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    Shower me with your assistance!

    So I have a New 3DS XL and an old launch day 3ds with an old firmware on it that I want to preserve for things Nintendo doesn't need to know about (I'm actually giving it to a friend to go nuts with), but it has my NNID linked to it and I'd like to transfer it to my new 3DS first. I can't do that without performing a system update obviously, but I've read that you can call Nintendo *shudders* and they can process it if you just say it's faulty?

    Anyone done this before? Is it a simple enough process/what info will I need to memorise?

      Haven't done it myself, but have seen it mentioned around the place yeah. It's to do with un-linking your current NNID from your original console so it's freed up to attach to your new one. Though just thinking about it now I'm not sure why you can't just unlink it from the first console yourself, then add it to the second. But there's probably some technicality there that I'm not thinking of.

      I mean you lose all your save data and everything, as well as your friend code and friends list. All it pulls across is your eShop stuff. But basically you're calling them up to say that your 3DS was stolen/lost/damaged and you need to link your profile to a new machine. Not sure if you'd need the serial number of the old machine or if they'd just get you do tell them your NNID password or something.

      Oh and also downgrading is a thing apparently? Or was a thing. I don't know what the current state of things is, but it may be possible to just transfer normally then downgrade the original unit to something more... activity-friendly.

      What version's the old one on, out of interest?

        It's currently on version 8.1.0-19E. And yeah I'm just looking at downgrading and that sounds like it should work. (He can do it, but it should work at least)

        I don't mind losing any of the data on my old one, literally all I want is my NNID on my new one just so I still have it.

    Gonna copy and paste my comments about Galak-Z here.
    I was really looking forward to Galak-Z. I didn't buy it at release as I'm unemployed and I had a lot of games on my plate enough as it is. So I decided to just push it back until a sale. Then I get it for PS+, so it all worked out. I played it in the last week and while I think it's a good game I was also rather disappointed.

    First problem is, it's describe as a brutally difficult game, where dying will result in the loss of progress for the current season. However, I never died once. Now, the game is challenging, I really enjoyed it, but I never had to make a decision to run away from combat or use the environment. I fought every battle and even grind a few times.

    Another problem with this 'rogue-like' game is that out of the 5 seasons, it actually didn't pick up in challenge until season 4. The first 3 seasons were fairly easy. Considering this is a rogue-like game (why is this a term?) that's just bad design. Rogue-like games are designed to be challenging from the start to give you the idea of what you're in for, not half-way through. Although I did love how you could only purchase 1 repair per episode.

    But here's the biggest disappointment of the game. It's unfinished! The game released with no 5th season. I was ready to spend my weekend going through the hardest part of the game, instead I have to wait for them to announce when they've finished the game. It's bloody stupid.

    Been playing a bit of Smite and I'm starting to get sick of the genre. I get how addictive it can be but I also see how aggressive it can be too.
    First problem comes from the fact that you get a bonus for your first victory of each gametype for the day. Since there's 5 gametypes, and matches usually go for 20 minutes, it can really take time out of your day. If you've got somewhere to be, losing a match can get you really aggravated. At which point you start blaming your teammates, or the balance of the game, or something else. Then you start sending angry messages, looking up builds to try and maximize your kill ratio. Repeatedly spamming 'Retreat' voice command when you see the 0.5 k/d kid rush forward into a group of 3 by themselves for the 10th time.

    So I'm going to try and ease back from playing the game. Trying to get full enjoyment out of the genre just makes it worse.

    Because of all the drama over the new Ghostbusters movie I decided to play the 2009 game. I got it for free for Gold like, 2 years ago, but never got around to it.

    It was a really enjoyable game, especially considering this game came out during a time where everybody started imitating Gears of War, Halo or CoD, but it still managed to keep its own identity.

    There were a few problems, a lot of areas were really open spaces and felt out of place. The physics for a lot of objects were really loose. But since so much was destructible it was fun watching an entire area get destroyed from your presence. Once you get the slime tether you can have a bit of fun creating web strings of random objects.

    I played on the hardest difficulty and there were 3 or 4 areas where the game was broken (especially one part involving dive bombing angels) and you can spend a lot of time reviving and being revived due to shitty ghost attacks. One particular boss battle had an AoE attack that stun locks you into getting hit by it again. But a lot of enemies are designed like puzzles where you've got to figure out their patterns and consider which ghost to get rid of first.

