Static Podcast: Are Video Games Really Good For You?

It's time for Episode 5! On this week's Static Podcast we chat about online scams, the resurgence of tabletop games, the pros and cons of going off-grid plus we explore: are video games really good for you?

We also answer your question: is Googling everything a risk to your online security?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia, Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager and Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    I'm really enjoying these podcasts. I may have listened to the ten previous episodes pretty much one after the other after following my first taste on last weeks cast.

      Thank you so much! Really glad you're enjoying them :)

    By the way, the vaguely explained word game with "quiz masters" (or spy masters as the case may be) and a grid of cards that Chris mentioned is Codenames by everyone's favourite Czech game designer, Vlaada Chvatil. For those yet to try it, It's an incredibly simple and elegant game that can be explained in a couple of minutes and mostly picked up by watching someone else play. It's pretty much a perfect entry point into tabletop games.

      YES THIS IS IT. Feel awful that I couldn't remember the name off the top of my head.

      Also thanks to @trjn and @frejya for introducing me to Codenames. Top game.

    Haha, all you guys talking about those weird non-Facebook people :P

    I do always feel weird and awkward whenever someone asks about adding me and I have to do the whole "uh... you can't" song and dance. Especially since it's usually in the context of having an easier method of communication than e-mail, so if anything I actually am making things more awkward. And really it doesn't seem like there's much in the way of alternatives either, really.

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