compensation claims no, I only ever worked in underwriting/customer service. However I do currently work in public liability and I see some doozies, which certainly keeps things interesting.

          Edit: actually, I did see one worker's comp claim that was interesting - a guy was murdered in his hotel room while on a business trip.

          Last edited 01/02/16 4:53 pm

    I wasted way too much of my weekend on Elite. Turns out that playing with others is actually loads of fun. Some guy who was hanging around Ch'i Lin in an Asp asked if I wanted to wing up, took his invite and we started plundering the combat zone together. Another friend of his in an FDL joined in too. Another night I was with the FDL guy again, and he brought in a friend in a Corvette. That was hilarious, he kept using it to deliver a killing blow via ramming. Especially funny watching him just plough into a Cutter.

    There was this one guy in an FAS though who kept jumping in and joining the opposing side. He gave us a warning when doing so, not just going straight for kills or anything, we mostly kept our distance. But then he started stealing kills, by ramming ships from his own side to death before we could finish them off. Me and the FDL planned to take him down, though he disappeared before we could act on that. Luckily he reappeared later, and we managed to get him. My first proper PvP battle I think - at least, in terms of running to completion. Props to the guy for sticking it out to the end, unlike that combat logger the other night. Loads of fun :P And way different to fighting NPCs, too.

    In non-gaming stuff, I started work on resurrecting another forgotten piano piece yesterday. Already through the first four sections, hopefully will be in well enough a state of mind to get through the rest this week. Going pretty well so far though.

      You should play some Billy Joel, that'll get you in a New (York) State of Mind!

        That won't do at all. My mind needs to be firmly planted in New Orleans :P

      Was fun. You should join us in Bok - we had Corvette/Python/Vulture wing last night and a stream of pythons, clippers and 'condas, nice high value. I made 1.4 mill in about 30 mins, and it was really good fun. We might have 2 'vettes in the group tonight!

        Not until Ch'i Lin is free of the scourge that is Emperor's Dawn!

        (I totally missed why they are bad and need to go but all the cool kids are doing it so)

        Last edited 02/02/16 1:06 pm

          2 days left on that CG?

            Good question. Sounds about right though, I know I saw something like 4 days left at some point recently.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    Having fought off a giant squid that attacked their ship, the party makes their way further west to investigate the beached whales.

    Edit: Also don't forget that we'll be switching to Roll20 tonight for a smoother experience and we'll be sticking with it from now on. All that's required is just logging into Roll20 and joining the game but I can always send the direct link once I've jumped in.

    Last edited 01/02/16 4:25 pm

      Calamari for dinner.

      hooray, more fish.

        Mollusc! ;)

          Abelas thinks everything in the ocean is a fish and wants no part of it. In fact he's been complaining since we left the city because he's a city elf and wild peoples have nothing worth nicking and fencing.

      hey are we going through Roll20

        Oh yeah, probably should have mentioned that. I will edit it in now.

    Hmmmm. Looks like there's some PC parts available through that.

      Who would that be through then?

        Futu Online, whoever that is.

          Ah right, cheers. I can get a Razer DeathAdder for $60 with free postage from them with that code, score.

    Whelp, caved and got a Netgear R7000 router for $167. My dad has one and I was impressed with its performance the last few times I've been to their place. Been looking to replace my AirPort Extreme for a while now as I've had a bunch of issues with it (ie: the moment 2 things start doing things wireless, the connection shits itself).

      I'm using an ASUS something or other flashed with dd-wrt.
      Solid performance.

    I think I'm kinda done with Fallout 4. I just wanna get through the story now. Except I have to now choose who to align myself behind, either the Brotherhood, the Railroad or the Institute. The best part about this is that's it's really not an easy decision. I actually find this better than New Vegas, every group has positives and negatives to their ideologies.

      I really need to get back into Fallout 4 sometime. I put 30 something hours into the game but have yet to meet the Railroad of the Institute because most of my time was spent doing side stuff instead of the main story. When I do get around to playing it again I think I'll just focus on getting the main story done and ignore all but the most intriguing side quests.

      I gave up on my initial themantic run over the weekend and going to go back to a bog standard run with a new character and a jack of all trades mindset.
      Main issue I had was low charisma and the focus on settlement building doesn't really work well together

    Division people: the beta has been extended by 24 hours. Should end around 10 pm tomorrow night.

      Fuck you and your division.

        I'm really sorry that this has lead to such a division between you and m-USER HAS BEEN KICKED FROM THE SERVER.

    Brotherhood of Steel - Hates anything that's not human, but they're honest about it and work hard to create a safer world to live in.

    Institute - They believe the ends justify the means, have a similar goal of making the world a better place.

    Railroad - Working to give synths freedom and a place in the world. However, Desdemona is basically a tumblr user and believes anybody who's not a synth is dangerous.

      Neo could you spoiler Fallout 4 story content please? I've put my game on hold after meeting 2 factions however don't want anything beyond that point spoilt.

    HI TAY.

    Shameless self promotion time.

    For those of you who dont have me on twitter / facebook, heres a thing:

    Edit: Worlds Greatest Shave. After having it for about 5 years, the beard is going.

    Last edited 01/02/16 4:42 pm

      I'd donate if I could, but kinda looking for my own atm, so unfortunately I won't be able to.

        no worries. totally understand man.

      When's shave day?

        Officially between the 10th-13th March.
        But I'll be at my cousin's wedding that weekend, so my day is the 5th.

          Cool, I'll throw some money your way before the end of the month. Nag me if there's nothing in there by the 28th

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