    Best part of the game is trapping ghosts. Weakening them down with the right weapon (even if one of those weapons felt really lazy to be designed like a machine gun), grabbing them, slamming them into the walls, gently pulling them into a trap, tugging them back and forth to prevent escape, before the trap explodes in light and takes a few moments of Pokeball beeping to calm down. Busting really feels good.

      I was really excited for Galak-Z too. In fact it was one of the games that convinced me to buy a PS4 just after launch.

      But the game changed style mid-development and when it came out it turned out they'd made it into the exact sort of thing I simply don't have time for (I have zero interest in games that have no respect for your time) so I've never even touched the copy I bought when it released.

        What do you mean it has no respect for your time? Is it because you can't save during the middle of a mission?

          You can fuck up once and lose hours of progress forever.

            You don't lose hours. Each episode takes about 20 minutes if you're going slow.

              Even being able to lose 20 minutes is not respecting my time at all, IMO.

                Then wouldn't you prefer games that have no game over status at all?

                  There's a world of difference between "you died, let's reload the checkpoint from 2 minutes ago" or "you died, let's reload your last save" and "you died so you've lost everything you did on this level and have to start from scratch". It's punitive for the sake of being punitive.

                  Also my understanding (did not bother to play the game) is that if you 'continue' and re-start a failed level it resets a lot of your stuff, you're not just starting over, you start from the beginning of that level but lose everything you had accumulated to that point. To which I say Fuck. Off.

                  It's a shame because when they first showed it off it looked like a rad little 2D Macross homage. :(

    @cffndncr I just played the most horrifically ragequitting game of combo druid ever. Obviously I was the combo druid. So I'm facing a murloc pally and my starting hand is Emperor, swipe and force of nature. Now I'm looking at this hand against this matchup and thinking dear god I'm going to have 3-4 dead turns and I did. I did however draw into 2 savage roars and hit 6 cards with my Emperor's buff. So come turn 9 my enemy's sitting at 30 health with board control and I have one shade of naxx. I do the only cringeworthy thing and play fotn + double savage + innvervate hero power and deal 31 damage in one turn xD

      AAAAAAAND bullshit like that is why I quit playing =P

      Good on you though! I bet you could hear the sound of him/her smashing his phone/computer echoing around the interwebs.

        Lol I was laughing like crazy when that turn came up; I mean who the hell plays around fotn + double savage roar + innervate combo?!? I literally used all the cards in my hand to kill him. I even did that thing where after I played my whole hand I did nothing for like 10 seconds so he could count the damage xD 10/10 BM? Bahahahah.

        (To be fair if I had unstealthed my Shade the turn before I would've missed lethal the next turn and probably lost; glad I kept him safe and I was considering it because he still hadn't used a single pyro + equality combo; probably got too greedy and didn't want to waste it on a single minion)

        You jumping back in for WotoG? Seems they're going to give away C'thun at launch with 3 packs.

        Last edited 14/03/16 4:23 pm

          I doubt it. I know if I start playing again I'll get sucked right back in, and I'm kind of enjoying not having that rage fueling my life anymore.

            That is why I can't keep Mordheim installed for very long. It's great when it's great, but when it's full of COMPLETE FUCKING BULLSHIT it makes me want to put my fist through the screen. Bugs and glitches and unexplained rules, rules which are explained but are nonsensical and idiotic, bullshit RNG... So frustrating.

    That was an exhausting weekend. Two kid's birthday parties. One was a mega party for twins, and the other was a trip to the zoo. Not that either didn't have highlights, but urgh, it was just a bit too much for my nerves.

    Had an awesome time playing games on Saturday night. Have added FUNemployment to my wishlist.

    Well. Got invited to go climbing with Aerialist Girl on Friday. Along with another guy. But got her number. After being accused of being a psychopath for not having a Facebook. But countered that psychopaths are also known to eat dinner. So I think it's ok.

      But countered that psychopaths are also known to eat dinner.

      As long as it's not brains.

      They're just salty that they can't Face-Stalk(tm) you.

      It's the modern dating paradigm - don't learn about people on a date, talking about each other. Learn about each other with excessive perusing of social media, like a homework assignment/creepy voyeur.

      ...I'm not a fan.

        Now wouldn't a true psychopath have an account that was just filled out with false information?

        ...that almost sounds like fun :P

    First prosthesis in the world with direct connection to bone, nerves and muscles.

