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    Morning all! First post 2 weeks running - I think that makes me some sort of wizard?

    Weekend was very chill. Saw How To Be Single on Saturday night - word of warning, it's a chick flick / comedy, but definitely veers deep into chick flick territory in the second half.

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      Good morning, good sir!

        For a heartless machine, you are awfully polite =D

        How was the weekend?

          I am a Tech Knight, not a Tech Dickhead :P
          My weekend was good, spent Saturday getting some foam for my right hand for a Pulsefire Ezreal cosplay, worked more on my papercraft backpack (Also for the cosplay)... AND my new PC is assembled as of last night, I haven't power tested it though but I think* everything's connected correctly.
          *really I'm praying here, cuz I always worry I get the motherboard system wiring done wrong.

          How's about your weekend?

            Caught up with some friends on Friday and Saturday nights, but other than that did virtually nothing...

            So yeah, pretty great :)

      No, just means you get up way too goddamn early on a Monday morning! ;D

        Some of us have, you know, jobs :P

          Still too damn early to be on TAY =P

            Au contraire! It's too early to be doing any work, which is why I'm on TAY

          I'm sitting at my desk now, I just spend the first half hour of the day cursing the name of the people who can't remember the password they changed on Friday...

            I only ever change passwords on Monday for just this reason.

    In other news:


    Master of Orion early access starts this week. What!? WHAT!?

    So unbelievable hyped. I never pre-order, but god damnit I am pre-ordering the shit out of this.

      Pretty epic voice cast, may get me back into 4X since graphics have become so good in the last decade that I no longer have an imagination.

        MoO2 is like... my second-favourite game of all time (just behind HL2).

        Meaning if Wargaming fuck this up, they will never be forgiven. Ever.

      cc: @redartifice How does this game compare to say a Europa Universalis or a Stellaris even?

        I don't know anything about it, sorry.

          That's cool, I'm fearful of playing 2x4X strategy games at the same time and wanted to make a choice about which one I should play.... I ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE

          (Stellaris at this moment is looking like my choice based purely off of my love for EU)

            Have you played the original MoO/MoO2?

            (bear in mind, the only answer to this question is 'extensively').

            In all seriousness though, MoO2 is commonly rated among the best space-based 4X games of all time. Personally, I think it's far and away the best.

            That being said, I don't know if the Wargaming reboot will be comparable to MOO2. I don't know if it's possible for it to be comparable. I'd say wait and see - if it's MOO2 with a fresh coat of paint and some fixes to some of the minor flaws of the game (screwy AI, unbalanced tech trees, a little too much focus on micro, stuff like that), you'd be looking at the perfect 4X.

    Smashed some waves at currumbin on Saturday, but was stuck behind a caravan branded as "starcraft" the whole way there. It may have been zerg, but it was definitely in no rush.

      Nah, must have been Terran - turtling the whole way.

    Good morning, anyone else pumped for far cry primal tomorrow?

      I've barely touched FC4 as yet, and I'm not sure if I should be grabbing another game so close before I delve into The Division.

      Good morning! I'm hyped for it, I'm finishing up work to pop around to JB Hi Fi to pick it up :D

    Just found an e-mail from Friday asking around if anyone was going to be flying down to Melbourne last night/this morning, so they could get a transcript to the Melbourne office.

    I mean the fax machine is right there.

      What is this... facks machine?

      Seriously though, most scanners can deal with a big pile 'o papers fairly easily.

        If only there were some kind of way to mail documents electronically. Guess we'll have to wait for the future to do that.

    Got my Wizard to endgame in D3 finally. Now to see how long it takes me to get bored.
    Anyone else playing on ps4 at the moment? @noobheadshot ? Want to team up occasionally?

      Me! *raises both hands*

        Sweet! *raises hands, waves them all around*
        What class you running? Where you up to?
        I'm Paragon 60ish and currently messing about in torment 3. But could probably do 4.
        Haven't really done rifts yet.

          On PS4 I have a 70 Wizard. Paragon 80ish I think, hanging around Torment IV/V depending on how much I want to concentrate while I play.

          I really need to get my demon hunter up...

            I recently got my Demon Hunter up to level 70. Sitting around 180ish Paragon level.

              I haven't leveled my demon hunter because it's the character we started together one afternoon...and got to mid-40s in like 2 hours :P

                I think I reached the cap in the third (maybe start of the fourth) chapter. Still haven't actually finished the game on my DH.

            Cool, in a similar place then.
            What time do you usually play? If the Dh is what you want to main I'll jump on my monk and help you smash it out if you want.

              Weeknights is usually 7:30-8:00 to 10:30-11:30 (Sydney time).

              Weekends are basically any time unless I've got plans.

