PlayStation VR Will Be US$400 And Hits The US In October

PlayStation VR Will Be US$400 And Hits The US In October

PlayStation has just announced this morning at the Game Developer’s Conference the price of their virtual reality add-on, as well as details about the games that you’ll be able to enjoy later this year.

The company announced that it would cost US$399 (399 euros, 349 pounds, or 44,980 JPY) and hits stores in October. An Australian-specific price and date was not announced at the conference, although we’ve reached out to Sony locally for confirmation on that.

The headset is designed to be used in tandem with the standard DualShock 4 and the PlayStation Move motion controllers, with light being used for the tracking. The PSVR also has a 1920×1080 resolution across both eyes, 9 LEDs for the PSVR camera and a 5.7-inch OLED screen.

Sony will make the PSVR available from October, and it will have 50 games available. Some of those are being demoed at GDC right now, and we should expect to have more information as the week rolls out. One game announced this morning was Xing: The Land Beyond, a puzzle-adventure game.

Sony and EA also announced that a Star Wars: Battlefront “experience” would be available for PSVR at launch, with details about the game’s conversion into VR to follow.

Update: we have all the info on the Australian pricing here


    • It’s slightly more expensive than the console. PS4 RRP is $349. So, using the ratio of AUS/US prices, it should be $548 AUS.

  • US$399… so that’s the same as the launch price of the XBone? What did that turn out to be here in Australia? $599 or thereabouts?

    Edit: wait, no, that was the PS4 launch price, so $499 here?

    • PS4 price hasn’t really moved in the US. It was $399 at launch and it’s still $399 or so, but now there’s games bundled. So yeah, this is launching at the same price as the console itself did, and I would expect that to be the case in Australia too.

      Current exchange rate puts it at around $535 AUD, then add GST and you’re at $589, so a $599 AUD price point seems like a fair bet.

  • Nice undercut of the other VR headsets! This will undoubtedly be the VR gamers choice for the majority.

    • Maybe. If they bring out software allowing it to be used on PC’s, that would be kickass… and really broaden their market that’s for sure.

      • I don’t think Sony will spend time and energy towards that, that part of the equation is entirely up to us. As long as they don’t put any security preventing it, people can get it to work on PC, but it will be challenging.

  • It’s AUD$550, but you need the camera. Since nobody actually has the camera, that makes it around AUD$620-30.

  • I hope it succeeds, but I’d be surprised if they manage to get enough games to support it to make it worth buying.

      • Ehh, there were similar lists before the launch of Kinect and PS Move – it all comes down to execution and long term support, which I’m pessimistic about. Console makers are too quick to put out a peripheral gimmick, reap the initial hardware sales and then abandon the hardware. When I see a steady year of games that support it, and solid release dates for the next 2 years after I’ll give it another look.

  • Not too bad, especially given the crazy price of the other two. Even better, the psvr will work out of the box on everyone’s ps4. I may be slightly interested in vr again.

  • Software is gonna be the tricky thing for the PSvr. On Pc you have the advantage of lots of small indie experiences being available as well as easy support for watching movies and yes, porn.
    PlayStation being a closed system won’t have any of that. Just the Sony Approved content.

    • Content restrictions may apply for games and apps, but for the most part I think surround video and stills should be safe.

      If you really wanted to make an adult app on it, you will have to go for the new R18 restriction.

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