    I continue to believe that in a decade or two, we're going to look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution and think it was absolutely prescient when it comes to the issues it discussed.

      As long as they don't all say "I didn't ask for this."

        In this case I'd imagine the guy did ask for it and is very pleased with the outcome.

      I think at least half of the severity of the issues in the game comes down to the anti-rejection drugs and their cost.

      But that was definitely just a way of exaggerating the issues which I think we will see of augmented prostheses being more advantageous and desirable for personal performance and employment, and the ethics of removing perfectly healthy body parts, and the surgeries being out of the reach of the disadvantaged, meaning that the income equality gap will only widen.

        I also think that the idea that there will be a political and ideological movement that opposes augmentation is incredibly likely. And that it will be driven at least in part by the US bible belt declaring that people should remain 'natural' like god intended, and if they lost a limb that was just His plan for them etc.

        And that there would be a political candidate who would use this as an election position.

          Considering the crazy people that believe the anti-vaccination crap, I can only despair at the utter idiocy that will come out when body augmentation starts becoming commonplace.

            See this is why we should bring back natural selection; if you don't pass an IQ/social intellect test at the age of 20 then we just export you to the moon. Very similar to Australia's current stop the boats policy; except under this law we'd probably lose 80% of our government to outer space.

    I'm trying to back up my pc. However, windows 10 keeps telling me that my 1TB HD is full, despite the fact that it's empty. =/
    And I can only format it to be 32gigs, despite having no partitioning.

    Last edited 15/03/16 7:37 am

      That sounds not normal. 32gb means it's trying to format the drive as FAT32. You want to format NTFS.

      Right click start to bring up the context menu and click Disk Management. Navigate to the disk in question, then right-click on each volume on that disk and select 'delete volume'. There should then be 100% unallocated space. Double-click that to create a new volume and format it NTFS.

      You can then use the built-in backup tools. The old win7 backup tool still works fine in Windows 10 AFAIK and it'll allow you to make a full copy of your entire disk.

        I did format it to NTFS, but it still only has 32 gigs available.
        Ugh, it was partitioned. =P Silly me.

    So I finished Enemy Within this weekend as well as installed XCOM2, been playing nothing but that over the weekend.

    Wow the difficulty spiked between the first XCOM and this, I've already restarted 3-4 times haha.
    Absolutely loving this game though, all my "Tech Knight" models are using modded Halo helmets :D, I really love they're already modded into the game and they look great too!

    Edit: Also to any of the TAYbies currently playing it, have you exported your characters (If you made TAYbies for instance), and if so, how do I grab them?

    Last edited 15/03/16 8:53 am

    Automobilista finished downloading last night, and all I've been driving in it is the Stadium Super Trucks.
    These things are a blast! The tracks all have the ramps like you see on TV, and the trucks three-wheel around corners... they're so damn cool! :D

    Do you guys think bookmarks are enough to get me into Ozcomiccon? Or should I work on some squid hats?

      Do you also have any larger poster versions of the bookmarks that you could sell? I think something like that would help draw people to a stall and if you can sell them, I'm sure someone would buy them.

        Not yet. I don't feel right just enlarging the designs I already have for posters. I think I would like to do something different

          Maybe you could do one poster for each series of bookmarks? Combine each picture/silhouette from a series into one poster?

            I was thinking stained glass design for Zelda

      Squid hats. They'll be a hit.

        If I could clone myself, I could do both...

    My body is so ready. This is exactly the kind of game I want.
    Just need it to get off PSVR :P

      I got the Gear VR with my new phone and have been playing with the games, and I may be hooked now

    My place it isn't uncommon to find frogs, normally they just chill outside either around the back door where there's a few bonsais, bromeliads & the cats water bowl. But the last few days i've had to remove this little guy from atop the washing machine because he likes to come inside of a night & chill in the laundry sink.

    Holy shit. I think AMD are nuts. They finally released images of their new dual gpu card 'AMD Radeon Pro Duo' it requires THREE 8 pin power connectors. I guess it's gonna be another hot & power hungry AMD card. Which is a shame since the Nano & Fury X were pretty power efficient & didn't run that hot.


    How are we all?

    Last song played?!?!? Scripted by Keeno

    Also, in podcast land it was episode 9 of the Voice of The Report of the Week

    A fan on the subreddit made a podcast feed and I am grateful

    Played The Division all weekend and loved every minute of it

      I think it was Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian.