              I'm happy to stick with my wizard. Nobs and I found out back in the day that 2x wizards can be OP as hell (laser beams for all!). But also happy to switch to DH. So, yeah. #Helping

                Cool cool, wizards it is. I think @sernobulus plays that time Ish too? Sounds like a team.

                  Yeah, I finish work 8ish (9ish Sydney time). After I make dinner and stuff I usually jump on D3 just to wind down and chill.

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              I'm having fun on my DH for now so will probably stick with it for a while. Unless you guys desperately need a wizard for some reason. =P

                I dunno, we might have one of those...
                Same; if my monk would better serve, let me know. Tho it's not heaps geared.

      Yeah man, feel free to jump in on my games. I'm mostly just farming legendaries. =P

      I'm playing off and on, but sounds like I'm a little too far ahead . If you're worried about getting bored, may I suggest the Tal'Rasha set? I don't think dropping a meteor every few seconds will ever get boring :3 I'm running a 6-Tal'Rasha/2-Firebird meteor build in T7-8 and it's hilarious.

        I've got a pretty sweet set going on my DH. I forget the name of the set but it reduces the cooldown and boosts the damage of Rain of Vengance. So basically it's just make it rain arrows all day every day.

        Sounds fun. Finding the right gear is the killer though. Haven't been too lucky so far in adventure mode.

          Have you used the cube thingie? Oh and using blood gems is basically where I've got most of my legendaries from.

            Got it, haven't used it yet: need more mats.
            Keen to start ripping powers off gear though, got a few nifty ones lying around.

              The cube is basically the reason I've got a 65-ish crusader alt sitting forlornly off to the side - once I learned I could upgrade rares with that cube, I spent a lot more time farming mats with my wizard and focusing on getting as many legendaries that way as possible. Between that and nephalim/greater rifts, legendaries are (finally) fairly easy to come by.

                Yeah I haven't really looked into the cube much yet. Got a lot of farming for the basics to do first.

          Oh, yea, definitely - RNG can be a pain. I got to having 4-TR/2-FB pieces after 2.3 came out, and was stuck farming T3-4, before I just gave up and went to play other games.

          Came back for 2.4, and found one more TR piece that night, somehow (although I stupidly didn't realise I had, at that point, five pieces and a Ring of Royal Grandeur until the next day) - got insanely lucky. That unlocked the 6-piece bonus, increasing my damage output 20-fold... so basically went straight from farming T4 and kinda surviving on T5, to farming T8 and kinda surviving on T9. It just moved the wall, tho - now I'm stuck trying to find a way to break into T10, but not really sure how I can bump my damage without completely changing my build.

            More strength, bigger rock.
            Tis partly why I'm keen to team up with peeps - will have a better chance of taking on higher tiers.

              I'd happily run you though some T7-8 rifts, but not sure you'd have much fun - I just keep remembering when I was originally levelling my wizard on console, a friend came in and played for a bit, and one-shot everything including the boss of the area. Wasn't all that much fun, but I was just levelling to 70, not grinding for gear.

              Still, if you ever want a sledgehammer for your nail, feel free to give me a call :P

              Or I could bring my weak-ass crusader and we could tackle things normally. He's only 65-ish, but I think he's more or less comfortable with T3, thanks to the primary weapon I got him.

                Yeah, done that kinda thing before: effective if not entertaining.
                All good, haven't hit a wall yet - just getting started.

      I'm running a Crusader Lvl 70 Paragon 101 on Torment 3 at the moment. Would love to join in.

      PSN: thabananaman

        More the merrier!
        I'll add you when I get home. Jocon89 is me, here and everywhere.
        7:30+ pm seems to be the going time but feel free to jump in if you see me on.

    Well the weekend was a mix of good and not so good. My 3 year old son had some sleeping issues Friday which resulted in him waking every few hours and calling for me and each time I had to go into his room and lay down next to him to calm him down until he went to sleep. He's getting over croup cough so it was understandable. I just hope, that doesn't become a pattern and expects me to sleep next to him all the time now.
    Saturday was good, struggled to stay awake whilst playing with him until drop off at my ex's but it was still a fun day, I try to make the most of my time with him no matter what I'm feeling like at the time as he means the world to me.
    Saturday night, I went to a mate's 30th, had a great time there with a massive bunch of friends, over 60 people were there and then we went into the city for a bit of a dance and I snuck a look at white night which was majorly disappointing at least for me this year.
    It turned out I didn't get home until 4:30.
    Sunday was disappointing :(
    The third date I went on didn't go too well, mainly because I was sooo nervous and I let it get to me. The talking didn't exactly flow, the dancing didn't turn out to be that fun and we left after 1 hour. We hung out a bit afterwards, got some ice cream and chatted for a few hours after but that was it. It's a shame because I really liked this girl - the previous few dates were great, fun and good conversation, just not this time. Now I'm waiting on the inevitable "I had fun but..." message.
    Oh well, I might take a break from dating after this one and get back into it down the track.
    Sorry if I'm oversharing here, I hope everyone's weekend was epic and full of fun stuff and at least one dad joke was told and laughed at with much merriment and jocularity.

