A HD Remake Of Twilight Princess Is Being Developed In Australia

A HD Remake Of Twilight Princess Is Being Developed In Australia

Nintendo has just announced it is releasing a HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U scheduled for March 6, 2016.

And it’s being made in Australia.

Twilight Princess HD is being made by Tantalus in Melbourne.

Studio head Tom Crago has been hinting that Tantalus has been working on a huge Wii U port for some time now. Tantalus (or its “sister” company Straight Right) was responsible for the Wii U ports of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution and was reportedly hiring for a AAA Wii U project early last year.

Was it this game? Difficult to tell, but regardless this is big news and a great coup for Tantalus.

We’ve contacted Tantalus and Nintendo for comment and will update when we hear back.


  • I would honestly get a WiiU just for this. I think I would use a WiiU more over a PS4/Xbox, all my gaming is done on PC, meanwhile the Wii actually offers games that you don’t get on those platforms.

    • That’s basically Nintendo’s “the name of the game”. Despised by many, but adored by those who “get it”.

  • Yay! I’ll finally get a chance to play another Zelda game I missed…assuming it has offscreen play (likely, based on Windwaker).

        • That is the part that excites me. I will get the gamecube control scheme not Wii which means Link will be left handed again!

      • If you watched the direct you’d noticed it had classic controls.
        May still have an option for wiimote though. I wouldn’t mind the option, as long as the sword controls are motion plus like skyward sword.

  • I like Twilight Princess but never managed to finish it on Wii. Definitely picking this up to play.

    • The Wii U gamepad is the default for the console, so there isn’t really much choice. It’ll have to use either the controls from the GameCube version or a totally new set of controls. Wind Waker should be a good indicator of how this will play.

    • Agreed
      Whoever decided the world needs motion controls needs to be shot.

      Can’t just lay down and play some Twilight Princess.. gotta be up and moving apparently -_-

  • Still have my Wii copy but the chance to play without the waggle will be interesting. Still want the new LoZ game though.

    • This is the drawcard for me. I’ve thought about going to back to play it again on Wii, but the thought of having to waggle for every swipe/bite is so offputting.

      • Also the fact that it will essentially be the GameCube version as well, since they won’t have to flip it as they did for the Wii release to put the sword in Link’s right hand.

  • Everybody’s least loved (still loved) Zelda game, now available at full retail price three generations in a row with three different controller gimmicks!
    Who said Nintendo had stopped innovating?

    • I agree with you based solely on price. I know a lot of work goes into the porting, but if it’s an old game it needs an old price (or a bundling like the excellent MGS HD collection.)

      • I would pay full price considering the current GCN price plus Nintendo seem to cater to the system they are working on more than a hd remake for the ps3 I’m sure there will be WiiU specific features and varying controller options

      • I think you are the only one. Saying a bad word about OoT or MM will get you shanked in these parts.

    • Twilight princess was released 12 days apart in australia for the gamecube and wii so to me that seams like a simultaneous release rather than a full blown re release, especially considering the Wii version released before the GCN which is the older system it feels more like a simultaneous release. Sort of like smash bros for 3DS and WiiU but even closer.
      Also because the gamecube version uses a traditional controller and is now very expensive I’m glad it is being remade for the WiiU as I will get a brand new copy that will look and play better for less money than an old used gamecube copy plus it will hopefully have traditional controls which it originally designed to have. On the contrary having more options is never a bad thing, no matter how gimmicky you may feel about it.
      Also the wii version was mirrored to have link be right handed due to motion controls so I’m hopeful this will be changed back.
      That is why I feel it is justified to remake Twilight Princess, some people are able to appreciate it.

    • It’s by far and away my most loved Zelda game…
      Saying that I’m not going to buy it again because I’ve already played it twice.

    • I dunno. Nintendo has not been too bad on prices for re-releases from old consoles (compared to the competition) and their dlc pricing is just fantastic. I think the price will only be a tad high due to expected low volume of sales due to Wii U user base perhaps? All guesses though obviously.

  • Sweet! While I lament that this studio is somewhat relegated to ‘port duty’. I’m happy that their reputation for a quality production leads to these games in Australia.

  • Yeah, I was stunned when I heard Tantalus was developing this! I assumed it would just be another Square Enix port that they’d be working on.

  • Don’t know how I feel about this considering that the original Twilight Princess can still be played on the WiiU

  • Oh man. More yeti boarding. I enjoyed this game so much I got to the last dungeon and stopped so it wouldn’t end.

    I actually thought the motion controls for this game were good. Specially fishing. But I don’t own a Wii or any remotes and nunchucks so it’ll be game pad if I get it.

  • I have to admit to being incredibly surprised by how many people are excited by this. Perhaps if it LOOKED a bit more HD I’d be more interested, but unlike Wind Waker, the graphical style and bare, polygonal world of Twilight Princess just doesn’t hold up as well over time.

  • It’d be cool if they added more npcs and side quests but that won’t happen. Game deserves a remake, im sure it’ll be great

  • Yay. I did buy this on the Wii and did want to play it, I just couldn’t get motivated enough to play it with a WiiMote and nunchuck. I had considered getting it on the Gamecube back in the day but just didn’t get around to it. I don’t mind playing games with the WiiU tablet though if there’s no pro controller support so I’m keen to finally play this game. Same goes for the Mario Galaxy games, I hope that one day I can play them on a Nintendo console with something other than a Wiimote.

  • Australian devs working on Zelda?!?

    tantalus.com.au -> Jobs -> Latest Positions

    “We have no positions open at the moment.
    So please do not send in speculative CVs.”



    • I saw they were hiring last year and I was like “hmm, to get a job in the dormant Australian video games industry or to do an economics degree”. I am starting to regret choosing the latter right now!

  • Eh.. this was one of my least favourite Zelda 3D zelda games. Felt drawn out and bland. Would definitely buy a Skyward Sword HD for the Wii-U to take advantage of the systems hardware. That I would love dearly.

  • This was the first wii game I owned. Before I even bought a wii. I was a broke uni student and I wanted to save money towards the new console, with the exciting new play style. Nostalgia aside, Twilight Princess is probably the least revered Zelda title for mine. The art style was an over adjustment on Windwaker, and gameplay felt formulaic.

  • This game was the reason I bought a Wii, in my view it’s got more heart and soul than any of the other games. I’m ready to revisit this classic. Also, I doubt this is the least loved Zelda….Skyward Sword anyone??

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