      Division is rad, having a lot of fun in solo, multi, and multi with randoms. We'll see how long that lasts :P

        Me and my two mates are using it to (hopefully) replace Destiny

        We got so many hours out of Destiny, and I can't get into ESO like they have been able to.

        I was able to get to level 28 from Friday night to roughly around 9pm on Sunday night, that's how much I played, but also indicative of how much I enjoyed it.

        It to me didn't even feel too grindy

      Wandering Star By Portishead.

      I Can't say I'm interested in another mmo. I'll stick to being addicted to stardew valley :)

    QUESTION: Gamepads. What are your recommendations?

    Was using a wired 360 pad, but the D-pad annoyed the fuck out of me, so I got a Razer Sabretooth. That was perfectly fine until it just stopped working the other night.

    Dunno if it's the cable or whatever. Razer dont seem to sell replacement gamepad cables either.

    anyway, i'll look around & see what I can do with that.

    however, if theres not success there, what replacements do you recommend? wired? wireless? I dunno. max budget is about $100 give or take a bit.

      I'm using a standard Xbox One controller and love it. It feels like a total upgrade of the 360 controller.

      Added advantage: you can plug the standard wireless one into a Windows 10 PC via a microUSB cable and it will work as a wired controller, no additional hardware needed.

        thanks man. I was leaning toward the Xbone controller. Just wasn't certain if wired / wireless was the way to go. but you've answered that one.

        follow up question - USB charging, yeah?

        also 2nd follow up - according to the PCCG site, it requires Windows 10? that right?

        Last edited 15/03/16 12:12 pm

          Yep, I bought one that included the play and charge kit on sale a while back, and it all works fine. Microsoft have learned from their mistakes with the PC 360 controller in basically every way.

          I think originally the wireless adapter required win10, but recently they released drivers to make it work on 7 and 8 too.

          I could have sworn I used it on Windows 8 (or possibly even 7) but I'm not sure. I haven't tried it with the wireless dongle. Looking at the XBOX support page it'll work on Windows 7, 8 and 10. I don't remember having to do anything to get it working but that might just be my faulty memory.

          Does anyone know if the audio jack and/or keyboard accessory work when using it on the PC? It always bugged me that they didn't properly support that stuff with the 360 gamepad.

      Xbone controller. Don't pay for a play & charge kit - you just need a bog-standard USB cable like you'd use to charge a non-Apple phone. Works flawlessly. If you want to use it wirelessly you can get a dongle but you'll have to put fresh batteries into the controller every 20-30 hours of gameplay.

      I've got a Logitech 710 wireless. It's xBoxey in that it's A B X Y and stuff, but it has the thumbsticks in a PS3/PS4 way. I don't mind it at all. Got me though RotTR last week. :)

    I cracked and brought The Division last night. I'm enjoying it but it's been pretty cringe-worthy plot-wise. I don't recall a game ever working so hard to convince me the character was just like me. It just keeps hammering me on the head and yelling 'get it! You're the character! It's a random guy like you!'.
    It's also sort of creepy how it's almost got a pro-terrorist vibe. Like in any other Tom Clancy game The Division would be the sleeper cell coming up out of nowhere to burn the city down, but this time you're seeing it from the point of view of a 'freedom fighter'. It's a cool idea for a twist but the execution feels strange.

      Being called a terrorist or a freedom fighter often depends on who wins.
      Though terrorists traditionally do more killing of non-combatants.

      The concept of 'average joe social worker/photojournalist/defense attorney' being more competent than military/police JTF forces thanks to precious SHD-tech kind of annoys me. In the very first scene - the intro - your (I assume senior) agent is telling you that you're the front line and the last line. Meanwhile, there's a JTF dude just standing right there to listen to that insult.

      I mean, I know they go to great lengths to reinforce that the current JTF consists of paramedics, firemen, and dog-catchers and the like, not just police/military... but it's as if they're not doing anything or the entire police/military component of the force is incompetent and devoid of charismatic or competent leaders. From what I know of military structure, the suspension of disbelief required is powerful.

      I'm personally choosing to believe that every agent received a few years of extensive special-ops training before being embedded. Nothing else makes any sense.