      I had a son 3 weeks ago :)

        That is a rather random post but congratulations
        Hope all was well for the birth and continues to be so.

      The fact that she stuck around to chat for a few hours afterwards instead of just heading home is a good sign at least?

      Even if it doesn't play out, I wouldn't recommend abandoning the dating scene over it. Unfortunately rejection is a big part of the game - and the only way to get over any nervousness is to get back out there.

      Then again, I decided that the best way to get over social anxiety was to get a job on a hotel front desk and be forced to talk to hundreds of people, so I might just be a glutton for punishment.

      What ccffnnasddasdfrs said; you'll always be nervous if you decide to keep taking a break after a bad date. Sadly the quickest and least painful way to become more confident is to dive back in. Personally I found acknowledging the fact I'm super nervous and not very good at dating to help ease some of the weight on myself. Something else I used to do was have 5-6 stories/questions lined up so that I always had conversation fuel. 9/10 once you get people talking about themselves or engaged in a topic you'll find the conversation can just carry on with minimal effort on both parties =]

      A few other tricks that I found always worked; implement the 3 day rule for first contact. If you've been texting you can read how interested she is based on how many follow up questions she asks; don't be eager to reply.

      And finally my piece de resistance (which to date has never ever failed me); if you like a girl maintain regular social contact after the hours of 10pm. The human mind is more emotional at night and more prone to form connections. If you get someone used to conversing with you at night they'll actually miss you when they don't hear from you.

      Of course the usual tips also apply; look good, smell good, feel good and never stay down.

      Also less of the self-rejection and more of self-appreciation. Don't expect to be rejected before it happens! And even if rejection does happen focus on the good stuff not the negatives. It takes guts to ask someone out and it takes even more guts to admit you like them. Rejection happens; what's important and considerably more valuable is putting yourself in a position where you can get rejected.

        Thanks man, great tips! I shall apply them in the future ;)
        It was weird though, the first two dates I was fine and not nervous at all which is why things went really well. Last night though for some reason just didn't and I found myself at a loss as to why, I think because I was pressuring myself too much about this being a third date which hasn't happened for probably about 15 years now (my last relationship ended 2 years ago and it was a 13 year one).
        I have no idea about dating but you're right, I have to keep trying and eventually (hopefully) something will happen.
        It's all good though, it was a learning experience if nothing else :)

          Have you guys made plans for another night or texted since? The follow up after a date text is pretty useful for damage control in case something went wrong or right! If you genuinely like this girl and feel the potential for an emotional connection then I say go ahead and be honest. I.e. see what you posted here? something similar in a text and possibly including that you actually really enjoyed your previous dates together.

          Worst case scenario - you get your dreaded "I had fun but..." message. Best case scenario she appreciates your candor and you lock in another chance! Also you feel good about getting it off your chest which applies in both cases.

            I texted her this morning and I know she's busy today so I don't expect to hear anything back from her until later today (if at all lol). I was quite honest and open in it so I'll just wait and see how it goes. I felt better after sending it though, I didn't sleep that well last night because of it which was a surprise to me, I've been on a few dates and this is the first time I've lost sleep over one haha!

        if you like a girl maintain regular social contact after the hours of 10pm.I always feel weird about this. Like, after 10pm seems like way too late to be bothering people, especially people you don't know that well.

        But then with my line of thinking, it's never a good time to contact someone. Up til 5, nah no good. They're probably at work. 5-6, nah no good. Probably busy traveling home. 6-8:30 nah no good, could be in the middle of dinner. 8:30-10, nah no good. It's pretty late. Should probably just leave it til tomorrow. And so the cycle begins anew, starting with "nah it's too early" :P

          Whats funny is I discovered this move because a girl who liked me used it on me while I was hung up over an ex! She went travelling for 2 weeks and I realized I missed the crap out of our late night talks! Few weeks later we started dating :)

            I find that with my Skype group the conversation only ever seems to really pick up at about 10/10:30. And it pisses me off because that's when I want to be getting everything ready to finish off so I can get to bed at a decent hour and have a proper night's sleep :P Never happens, of course, pretty much always end up still on til 1 or later.

          You could always ask?

