Nintendo Is Happy With The Australian Studio Who Made Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is in the wild and while I was critical of the game itself, it's hard to fault the job that Melbourne-based Tantalus did in restoring the game to 2016 standards. As far as is possible to tell, it seems like they did a great job.

Nintendo seems to agree with that assessment.

Much to my disappointment, Nintendo wasn't too keen on giving people access to Tantalus during the development of Twilight Princess HD. In fact, they only spoke to one Australian outlet about the game and that was (randomly) Stack, the free magazine you get in JB Hi-Fi.

Aonuma, on why they chose Tantalus to develop Twilight Princes:

I felt they had strong developing skills from seeing their work across remakes of previous titles, so I decided to ask Tantalus to remake this title.
As a result, I think they created great work beyond my expectations.

The game'a Assistant Director, Ms. Tomomi Sano, went into a little more detail about the work flow between Nintendo and Tantulus:

... I didn’t make it to Australia, however we utilised a video conference and web system.
In the beginning, there was some confusion in communicating over the Internet, but we came to enjoy a lively exchange of opinions as we got used to the environment.
Most of all, it was very encouraging for us that Tantalus always worked with our requests.

You can read the full interview here.


    I'm really glad. Tantalus has been around for ages and is a good studio.

      Knowing Tantalus, it was probably Straight Right (The Tantalus subsidiary that did the Deus Ex and Mass Effect 3 Wii U ports) that did the actual dev work. But still, they are full of very talented people, it's nice to see the Melbourne games industry still going.

    I'm sorry that you were snubbed for Stack.

      That's gotta hurt. It's like being snubbed for that weird Sanity magazine.

    Very happy with Twilight Princess so far. Only about 8 hours in at the moment. I was a bit worried about how the Wii U controls would work but happy to say it's going well at the moment. Here's hoping they do a few more remakes down the road.

    "We're so happy with Australia that we've decided to delay Fire Emblem by 6 more months"

    stack is a schweet mag, you guys! There's always games interviews in there.

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