      Most everything outside of that incredibly flawed premise is pretty believable, but man. The things they sacrificed at the altar of the silent protagonist... the storytelling. The character development and growth? There's next to nothing. Just observing snippets of other peoples' stories. Vignettes, here and there. They go to these extreme lengths of meaningful protagonist-obliteration to ensure that the game can't possibly do anything to contradict your apparently precious (and utterly ill-advised) self-insertion (into one of maybe half a dozen poorly-customized avatars).

      Amazing world-building, though. So dense with detail. And the shooting's fun once you get hold of some guns that feel like they might be a bit more powerful than a super-soaker.

      (Also, I didn't get the pro-freedom fighter vibe. All the echo files and intel bits give me the impression that everyone who knows about them considers Division agents to be shadowy Fed goons, faceless puppets of The Man, protecting government interests above local concerns. Only the First Wave gone rogue seem to be in the position of terrorists.)

        It's like they approached the ability to self-insert as a programmed in mechanic. As though if you ever hit a point where the character clashes with your own personality the game will crash.
        It doesn't stop me from enjoying the game at all it's just one of those curious situations where I can't help but wonder how they got there. I mean plenty of games go that route with mixed results, but The Division feels aggressive or even compulsive about it. That said I guess it's one less thing to worry about when making end-game content. They're going to be busy enough as it is with how much detail goes into the sets.

      The "average guy" thing always amuses me... "He's an average guy, just like you! ... Except he has extensive military training, lacks vocal cords, and has dedicated his life to preparing for a national disaster." Yep, perfectly average in every way... >.>

        "...And is simply naturally more talented than entire squads of trained soldiers."

    So I had no idea Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls got released for PS4 the other week. Might finally get around to playing Beyond Two Souls. I liked Heavy Rain, even if it was a bit stupid in places. Might pick it up this week & actually play a game on my PS4 for once!

      But ps4 has no games... =P

        Lol. Oh Scree :P

        It's more I don't care for games :P I haven't touched GTA V or Fallout 4 since last year. All I play now is WoW and maybe for a few hours a day at most haha.

          I'm borrowing my cousins ps4 and I haven't played it yet

        My older brother brought his PS4 to my place on Sunday, ran Fallout 4 extremely smoothly... up to the point where it froze permanently lol. Ah Playstation, please change to be more stable, I remember you doing this on the PS3 days too but not PS2 :)

    TV Shows!

    What's everyone been watching of late? Got anything you'd highly recommend? Anything that's new that you'd consider amazing & fresh in TV land?

    I've been watching My Name is Earl since I discovered it on Netflix the other week, never really watched it when it aired on TV, it's an alright show to zone out to of an evening.

    Other than that, just the usual of Workaholics, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Vinyl (which is amazing by the way) Better Call Saul & a few car shows which includes a new one featuring Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, which is pretty cool.

    I've found i've lost total interest in The Walking Dead, season 5 to me was rather really lack lustre & didn't really care for the show after that, maybe i'll give it a go when it comes to an end whenever that will be..

      Forged In Fire! Reality competition show where they forge weapons. I'm addicted.

      Edit: Also, The Last Kingdom on Netflix was pretty good.

      Last edited 15/03/16 1:51 pm

        Ooh the forging one sounds pretty cool. I'll have to check it out!

      Started The Killing on Netflix, and hanging out for Daredevil on Friday- rewatched it this weekend and liked it more on this go-around than the first time through, though I stand by my earlier criticism (Whispered conversations that go on too long, lack of structure to the narrative).

      Other than that, been listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks the other week, which is super interesting. It's about the HeLa cell line, which is used in medical research for everything, but originally came from a cervical cancer sample from a poor black woman in the 50s in America, which is pretty much an awful time to be a poor black woman.

      Currently trying to get into The Luminaries, a literary novel set in the New Zealand Gold rush, but it's a bit dense going in in audio.

      I've been watching Billions. It's not bad

      Uh. I get to hear My Kitchen Rules and Australia's Got Talent floating across the living room. Also Survivor. And First Dates. Which may or may not actually be kind of addictive. Send help.

        Ugh I can't help but watch First Dates. I want to hate myself so bad but can't!

          Have you been reading the recaps on They're hilarious, just about as good as the ones for Bachelorette that I think Freeze linked to last year.

            Can't say I have haha :P


              Annoying auto-play video warning.

      Shotgunned Flaked, a Will Arnett show, over the weekend. It's got a similar hipster vibe to Love but stands in its own right. Both are decent to watch if odd meanderings are your sort of thing.