            But then I would have to contact them to find out. And thus engage the cycle :P

      The third date I went on didn't go too well, mainly because I was sooo nervous and I let it get to me. The talking didn't exactly flow, the dancing didn't turn out to be that fun and we left after 1 hour. We hung out a bit afterwards, got some ice cream and chatted for a few hours after but that was it. It's a shame because I really liked this girl - the previous few dates were great, fun and good conversation, just not this time. Now I'm waiting on the inevitable "I had fun but..." message. Mate you got nervous and are over thinking this. The main activity you had planned didn't work out so you has ice cream and chatted for hours. If you had scared her off it would have been a quick bite and heading home.
      You might find that she really enjoyed the date and appreciated the chance to sit down and talk to you. And if you are really worried about getting that message get in first. 'Sorry the dancing wasn't as great as we hoped, but I really enjoyed chatting with you. Would you like to try dancing again or perhaps something else'

        Yeah I probably am :D. It's just new territory to me, I'm sure if it doesn't work out , I'll apply the knowledge from this experience to future 3rd dates ;)

          Or you could use this as experience for your 4th date with her ;)

    I still seem to be sick. I felt like I was back up to around 80% of normal yesterday morning - just tired - but last night I was overcome with fevers and stomach pains again. :/

    I played a little Far Cry 4 on the weekend. Fuck Yogi and Reggie to hell, I'm going to bomb their stupid tent off the side of the mountain if I ever manages to finish this drug trip they sent me on. I am currently struggling with it with because right at the end of the mission I rappelled down the side of a cliff and glitched into a wall, so unable to do anything I quit. If I have to do the entire tedious mission again I will probably rage-delete the game. It's that bad.

      Yeah... There's more than one of those Yogi and Reggie missions.

        I figured there'd be a whole slew of them. Ajay just threw them out of his house and they're sitting in a tent on the edge of a cliff in his front yard. I have a grenade launcher. Problem solved, as I see it. But no, I half to walk in there like a muggins and get injected with god knows what.

    Actually got away from the computer for a change. Got out DuckTales on DVD and watched about two dozen episodes.

    Don't get me wrong, Adventure Time and Regular Show are good stuff but nothing beats the classics.

      Last night I sprung for the complete series of classic TMNT on DVD, since I saw it come up for a decent price. Here's hoping our DVD player is actually region-free like I think it's supposed to be :P

      (And maybe I'll actually get around to watching a DVD for once, unlike the rest of the few dozen I've managed to somehow acquire)

        TMNT? Meh.

        Darkwing Duck is where it's at, :-P

        Jokes aside I did the same a while ago. Got the collectors edition for less than $100 (after currency conversion, take that Aus distributors!) and all the disks came in a Turtle Van.

        Now I just need to find the time to watch all 192 episodes.

        Though that set was kind of made on the cheap. Before the complete set they have various volumes and the episodes were scattered.

        For example, Volume 1 had all five episodes of Season 1 plus four episodes of Season 10.

        You would think they would make new disks and have all the episodes in sequences like it implies in whatever episode list comes in the box, right?

        Turns out they cheaped out and just took all the disks from the separate volumes and put them in the one box. So there are effectively multiple copies of some episodes.

        Don't get me wrong, at least all episodes are there but it does seem on the cheap side not even bothering to make fresh disks that put the cartoon in chronological order.

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          Yeah, I was reading about that. Absolute clusterfuck, but at least you get all the everything in the one set and don't have to bother chasing down the individual discs one by one in the shops. I've seen them around, and hate the whole "volume X" thing. Just makes me think it's a random assortment of episodes grabbed out of a bag to fill a disc. Though apparently the 2003 series is even worse...

          But yeah, party van is cool. Came to about AU$85 with shipping, so it was impulse enough.

          And Darkwing is kickass.


            [Rips the disks to Darwing Duck and puts them on KAT while shouting 'Let's get dangerous!']


            Jokes aside..

            Though apparently the 2003 series is even worse...

            You talking about the series in general (haven't seen it beside two or three episodes) or was the home media release just a mess?

            From what I've heard, one of the seasons was called 'the lost season because it was made but never aired yet the seasons before and after were aired.

            Crazier still, the description given of this so called lost season has me thinking "I'm pretty sure my brothers saw that in Aus."

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              Better watch out you bad boys :P

                All this talk has me wondering about my next order. Better check the mail.

                [Sees a plane coming in.]

                OMG! My new order is coming in by plane! YAHOOO! It's even being piloted by Launch Pad....!

                [Comes to the horrifying realisation.]



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    Some may be aware of the microphone issues I've been having in Teamspeak and various games recently... Turned out that a single Youtube video sorted the issue... The "Realtek Audio Manager" that's installed with my motherboard drivers was binding the two microphone inputs (on the mobo at the back, and on the case at the front) into one input. It would still detect the mic when it was plugged into either port, but it never seemed to pick up separate inputs for front or back, and the levels would never work correctly.

