Mirror's Edge Catalyst Still Looks Super Good

Here's another 2016 release that's flying under the radar: Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

Reminder: it looks bloody gorgeous.

This is the latest developer diary for Mirror's Edge Catalyst and this one focuses on the city. I'm almost surprised its taken them this long to discuss the game's environment — because the aesthetics and the layout of the original was, for me, its grandest selling point.

The game was just so clean, so unique in how it looked.

And this developer diary discusses that — the cleanliness of Mirror's Edge, the sharp lines, the big colours. Back when the original was released it was so goddamn interesting to play a game that wasn't gritty, grimy or... brown.

It's funny how today, years later, the same rule still applies.


    Definitely interested in this but it is coming out at a very busy period of game releases. I am hoping the open world structure will work well with the game, but I can definitely feel a bit of fatigue with open world games so I am a little concerned.

    So keen. Also can't wait for the OST.

    Excellent, looking forward to it as well. Loved the original and one of the few games I'll buy day 1 this year. Loved the colours as well.

    This game looks to be shaping up quite nicely. I'd pay extra for the steelbook, which looks pretty damn awesome, but it's only available in the collector's edition. And that has way too much junk in it.

    I think I'll wait until after release and see if someone is trying to get rid of their copy.

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