PlayStation VR, Meet Australian Morning TV

When mainstream media and video games collide, the impact is often negative, unfair and rife with moral panic.

But every once in a while, you get magic. Pure magic.

Magic like this GIF:

Let's take a look at this shall we.

The woman on the left is a little bit confused, and she seems off balance. But she's wearing enormous heels, so we'll forgive her.

The guy on the right, however, the main identified in the tweet as 'Timmy'... I'm not sure what his excuse is. Is he being electrocuted? Is he having a fit? What's going on here?

PlayStation VR, meet Australian morning TV. This could the start of a beautiful friendship.


    Honestly I think that Playstation VR will win the "VR Wars", at least in Australia, because Sony will be putting their headsets in stores and will be promoting it locally while the other 2 will only be available ordered online from overseas. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

      Toyota will also win the car wars over Ferrari.

        they already have, toyota is worth $236bil and ferarri is only coming in at $1bil

        If I was given the choice, I would only choose a Ferrari over a Toyota, if someone else is paying for it. Even if I had the money.

      What is this "VR War" of which you speak? The more headsets sold, the better it is for VR in general, regardless of the chosen platform.

      My platform is the PC, but I welcome PSVR as it will make VR more mass-marketable and hopefully dispel some of the BS myths that have built over time.

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        If only there was some kind of analogous scenario, in which opposing parties compete (or even... battle?) against one another to achieve dominance, and which develops and supports the industries, as a whole, who provide the tools to implement such scenarios. Like, maybe through the proliferation of such scenarios, and such tools, those industries involved are forced to innovate and advance towards more effective tools... which consequently shape these kinds of scenarios and the environment in which they take place.

        If only such a thing existed.

        We could probably use it as metaphor or something.

      They're on a different battlefield to begin with. Sony isn't fighting against anyone except for a few lost soldiers or stragglers. They have full control of their field and are all but guaranteed the sales. That's not to say what the more distant future holds though.

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        I dunno sony peripherals have a long history of being badly implemented, not having many or any good games that used them and being dropped into obscurity quickly. I would LOVE this to take off using virtual reality on my PS4 but I fear sony will stick to form and this'll just be a quick belly flop

      Why do you think gaming is the only application for VR?

      Yes, if you focus on one entirely tiny subset of all applications, yes, Sony will win. But since occulus/vives can be used in literally a million other ways their market share will be minimal.

        defense spending has nothing to do with the mass market and VR games development. Those guys can do whatever they want... it's not going to affect the price of a Rift.

        VR needs devs, it needs games and it needs to sell. Otherwise it's an expensive flash in the pan just like it was in the 90s.
        The tech is better, but if it's not affordable then it's going to be as niche as ever.
        Using a super niche defense example isn't proving anything.

        VR will be great for education, rehab, medical applications etc... As will AR. But that won't really effect my on my couch playing games.
        They are completely different markets and completely different applications.

          I disagree, time and time again technology that was refined on the military dollar made it's way into consumer models a few years later. Oculus will have that extra revenue stream to increase the pace of hardware development and Sony will be stuck trying to fill the $20B debt hole they have dug themselves over the last 10 years.

            That's completely different.
            Military tech filters down into civilian markets.

            You're trying to justify the civilian application and marketing just because it found a niche military use as well. That's backwards.

            The reason military tech eventually makes it to the mainstream is that someone has already spend all the R&D money and effort, and had a few years to refine, improve and evaluate it.
            This makes a civilian mass market move much easier, cheaper and less risky.

            This VR stuff is backwards. They need the mass market to pick up the product and pay for all the development time and cost. A niche military application is irrelevant for that.

    This is why I'm not keen on VR. In the VR world you're a hero but in reality you look like a blindfolded twat wiggling awkwardly around.

      I was watching the clip thinking the same thing.

      VR is awesome - what I'm worried about the most is that it'll suck people into a virtual world where they're running away to avoid reality even more.

      Seeing that pic of Mark with the Rift was friggan freaky:

      Unlike the heroic image of a guy sprawled on the lounge with gamepad in hand :P

        Yeah at least with VR there is some chance that you'll get some exercise.

        I'd rather be in a relaxing pose as opposed to fighting frantically a swarm of invisible bees.