    Turned off the "bind inputs" option, two separate audio devices appeared, and I can change the recording and playback levels indepently, as well as Mic Boost if I need it.

      AHA!!!! You sir may have saved me a whole evening of angry.

        I've been having issues for ages! Pretty much, my voice was too quiet for anyone in the channel to hear, so I'd boost the shit out of it, leading to constant echoes and buzzing.

        This was the video I watched that solved it;


    Friday night I saw 'Alien' in a cinema with @alexpants and @powalen. It was fucking amazing. Movie holds up so god damn well and seeing it in a sold out auditorium on a massive screen was brilliant. Played some 'Division' beta when I got home.

    Saturday I did a bunch of "adult" stuff like cleaning my apartment. Then I played some Halo 2 MCC with @alexpants. Then I went into the city (which took almost an hour instead of the usual 20mins. Yay, trackwork!) to see Zoolander 2 with @alexpants and @powalen. It was...alright. It had that typical "silly" comedy sequel problem of trying to be more "outrageous" than the original and just throw a bunch of callbacks to it. After the movie we got dinner at a Japanese restaurant, which was delicious and @alexpants got to enjoy his dairy free dessert. Played some more, and finished, Halo 2 MCC with @alexpants when I got home.

    Sunday I had to spend the morning waiting to find out if a friend (not @alexpants or @powalen) needed my help to move some furniture, which I had offered to do. Killed time waiting for this by finally playing Uncharted on the PS4. Game still holds up really well. Got the message around midday that I wouldn't be needed so spent a couple more hours in Uncharted. Decided to take a break so I flicked through Netflix and came across 'The Town' which I'd never seen but heard was good, so I watched that. It is indeed good. Randomly decided to play some 'Trials Fusion' after that finished while dinner was cooking. Finally jumped back into 'The Division' on Sunday night to do some Dark Zone stuff with @rize, @blaghman and @morkai. Had a bunch of connection and lag issues, which only seemed to be affecting me but there was nothing wrong with my Internet. After the 4th disconnection in about an hour, I called it quits. The game is pretty fun, but it is basically just a third person shooter with an MMO overlay and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Will probably pick it up a couple of months after release, assuming there's still a player base. The game world seemed pretty empty in the beta. @alexpants and @powalen did not play the beta.

    tl;dr - Saw Alien in a cinema. Saw Zoolander 2. Finished Halo 2. Played Uncharted and Trials Fusion. Watched The Town. The Division is fun...when it works. @alexpants @powalen

      I'm so glad I didn't get individual notifications for this.

    Morning TAY!

    Went and saw Zoolander 2 on Saturday which was pretty enjoyable. It's basically exactly the same as the first movie (for better or worse) so if you liked that then you'll probably like this. Main downside was the ham-fisted cameos. Like, "Oh! Hello [insert full celebrity name], star of [insert tv show and/or movie]! What are you doing here!?" Dreadful haha They weren't all like that but those ones really stood out.

    Just a bunch of stupid characters running around doing stupid things which is refreshing after all the damn dramas I've been watching :P I liked it.

    Oh, and I finished Dragons Dogma and Firewatch too! Both pretty great. Didn't technically "finish" Dragons Dogma I guess, but I had enough. Beat the main story, etc. Started doing the Bitterblack Isle stuff (which is the DLC I think?) but it ended up getting a bit too hard and I couldn't be bothered to grind for better gear. Very similar to the Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon things. Was good though!

    Last edited 22/02/16 10:05 am

      What level did you finish Dragon's Dogma at? I spent so much time doing post game stuff I ended up hitting level 100 by the time I was done. Did you finish Bitterblack Isle?

        Hah, sorry added more while you were commenting!

        I got as far as beating the massive eyeball thing (Gazer, I think it was called) and then got a few floors lower until I ran into a Minotaur and an undead/poison/something dragon which I just wasn't damaging at all and so figured I'd had enough :P

        I think I stopped playing at like level 55ish. Beat the actual story at around level 48ish.

        Last edited 22/02/16 10:14 am

          50s are a bit low to do BBI. It depends on your class really. Some have a much easier time than others. What class did you end up playing most in the end anyway?

          Also did you finish the story right up until the actual end where you collect the 20 wakestones or did you just stop post Grigori?

            Finished the full story as far as I know. Had to start New Game Plus in order to get back in to do Bitterblack.

            Ended up staying Assassin for basically the entire time. I loved the counter ability too much to give it up! Did end up changing my main pawn to a Fighter though (from Mage) because I had trouble finding a good one online. There were tonnes of Mage/Sorcerer pawns around.

