Australians Finally Have A Release Date For Fire Emblem Fates

It's already out the US, and we've had to wait, but now we finally have a release date for Fire Emblem Fates In Australia.

May 21 is the date.

If you're a fan you already know the situation: there are two versions of the same game, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Fire Emblem: Fates.

In addition to that, Australians are also getting the Fire Emblem New Nintendo 3DS XL, which looks pretty cool. The handheld itself, however, is exclusive to EB Games. Not really a fan of things being exclusive to specific retailers but it is what it is.

The 3DS itself costs $249.95. My guess: if you're excited about this game you probably already have a 3DS anyway.


    Birthright is the name of the other version, since the article missed that.

    From everything I have heard so far, Birthright is the easier of the two release versions, but seems to have the more satisfying storyline to it, as opposed to the more difficult Conquest. Be interesting to see how they do with this release model.

    Thanks Mark!
    Been a Fire Emblem fan for quite some time but only got around to playing Awakening last month. I'd rank it the 2nd best 3DS game I've played, so I'm eagerly awaiting Fates.

      If Awakening was your second favourite, what's your first?

    If the console, or indeed just the game, was not region-locked I would have imported this by now.

    That's not the case, however.

    The issue last year was that games like Yoshi and Paper Jam were released here before US.

    Nobody who was able to buy it:

    a) knew they were out because Americans weren't talking about it
    b) looked for reviews about them because Australian game sites write less about Nintendo games than they do about iOS games
    c) didn't bother complaining about region-locking

    The next hardware Nintendo releases would have to be region-free one would think, because there's little to no reason to track or factor in how little Australia actually is worth to it. Sick of being a backwater in Nintendo's eyes, but at the same time, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

      I'm seeing the same thing happening with Bravely Second at the moment. Kotaku AU I understand because aside from a couple of notable exceptions, JRPGs tend to only be covered by the US team. Outside of that though I haven't really seen much hubbub aside from a few "Nintendo is censoring everything!" articles. I love that we have actually started to get stuff before the US but it'd be nice if we also got coverage of those games without having to wait for the US to catch up.

      I was really surprised how little coverage Kotaku gave this mornings Nintendo Direct, there was alot more announced than what was posted on this site.

    Yes! Got my 99.95 EB Games pre-order on for the collector's edition!


    But this comes out at almost the same time as Mirror's Edge :-(


      Do you mean 199.95?

      Last edited 04/03/16 3:24 pm

        Nope, I got in the moment it went up on 13 November 2015? Suckers!

          I did that too but it was already 199.95

            Yeah, I think they realised their mistake pretty quickly. That'll teach 'em for putting up absurdly premature pre-orders. Actually, no, it won't. They keep doing it.

            Mind you, I also got a $299.95 Mirror's Edge pre-order on... which is effing bullshit because it's $199 in the US. Bastards.

              Huehuehue same. The statue looks great, if the final release does have nice face and actual glass in the middle, would be real nice like the last of us statue

                Yeah, I'm counting on the statue being decent quality because of the price. Take away the game and US$140 is still middling/pricey for a statue. Got my fingers crossed anyway because I'll be damned if I miss out on this like I missed out on the messenger bag.

              Won't you still need to pay the additional $100 upon pickup?

                Nope. The order's gone through no longer listed as (placeholder price) and has a release date next to it. If they tried to change it now they'd be in breach of Australian Consumer Law. EB Games is also pretty good at giving discounts and freebies if they stuff up (I guess to make up for the high prices they usually charge).

          Good luck getting it for $99.95 - It's called a 'placeholder price' for a reason.

            See my comment above. EB Games removed the 'placeholder price' from my order, which is confirmed at $99.95. It's not like they listed it as a mistake or anything. They only upped it to 199.95 placeholder when they learned that the US price was going to be $80 and that AU$99.95 wouldn't give them enough room on exchange rates to make a profit. As far as I can see the special edition is no longer available to order in any case.

            Funny though that the placeholder price went up to $199.95, which is significantly more expensive than buying Conquest and Birthright separately, leaving about $80 for the DLC chapter, steelcase and artbook. I think the ultimate price would have been around AU$120 or so.


    But I hope they fix the US Localization...

    Two versions of the same game, both at full retail, rolled out globally over the span of several months thanks to region locked consoles.
    $10-15 SNES games on the NEW 3DS but not on the “old” 3DS.

    Is this a good news day for Nintendo? What year is it?

    I like Fire Emblem, but Nintendo is a joke.

      What do you mean? It is literally Pokemon style release. Not to mention Nintendo have been doing the same release style that EU and NA get different release for a lot of games too except first party titles.

      Limited amount of announcement due to NX will be announced in e3 along with a lot more NX titles which is going to happen in 3 months

      Last edited 04/03/16 3:28 pm

        It’s an obnoxious cash grab that would make EA blush. It’s essentially a pre-order/ special edition style SKU difference but you have to buy the whole game twice!!! They shouldn’t do it for Pokemon, they shouldn’t do it for anything. It’s not like they couldn’t fit both games on a single cartridge!

        The region locking is also obnoxious anti-consumer behaviour. As is the rolling release which should be unheard of in 2016 (and is outside of Nintendo). Why isn’t it on the AU Nintendo shop? Probably because it would be clearer how bad they’re screwing us on price.

        And don’t even get me started on the SNES announcement. My phone has been able to play SNES games for as long as it’s been powerful enough too, because their fans have gone to the effort of putting together basic emulation.

        People have been screaming at them to put SNES games on their handhelds since the DS was launched ELEVEN YEARS AGO. Now that their “new” 3DS doesn’t have a compelling reason to buy it they’re finally giving their fans what they want and artificially restricting DS/ 3DS owners from accessing them.

        Oh…. and they’re charging $10 plus for 20 year old games. Games that many of us have already paid for on the SNES, Wii and possibly also the WiiU store. No cross-buy of course...... because Nintendo. I bought both Metro games in HD on my Xbone this week for less combined than the cost of a single SNES game.

        Nintendo do/did make great games, but they’re the worst company in games at everything else. I have no idea why you or anyone else would show them any loyalty at all.

      From what I understand, the two versions of FE are supposed to be quite different to each other, with one being more like the newer entries and the other being more similar to the older titles.

      Not that I really know anything about FE at all, I haven't played any of them.

    Whoo finally. I've had the special edition pre-ordered for months now.

      I know right! I was getting worried. I ring EB Games every few weeks just to confirm my pre-order is still live.

    Birthright and Conquest (and Revelations later) are the version names, yeah?

    I'm just hoping that our NoE version has a better translation than the butchering NoA did to the script.
    "..." Is "pickle-juice" in Dragon, right Treehouse?

    Is the two games in one pack with DLC coming out in Australia?

      The special edition, containing all three stories, will be released in AU for $129.95. I believe it's only available from EB games though.

        Spoke to EB via Twitter, they say all pre-orders are claimed.

        Ozgameshop is getting them in stock, so will go through them.

    Wait, so i preordered the special edition when the EB Games site had the placeholder price, and the site says something different now that its officially announced. I still have my preorder right?

      Nevermind, went to my local EB Games store to confirm. I'm alright. :P

    This is why piracy happens we get it late and more expensive then the rest of the world.

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