This Week In Games: Far Cry's Primal Scream

Today's big release is Far Cry Primal, obviously. But this is also a week about surprise indie releases that look... kinda amazing.

Also — SUPERHOT is out this week on PC. I'm extremely, extremely excited about that video game.

Bravely Second - End Layer (3DS)

What is it? It's a JRPG. Of course. Set in the Bravely Default universe. Should you care? It reviewed strongly in Japan. I know very little about it to be honest...

Bridge Constructor Stunts (PC)

What is it? This looks like some sort of update to that Bridge Constructor that's super popular. Should you care? If you were into the previous game, go nuts!

Far Cry Primal (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? Hey it's kinda weird to get a Far Cry game so early in the year — but here it is! Should you care? I'm excited for this one. Mainly because of the setting. Love the prehistoric high concept. Extremely excited to give it a bash.

Life in Bunker (PC)

What is it? It's a bunker building simulator ala Fallout Shelter. Should you care? Looks pretty interesting. Not terrible at all.

Obliteracers (PC)

What is it? Oh wow, it's that Mashed-style racer being made in Melbourne by a team of ex-Visceral developers. It had a name change... Should you care? Absolutely. This game looks great. Super polished, great fun. I played this at PAX last year and had a blast.

One Upon Light (PC)

What is it? Gorgeous looking game about hiding in the shadows and staying away from the light. Should you care? This might be the surprise package of this week. Check it out.

Perfect Universe (PC)

What is it? This is a game where you mess about with gravity. Should you care? It's hard to tell, but this game has a phenomenal trailer and looks beautiful. Investigate.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? The manic shooter based in the Plants Vs Zombies universe. Should you care? Well... it's not for me. But it is 'zany' and that might be right up your alley.

Reagan Gorbachev (PC)

What is it? This is the best high concept ever. It's the 80s. Reagan and Gorbachev have been kidnapped and they have to help each other escape from their cells. Amazing. Should you care? I have no idea if this is terrible or not. I want to play it though.

Superhot (PC)

What is it? Oh wow. This is out this week. Finally. Been waiting for this since forever. It's a time bending first-person shooter Should you care? Yes. Absolutely. Definitely. 100%.

Sprinter (PC)

What is it? I have no idea what's going on here. It's about a girl running. It looks really interesting. Should you care? Gorgeous art, unique stuff. This looks different. Different is good. Check it out.

Super Night Riders (PC)

What is it? It's basically a modern version of Enduro Racer. Should you care? I feel like there's a real opportunity for that type of game to be awesome and successful. This looks a little too basic for my liking. Cool (regurgitated) idea though.

The Town of Light (PC)

What is it? This is about woman gone mad. Seems like a VR experience. Looks interesting. Should you care? A lot of people seem excited by this game. The horror crowd will love it.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments.


    Looking forward to far cry and bravely second this week, but mark you forgot Pokemon red, blue and yellow!!!

      Is the bravely second demo available yet? I haven't been paying attention to 3DS since MM remake.

    Also out this week:
    Hitman GO: Definitive Edition PS4/Vita
    Ninja Senki DX PS4/Vita
    Swapquest Vita
    Disgaea PC
    Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien PS4
    Sadame 3DS
    Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow 3ds

      I have to assume at this point that he deliberately leaves a few off each week to make you feel special. No way he could be consistently this crap at his job.

    Nope, sorry. Too busy with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Digimon Story and the Trackmania Turbo beta.

    Might pick up FC:P but I am undecided.

    From what I've seen it seems too similar to FC4 (minus the modern day setting and accompanying accouterments) but the 'cave-man' setting seems very awesome.

    Then again the removal of Co-Op is a bit of a let down.


    Nothing else is happening this week. NOTHING.

    Far cry releases tomorrow ?

      Yeah, it's strange because lots of games I seem to notice come out on a Thursday (Extended trading hours influenced, maybe?) but the earlier this week the better for me personally! :D

        I thought it was due to most people's pay week being on Wed-Fri making them more likely to buy something before they budget.

          That's very interesting, I actually think your reasoning might be closer to the main reason why it's a Thursday lol.

    Plants vs zombies 2 should be good. The first one was great and very underrated.

      Yeah it's just like a better version of tf2 IMO.

    XCOM 2 won't let go of me. I want to play everything (bought Digimon, Mystery Dungeon, and still need to get through Xenoblade X) but I just can't put that game down no matter how many times it punches me in the face and spits on me while I'm down.

    Stoked for Bravely Second and Primal though... Someday...

      I have the same problem, I curse at my soldiers when they miss a 95% shot chance, I swear at my poor commanding decision, I rage quit because this "stoopidfooorkingRNGisriggedandhatesme" and turn the game off......then 5 mins later I'm back at it again.

      just..... one..... more...... turn!

        The struggle is real... I had to start again on ironman mode just so that I force myself to deal with what happens instead of reloading constantly. Why do games that make me so mad compel me so strongly?

    My wife was super keen for Bravely Second and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but she bought a humidifier yesterday and left her 2Ds below it during the night. Woke up and it's cover in moisture. Now it won't start. Hopefully, once the moisture dries out it'll work but no Bravely Second until then!

    Anyone have any ideas? or had something similar happen to them? Otherwise my 3DS becomes her new 2DS...