            Last edited 22/02/16 10:44 am

    Hello all!
    Saturday @tech_knight came around so we could work on his cosplay. I think I'm finally* happy with the blue stuff. We're starting on the armoured glove as well, so woo for progress.
    Sunday, I ended up sick after eating fish fingers. I thought I cooked them properly but my stomach disagreed. Ended up taking two panadol and Buscopan to settle it down.
    Also did splatfest on Saturday. Either I ended up with opposing teams under my level or far above my level. It made it boring because it wasn't a good match. Other then one game which had 30's like our team and it was pretty close. I still have no idea who won though =P

      I ended up sick after eating fish fingers.
      Also did splatfest on Saturday

      I'm not going make an immature joke here... But I am thinking it...

        The fish fingers were sunday and splatfest on Saturday, doesn't really work

    Hi, TAY.
    Spent the weekend playing games and watching the cricket.
    Also, Max woke me up at 5am, wanting to play.
    Cats, man... I tell you what...

      My dog does that. 5am? Time to try and dig under the blankets and snuggle.

      Better than the other night when he had a nightmare: bolted up at 2am and sprinted full pelt sideways off the bed into a chest of drawers. Which I guess is better than going the other way and through the window.
      Poor silly sod.

        Aw, poor puppy. Mine just sleep woofs and growls. So freaking cute

      I keep forgetting there is good cricket on now


      ... is it me you're looking for?

      it's me.

      I swear Lionel and Adele are talking to each other decades apart...

        I know who Lionel Richie is.

    Dunno where these weekends keep disappearing to. Ended up jumping on that TMNT board game kickstarter when I saw an early ​​bird spot open up, kinda hype for it now. Also went over to Wingman's on Saturday for pizza (cowabunga?) and drinks, stayed up super late playing Smash and leveling up her boyfriend's amiibos. Ganondorf is a dick. Also, Lucina. Andpillowmakerstuffcontinuestobeathing >_>

    And I continue to absolutely destroy any kind of sleeping pattern. Could hardly get to sleep last night for ages and ages.​​ Zombie mode today.

    Does anyone know any cool 2 player board games that they could recommend? Ideally something with quite a bit of replayability?

      Yes. Yes I do.

      What exactly are you after? Quite a lot of co-op games can be done pretty well with 2 players. Pandemic has quite a lot of legs there, especially with expansions and the Legacy version.

      Patchwork is amazing. A satisfying little puzzle of competitive quilt making in the quest to become button king!

      Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a toned down version of Agricola. Smaller, easier, but still a fun worker placement game with cute animeeples. Or you could play Agricola proper for a really in depth game that works just dandy at 2 players.

      Hive is an interesting abstract game where you place and move tiles to try and trap your opponent's queen before they do the same to yours. Simple, elegant, clever. It's not exactly chess but it can scratch the same itch in the same way a cheeseburger can satiate a need for red meat.

      Oh and a lot of card games are two players. If you really get into an LCG, you can pretty much forget about playing anything else. Android: Netrunner is my jam, Chuloopa is having fun with Warhammer 40,000: Conquest and I've heard good things about Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones.

      Dominion is also rad at 2 players. The base game wears thin pretty quickly once you work out how effective the big money strategy is. The expansions really go a long way to making it a great game.

      Splendor works quite well as a 2 player game
      7 wonders has a duel version that I've heard good things about
      Ascension is a deck builder that we play fairly often

        7 Wonders Duel is good but I don't think people who don't already like 7 Wonders will get anything from it.

      Star Realms is a cheap little deckbuilder, quite neat, though many deckbuilders can be fun at 2.

      Qwirkle also scales down well to 2.

      Splendor would go well at 2, though I've only played it digitally.

      The king of 2p board games is Rahdo: so if you're stuck, see what he says. he can be rambly, but he's astute.

        Rahdo leans heavily towards couple friendly, non-confrontational games. Not a knock against him but it's good to know where his biases lie before going in.

          That sounds perfect for me

            Lol yeah same xD The mrs has given me the task of "finding something for us to play". Like I'm some sort of games gopher =,=

        Qwirkle is excellent - if you go for this get the travel version - far easier to store and requires less space to play while still being high quality componants.

      Thanks peeps! I think I'll start with a look at Ascension and Conquest @trjn @tigerion @chuloopa Do you guys have any recommended stores to purchase these at? If physical stores anywhere in Sydney?

        If you're talking about the CBD, probably Good Games near Town Hall (there's another near Central).

        Warhammer 40,000 Conquest can be found by far the cheapest on - $42.08 with free shipping.
        At a FLGS it will be around $50-60.

