Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has A Story Trailer. With A Lot Of Story.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is one of the most anticipated games of 2016 and with good reason: it looks great.

Here, have a story trailer. It has a lot of story.

I'm not going to lie, it does put me on edge a little. Cause the story doesn't sound... great. Mirror's Edge wasn't good because of its story, that was incidental. It was good because of the universe, the climbing, the parkour, how it was all represented. The story was just... there.

Still, it looks good! Still super keen.


    Thank god they're not making the cutscenes in Flash this time.

      Really – you'd pick generic wonky emotionless 3D characters over hand crafted illustrations?

        I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take your comment because it sounds like you haven't seen the original cutscenes (no one would describe them as hand crafted) - they were widely found to be jarring and poorly animated.

          I liked 'em :P Wished the rest of the game was done in that style.

            Personally I'm glad you'll be disappointed :P

              I'm a bit of a sucker for that kind of angular cel-shaded look. Reminds me of Killer7.

    Story seems OK. A little bit drama-ish compared to the first, but should be good enough to get you into the game and provide a groundwork for the story events.

    Loved the third-person shots of Faith running and doing her thing. Awesome stuff! Brought back many fond memories of the original game.

    Hmmm .... BETA signups are open now http://www.mirrorsedge.com/news/announcing-the-mirrors-edge-catalyst-closed-beta

      Hm, this looks good...


      OK, that's a given but it can't get any wo.....


      And that sinks it. Even if I was on the NBN, unless its a online multiplay the persistent part can go urinate in a cyclone!

    I didn't much like the story in the first, thought it was pretty bog standard, and that's being generous. This looks the same, although that doesn't bother me too much, I loved the first for the visuals and atmosphere (the gameplay was good too, but without the visual design in particular I would have been far less involved with the game, I still think that Mirrors Edge is the best looking game ever made, hasn't aged at all in my opinion) and it looks like they're carrying that through, although this trailer feels like a terrible move; sell the game on what made the first one great; the design, music and in game traversal, not the story. On the plus side though the voice acting seems pretty good, so there's that.

      In fairness, the story was tacked on after the game was made - the writers were basically told "here's A, B, C & D, link them together for us".

        Yeah it felt like it. Honestly I hated the story and the cutscenes (they messed with what I thought was a perfect aesthetic), but it didn't mar the game too much, the biggest problem I had were the forced combat sequences, but aside from those two complaints the game was pretty incredible.

          Forced combat was the worst - I can understand why a nervous producer might put them in (how many first person parkour games were there at that point?) but it broke the flow of the game so terribly.

            Yeah, it was pretty clear that wasn't part of the original plan for the devs. I thought there was an interesting idea in there if they expanded upon it though, the idea that you couldn't use your mobility/agility when holding a gun was kind of clever and if the gun combat was well executed and enjoyable in its own right it could have been a really interesting choice for the player to make, sacrifice all of your momentum and speed to shoot your enemies or continue without weapons to maintain that agility. Perhaps if they had a bit more time they might have stuck the landing on that front, but for the most part Catalyst is really looking to fix all of the problems the first had (also a semi open world is an amazing idea for the franchise if they can pull it off) so I'm very much looking forward to it.

    I really didn't care for the story in Mirror's Edge. The animated cutscenes didn't help either. Very jarring. I just cared for the parkour...when I wasn't forcibly thrown into combat with wonky as f*ck controls.

    That said, it certainly looks like they've paid much more attention to the story this time around. The real question though is will it propel players along, or will it falter again?

    Last edited 05/02/16 2:09 pm

      Like many others, that was my main complaint. One moment the player is smoothly running wall to wall like a tween on straight Cool-Aide but the moment Faith picks up a gun she becomes as athletic as Hans Moleman.

      The quality of the level design getting worse as the game progressed didn't help either.

        That was kind of the point though. The game made gunplay as clunky as possible so people didn't want to use it. The game actively rewarded you by not taking away the fun when choosing not to use them. There were certainly sections of the game that ran counter-intuitively to this (the server room...ugh), but the ideal playthrough didn't use guns at all. There was even an achievement for it.

    Looks good to me and don't mind the sound of the story either. I still need to play the first one!

      In terms of the first game, I don't think you really have to play it.

      Overall the story can fit on the back of a coffee coaster and while the first few levels are OK the quality quickly drops off and becomes down right frustrating.

      If you want to play it for the parkour mechanic go right ahead. But in terms of story, you're not missing anything.

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    Looking good so far. Like many others though I'll be getting the console version as I don't wanna ruin a perfectly good PC with Origin.

    Race to somewhere and get the thing to stop the madman from unleashing the stuff on the whatever?

    I'm in!

    Im willing to bet that, although the first Mirrors Edge was a fun free running first person action platformer thing, this one will be heavily scripted and a greater emphasis on flashy, big set, action sequences.
    You will basically be running from one (limited interaction) action set piece to the next, interwoven with forced story cut scenes... when all we want is another action platformer.

      Except, it's an open world. You won't be forced down narrow pathways etc. There may still be action set-pieces though. I don't mind, they're fun.

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