      Have you tried the rice trick?

      I had a mate who had his brand new phone get wet and wouldn't start up. He put it in a bag of rice overnight and the rice drew all the moisture out of it and has worked perfect since.

      its worth a try I guess. your mileage may vary.

        Worth a try... Anything is better than an expensive pink paper weight. I'll try it tonight. Thanks so much!

          no probs, hope it works for you....there is nothing worse than expensive paperweights !

            One quick question. Do you know if it gets submerged in the rice?

              Yeah, fill a bag with rice and chuck the DS in so it's covered (submerged).
              Tie the bag off and leave it sitting overnight and maybe the next day. (Some place dry and warm)

              Not sure if I should mention, dry uncooked rice. I doubt you would but it would kill me if you threw it in a bag of wet rice xD

              Last edited 22/02/16 1:03 pm

              yup fully covered, and as has been said put it some place dry and warm (but not too hot etc).

              don't think the type of rice will matter, but you could try Jasmine scented to give the 2ds a lovely new scent........ I jest....I jest!


                You're better off with basically any other desiccant, but really they aren't necessary. Pull it apart as best you can and leave it to dry - the longer the better.

                  Thanks for the info, at least I am informed on the matter now. I hadn't really heard of it before he told me about it.

                  I can honestly say it did work in my mates case, however there is always the exception to the rule as they say.

                  @venophaze Like the article said, there's a correlation there. It does work, because people leave it in the rice for longer to 'let the rice work it's magic'. Now, it'd be just as effective leaving it on a benchtop for 72 hours, but when you see it just sitting there you tend to get impatient and give it a go sooner, which generally leads to fried circuitry.

                  oh cool, I took it as meaning it doesn't have any real/tangible effect except for as far as altering peoples approach towards it, ie giving them a reason to believe it will work and thus leaving it longer in the belief it WILL work its magic. (self fulfilling prophecy)

                  although I think we are of the same opinion and just expressing it differently.

                  Anyways thanks again for the link to the info, always better to be informed.

    Patiently waiting until March when SuperHot appears on console...

    Reagan Gorbachev actually looks kinda fun. Kinda like Hotline Miami. shame about no online co-op.

    bravely second snuck up on me forgot it was out so soon! How does a video game reviewer know very little about bravely default? i thought the first one was a big hit

    Last edited 22/02/16 11:48 am

    never played far cry series before but Primal looks interesting. will wait to see how the community view it first I guess.

    The Flame in the Flood is out this week as well which is what I'm looking for

    Actually Far Cry comes out on PC next week, March 1st.

    I just want Oxenfree in Australia, gorrammit .

      this. i can't help but feel like us xbone owners in australia are being stitched up. first gone home took an eternity to release here while oxenfree & layers of fear are still nowhere to be seen.

    Might be worth mentioning that FC - Primal releases on March the 1st for PC users...

    It's funny how Ubisoft, one by one, kills any hype and expectation for their flagship series' by releasing yearly iterations and killing the excitement that used to come from their arrival. I have felt less than nothing for the last two Assassin's Creeds (It used to be one of my favourite franchises) and Far Cry 4, while giving me more options and generally more of the same as Far Cry 3, actively annoyed me. The fact that Primal is coming out this week and I didn't know is unsurprising but also really sad. I wish these companies could act in the interests of customers instead of shareholders.

    Are people keen for Far Cry: Primal? I've loved all of the Far Cry games (including 2) but pretty much the only thing I didn't like about 3 and 4 was the hunting/crafting aspect. It just felt like an extra time-sink that didn't really add to the story. FC:P seems to be a game based on these aspects?

      Seems to be. I too have grown to despise the obligatory UbiSoft "List Of Crap To Do That Are Now Present In All Our Games! (TM)".
      Unfortunately many seem to see this same list as a core reason to play Ubisoft games these days.... ugh.
      Bland story aside, the tried and true mechanics of "Far Cry Primal" were deemed "great." The experience revolves deeply around crafting and upgrading weapons, as well as taming different animal species that have their own unique stats. Items are made and improved through weapon and normal resources. The former helps to make various forms of defense, while the latter is tailored to upgrades and extras.

      from here:

      Certainly the setting at least is interesting, but no interest whatsoever in spending another 25+ hrs collecting skins and bones n shit to make a slightly bigger holster for my spears.

      Last edited 22/02/16 4:33 pm

    Where are the previews for Far Cry Primal? I seriously hate review/preview embargoes.. it makes me wonder what the publishers have to hide. It used to be that every game had preview reviews weeks (or at least the week) before it was released.. these days, everything is restricted till the day before or the day after release.

      There are heaps of previews on youtube for it. Not sure why there hasn't been much coverage here though.

    Im so keen on Far Cry Primal. Playing 4 was a blast for someone who hadn't bothered with earlier numbers in the series. It's junk food, repetitive and not progressive but that's why I enjoy it, length is also perfect with these games. On a completely unrelated note I wish Xcom 2 would release on console :(

    Bravely second for me. Bravely default is the only jrpg I've enjoyed in like five years.

    Man, Fire Emblem Fates should be here, not Bravely Second. Can't believe it's actually out in the US yet we don't even have a release date to look forward to :/

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