        Another apparently EXCELLENT co-op game is the new Warhammer quest card game - nothing but good things have been said about this, from my hearing. You can even play it solo!

        Zombie dice is good with 2 people, as is Boss Monster.

        If you're after something bigger, sticking to the 40k theme, Forbidden stars is 2-4 but just about everything i have seen suggests it's better suited to 2 players and is a lot of fun.

        If you want something table-top/boardgame mash and that won't break the bank - Deadzone (skirmish game) and Dreadball (football-esque board game) are both great.

      Edit: Sacrifices were in vain, dude beat me to it.

      Last edited 22/02/16 1:41 pm

    Finally got around to seeing Deadpool. Good movie and certainly a lot of fun.

    I also went and visited my sister in Warwick. I have to say, it certainly feels like stepping back in time when going to one of those old country towns. Everything felt like the late 90s in decor mixed in with all of the old, old buildings. Brisbane certainly doesn't feel anywhere near as old. Also driving up the Great Dividing Range at Cunningham's Gap is a massive pain. Such an intense section of road and I don't understand how trucks use that every day.

      You think Warwick is bad, go to Leyburn about 50 mins north east from Warwick, that place is really stuck 20 or 30 years further in the past :P Plus mobile reception barely works there too, so even more stuck in the past \o/

      Saying that I find it's a nice drive out that way scenery wise, esp if you go through Toowoomba, I like looking out over the ranges on the way back down :P

    Ugh, fuck insomnia! Bastard arse lack of sleep means I'm basically dead for the day and if I try to doze off I'll just sleep for hours and screw up my entire sleeping pattern,

    Good thing that XCOM is turn based so I can take ages deciding what to do, if it required fast reactions I'd be screwed

      I stayed up a little late last night so now I'm feeling like absolute garbage. I'm guessing I'll take an involuntary nap for five minutes when I get home and as a result not be able to sleep at all tonight. All for the sake of finishing Attack of the Clones...

    Oh yeah, another weekend thing I forgot. Fired off a message to another person on gumtree in a similar "wanting to get back into/do more with music" situation. Incredibly similar, actually. Spent forever trying to hammer it out as usual, but then just had to cut loose and hit Send since I was running late and had to leave. And just now got quite a lengthy response. PANIC STATIONS!

    Of course the meth lab that was raided in my area over the weekend was on the same street as the abandoned golf club.. Which has been so the last 15 or 20 years..

      My friend's place in Taringa got raided a few years back because they thought it was a meth lab. His house was opposite this truck crash. While the cops were attending the crash they noticed all these pipes coming out of an extension on the back of their house. So, a bunch of cops rock up and demand to have a look around...

      ... turns out he just has a really, really old stove that juts out from the side of their house. Funny thing was the guy was a stoner, and apparently he was standing in the kitchen with this weed plant behind him, shielding it from the cops when they ducked their head in and had a look around. Luckily they noticed the stove, realized what it was and left pretty quickly.

      Quick thinking ftw!

    Family weekend was full of family - starting Friday when wife came into the city for her birthday to have lunch with me. Only bad bit was ending up at The Coffee Club - the food is atrocious for the amount you pay.

    Saturday had a lunch with parents for Dad's 60th at Sono Portside. Great lunch. Had a mixture of traditional/modern entree's - the wagyu tattake was amazing. Got a Moriawase Tempura for main which was alright. Wife organised a massive round wooden serving board, laser engraved with 'happy sixtieth' in Italian. Dad has brought himself a pizza over and keeps making pizzas that are too big for the boards they have at home.

    Sunday had lunch with wifes parents at a pub/bistro. - had a monster t-bone that looked more like 500g than the 400g on the menu.

    Both lunches paid for by the parents. They refuse to let us pay which is both nice and frustrating.

    Chilled out both afternoons as the humidity is being painful and I just want summer done with already.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I went to see Deadpool on Saturday - was pleasantly surprised. It's pretty close to being the best Marvel film I've seen - the other close calls being GotG and Age of Ultron.

    Played a bit more Dragon's Dogma - up to the Final Battle, but want to kill a few drakes before I face the dragon - get my pawns some practice dealing with draconids. Currently 43 with a nearly-maxed magick archer, acting as ranged DPS to my aggro/tank-oriented pawn, with a support-sorceror and a ranger that I might swap out for another support mage so they can keep each other alive. Accidentally locked myself out of the gold idol I'd have used to get better gear from the smith, but I think I'll be alright for the moment - I hear better gear can be obtained in the endgame, anyway.

      The first Iron Man ticks all the boxes too. Hoping to see Deadpool this week.

      Age of Ultron over the original Avengers? Big call...

      Can't argue with GotG though. Crisp Rat is a great Starlord.

        Unpopular opinion warning.

