Off Topic: Best Superhero Movie?

Hi friends. I would like you all to kill each other in the comments.

Let's talk about the best superhero movie and why it's the first Avengers movie.

Okay, maybe I'm remember it better than it was, I dunno.

I'm a little over superhero 'stuff' at the minute, but that doesn't mean I didn't like superhero movies at some point in my life.

Here are some of the ones I like...

— The Avengers — The Dark Knight — X2 — X-Men: First Class

Those are some of my favourites. What are yours?


    Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, Kick-Ass and probably X2 for top 5.

    Honestly I've enjoyed all Marvel Studios films, even the worst (Iron Man 2 for me) were entertaining films. Sure Civil War will continue this.

    Hoping to love Batman V Superman but right now I'm not wholly convinced.

    Iron Man for being what I consider cinematographic fine wine, the cold open, the music, the practical effects and CGI, RDJ... It's just absolutely spot on. (And until Fury Road, was one of only two films I'd willingly put in my 'top five' as films I adore without contest) I love Iron Man so much I have nothing to gush over... It's just good.

    Tim Burton's Batman comes in a close second on the 'Best superhero movie' for me (Because of course it does). While at the time it was 'You got your Burton in my Batman'... The film's darker, gritty tone and visual style gave birth to the Batman we know today (And the success of the film allowed the creation of the Animated Series, otherwise known as one of the finest pieces of animation ever forged by mortal hands)

    Oh, and that score, Danny Elfman scribed musical opiate when he created the Batman theme. It sits in the lauded halls of music Valhalla alongside the Doom theme, the Jurassic Park theme and others.

    Guardians of the galaxy, dark knight trilogy, deadpool, watchmen. Can't top those.

    Pffffft ya'll amateur hour...


    Dark Knight is obviously best, but I have a soft spot for the first Thor. It's the fish out of water stuff that does it for me: "I need a horse!"

    Other than that, Spiderman 2, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy & Iron Man 3 are all worthy contenders. Not Deadpool, it was good but I feel like it's going to be fleeting once the shock value wears off.

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