An Indie Game With Some Very Cool Scene Transitions

An Indie Game With Some Very Cool Scene Transitions

I found this game Anamorphine at a Microsoft press event on Tuesday during GDC. It’s trippy, pretty and it’s got some very cool scene transitions. We all know how much I love cool scene transitions.

The part I played had me walking through abstract dreamscapes that reflected the emotional fallout from my character’s relationship with his wife.

An Indie Game With Some Very Cool Scene Transitions

A couple of times, I’d find her sitting around or playing her cello. I’d walk up to her, and the scene would freeze, only to reveal that I had changed locations. (You can see that in the gif up top.) I was now standing in what I gathered to be a representation of my character’s memories, with the moment enshrined on the wall in front of me.

A little later in my demo I walked down a hall inside a house and saw some black bottles, stacked against the wall. I found I could see through the bottles and into the outdoor scene beyond.

An Indie Game With Some Very Cool Scene Transitions

Anamorphine is the work of a small Canadian studio called Artifact5, and is still early in development. They’re hoping to have it out by early 2017, releasing on PC and Mac as well as VR, though they haven’t determined which VR platforms. They will be porting it to PlayStation and Xbox as well.

Trailer below, more info over at the game’s website.

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