        I've never really liked Stark's arrogance, so seeing him get his arse handed to him by something he helped create was pretty satisfying. :P

          I feel like they jumped the gun for AoU. Wait for Ant-man to drop, and then you don't have any reason for retconning Ultron into a Stark creation instead of a Pym one. Hell, they could just introduced Pym in AoU to build hype for Ant-man, but noooooo typical Tony Stark stealing the spotlight.

            *nods sagely*

            ...Is what I would be doing, probably, but I never actually read the comics* - most of what I know about the Marvel universe is from the films and the occasional game or cover I passed in the newsagent years ago. So this is literally the first time I've heard that Ultron wasn't a Stark creation. Hell, I'm pretty sure before I saw the movie I thought Ultron was something completely different.

            *Probably because, around the age when other kids got into comics, I seem to have been building a nest in an ever-growing pile of sci-fi and fantasy books. :3

            Last edited 22/02/16 6:17 pm

    Did not party with Hellscream for birthday, and instead dropped off car to NSW in light of father coming home early. Missed out on buffalo wings and people getting to see my expertly-timed 'peak stubble attractiveness'.

    On the plus side... I played The Division for a few hours! I liked what I played.
    On the down side... I only played The Division for a few hours before exhausting the PVE content available. I did not play much.

    Even if what was on display was only a tenth of what's available in full, it'll still likely only be a 'weekend completion' game. An MMO without content, that is trying to lure players into the PVP side, because PVP = infinite 'content'. I am not seeing anything to assuage my fears from early days that they have decided that real content is hard and they should hedge their longevity bets on loot-grinding repetition and PVP. Even worse is seeing the dev interviews indicating that PVE content on launch isn't expected to last very long, but that 'there'll be a lot for people to do in the Darkzone'. It looks like the full PVE experience will only be available by way of season pass or even in the case of free updates, waiting six months or so after launch.

    Which is pretty poor given that what storytelling was there is done fairly poorly - some urgent individuals who you meet briefly take a few moments to emote fiercely at you about how fucked everything is, then slap you on the bum and send you on your way. Genuine interactions and actual character development look like they'll be sparse, if present at all. Some lore packets by way of collectibles help fill in some blanks, but for the most part it's Bungie's Destiny, all over again.

    Much of the potential for character involvement looks like it's been sacrificed by the high priest of silent protagonist at the altar of, "Self-insertion fantasy." Standard MMO fare, outside of rare gems like SWTOR, though. Still, it's a shame. When all possible protagonists, with all possible backgrounds, motivations, attitudes and demeanours must be accounted for, there is no personal story.
    See: Why Witcher 3's Geralt is better than Dragon Age's Warden/Champion/Inquisitor.

    I effortlessly maxed out everything available then replayed missions on hard (almost effortlessly, solo) a few times and didn't see a single weapon upgrade - mostly 'sidegrades'. Swapping out the MP5 for a sniper rifle or a shotgun was about the extent of it. Doesn't bode well for pacing. There was a sorta-upgrade available for purchase from the vendor, so that had to do. Maybe the default beta weapons were cheated-up 'god' weapons or something.

    The 'weekend demo' has a tiny map, maxing the outpost and your skills doesn't seem like it will take long, the events and encounters were incredibly limited and took too long to become available again (if they ever do... I got bored with waiting for new encounters/events to turn up after I'd run the Missions a few more times and logged out), meaning after a few hours you're left with a largely empty sandbox with no actual sand in it.

    I can't recommend this for anyone who isn't interested in PVP.
    Maybe after launch and we see if they were actually sitting on an absolute treasure trove of hidden content?
    I'm skeptical. It really seems like there's possibly even less here than there was for Destiny. Shame, because the mechanics are solid and the environments are pretty. Hm. I've said this before, too....

      Yeah this was basically the basis of my fears around this game as well. I was hoping less Destiny but more Diablo 3 co-op with loots and builds with solid third person shooting and some PvP. However the more mainstream and commercial option would be to replicate Destiny which is what it sounds like they're trying to do :(

      Thanks for the write trans; might give this one a skip.

      Oh yea, I played a few hours of Division on Saturday. All the PvE content available seemed exactly enough to get me a few hundred XP over level 8, and at the end I was still using the same level 4 weapons I'd been spawned with when I first logged in, albeit with level 8 silencers and magazine augments. Didn't even bother touching the DZ this time around.

      I'll pick it up and enjoy the PvE, but... yea. Will likely be finished with it in a weekend, by all indications, and have forgotten everything about it a week later.

      Damn :(

      How is everyone still playing, I thought the Beta was closed?

        I played for a few hours on the weekend when the Open beta was running. Closed beta was a couple weeks ago.

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