          So play one of those games instead? Like all those people who don't want to spend a couple hundred bucks on flight sim or racing sim gear, they play something else.

      You're not keen on VR because you want to maintain a sensible body image despite being in your own loungeroom? Jeez...

        Sorry I forgot how alone everybody is....

          Why'd you have to go there? That was uncalled for.
          Just because they're imaginary doesn't make them any less of a friend. They're always there when I need them and they listen unconditionally...

          obviously you've never played any of the Rock Band / Guitar Hero, Let's Sing or Let's Dance series of games.. hell, even multi-player Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 involves jumping around in our household.

          I'm curious if the people poo-poohing VR because it'll make then look like an idiot flailing around go out clubbing each weekend? Coz guess what.. you also look like an idiot flailing around there too, and there are more people watching than would be in your lounge-room.

      I'm not worried about looking like an idiot in the privacy of my own home.

      One of the main thing that worries me about VR is the complete lack of situational awareness while wearing the kit.

      I could be playing a game, then take the goggles off to find somebody had broken in and stolen everything EXCEPT my console. It leaves you enormously vulnerable.

      Granted, it's not an actual issue given the actual odds of having somebody break in. Still nervous about it.

        How do you sleep at night? You're basically an unconscious target for 8hrs+ every night. A good thief could rob you blind without even a single peep, and the odds of that happening are much greater than while you're wearing a VR headset.

          Well, thanks in advance for my upcoming sleepless night(!) :P

          When you're asleep, your environment is typically pretty quiet and loud noises will (or at least can) wake you up. I'm generally a pretty light sleeper and wake up very easily. Certainly the noise of somebody breaking down my bolted front door will likely wake me up.

          With a VR system you're effectively blindfolded with earmuffs. I for one do NOT sleep with a blindfold and earmuffs.

          it's also much creepier knowing that something could happen while you're sitting there and nominally 100% aware.

          Last edited 17/03/16 1:32 pm

        Or, more practically, it's not great for parenting. I'm a fairly bad parent anyway, but at least I can keep an eye on the kids or keep an ear-out for them if they're having a nap. VR is pretty much a no-go territory for me, unless I have my wife at home to police the youngin's (and, really, if I told her that I wanted to come home from work and not speak to her or the kids and put a headset on to play games ... well, that has 'other' ramifications.

        As for the odds ... I've had my home invaded twice, so let's not tempt fate a third time, shall we? ;)

          You're supposed to put the VR kit on the kids, then you don't have to look after them.

            Jesus H Christ. You may have just promoted me to Dad of the Year.

      Really the biggest issue is that all current products are still wired. You can have amazing object collision detection, but that won't stop you tripping over the cable.

      But you are in the privacy of your own home, wiggling awkwardly, so who cares? And your comment "Sorry I forgot how alone everybody is..." if you can't be awkward in front of your loved ones/family/friends/housemates then lighten up.

    The more I watch that, that less certain I am that I know what Timmy is doing.

    It makes no sense. And it is glorious.

    Most will play in the comfort of their home away from prying eyes, Can't say the same about the friends invading your home cos you have VR tho. You should video your friends playing VR as "payment" to use your machines ?

      Accidentally hit reply. But on topic, I imagine there will be a string of articles titled "House robbed while residents visit fantasy worlds."

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        That's already happened to friends of mine without VR.
        He was playing a game with his big noise cancelling headphone on.
        She was in shower.
        Someone came in and took their laptops, camera and ipad.

    Anyone remember the eye toy?

    I saw the US version of this the other day (possibly on Kotaku...) and my immediate thought was: "This is Stefanovic and Co gold waiting to happen", I was not disappointed

    Man, all this VR stuff is giving me a massive headache just by looking at it...

    Lets not forget to mention the amount if misinformation that was given during that whole thing. They only said you need a PS4 and no mention of having to own or buy the PS4 camera. And they only said it's out at the end of the year. Which is not fully true as it's out in October which is not really the end of the year.


    @markserrels you accidentally wrote "main" instead of man

      That is effing A+ Spell Check Policing, right there. I'm pretty disappointed in myself for missing it.

        I only noticed it because I made the same mistake myself, earlier today

    The Stefanovanator loves it. Everyone knows that he is really a robot anyway. One that really loves marble-wash jeans.

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