      Other than that, someone recommended House a while back; thought I'd try it half-heartedly and now it's one of those things I'm slowly powering through.

      House of Cards, obviously, and I'm looking forward to new Daredevil.

      I LOVED Food Safari Fire on SBS - the last two episodes are still up on SBSOnDemand. Otherwise, I've been working my way through Misfits on Netflix. It's not bad, and I really like the theme song by The Rapture.

    I'm replaying Nier. Still awesome.

      I never finished that. I need like... a couple years off work to complete my pile of shame.

        I am seriously considering, once I pay of my mortgage, quitting full time work for a part time gig so I have all this extra time for the stuff I "don't get around to."

        It's the only game I've ever immediately gone back into New Game+ and played through to the end again. And I even did that 4 times to "properly" finish the game.

    Afternoon. What a weekend. 100% completed Rise of the Tomb Raider on Friday apart from upgrading some of the weapons. Beautiful game. Pretty good story, with varied puzzles and environments, although it's a shame some of the other characters from TR2013 weren't used at all this game (yeah I know they're in the comic continuity, but but.) Still, good fun and that's my leaping and shooting satisfied until Uncharted in May...

    Saturday much Elite:Dangerous and then the Rebels scrapped out a win against Queensland Reds. 30th on Sunday with a few nice beers at an American BBQ place in Footscray. Monday complete chill-out in Elite.

    Two day week this week! Woo!

    Hola Tayberinos.

    Haven't done a w'end recap for a while, work is errrrrrrrgh so haven't had the time.

    It was a 3 day weekend (for the Adelaide Cup/festivals) here, so I had a good 3 days. Saturday stayed in, did a bunch of my N7 work- I've now finished the structural pieces for the back plate, which is the most complex piece. Hoping to have the main chunks of it done before the weekend so I can work out the lighting and do all the detail pieces over the weekend, after which the whole armour will be assembled and I'll be ready to strap it all and test fit. Once it's strapped I'll be up to painting and finishing, so hopefully I can get it 100% by the end of April!

    Sunday, went to a mate's house for Board Games and Magic. Played commander, got mana screwed, but ultimately pulled out a win. Yesterday I went to a mate's house for a BBQ, I helped him construct some of his pergola last year and it's now finished and his backyard's been landscaped so it's looking good.

    A Tuesday Afternoon Question: How are your parents?

      My parents are doing well. Very preoccupied with the health of my one remaining Grandparent. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Dementia. What this means is a lot of them, particularly my mother, driving 150km to Wangaratta to help her out with appointments and stuff. they had to put her in a nursing home last year after my Grandpa died. because she did not want to move to live with anyone else and wanted to stay in Wangaratta.

      Unfortunately this means my Mum continues to walk on her broken toe so it will never heal, despite us asking her to let us take on some of the work.

      Sometimes I wonder where I get my stubbornness from...

        Oh, that's no good.

        I've got my two grandfathers left. Maternal grandfather is being treated for pancreatic cancer, and apparently that's going well- they've lessened the chemo from 3/4 weeks to 2/4 weeks, so he can recover and travel a bit between sessions.

        Paternal grandfather we thought was having a serious issue at the start of the year- fatigued, very tired, dizzy- but he went into hospital a couple weeks ago and got a leak in his GI tract cauterised and a pint of blood and is now right as rain- he managed 13 holes on the golf course last week, which at 87 is well respectable

          Both of those situations are ick. But good to hear that they are both doing well.

            There's a layer of social stuff on it all. Paternal grandfather? All good, he's bopping along, I visited him in hospital when he was there, very good relationship.
            Maternal grandfather, however, is complicated by his wife (second wife, my mother's mother passed before I was born). She's essentially not very pleasant, and mum and her sister have had a lot of angst with her. Apparently I'm OK in her books though, which is certainly through no concerted effort.

              Social politics sucks balls, particularly family politics.

                Cheers bro. It's OK, it's at a detente, I think they're OK... but when he does eventually pass it's gonna be ugly

      Dad got back in-country a few weeks back and the last few weekends have been about ferrying crap over there and spending time on birthday dinners and the like. (3 in my family in March.)

      We went to a club which had a Tom Jones/Elvis impersonator and now I've had Tom Jones songs stuck in my head for the last few weeks.

      Mum I haven't seen in a while, but I'm intending to this next weekend. She wants to get in on the Birthday celebration stuff too.


        Last edited 15/03/16 4:20 pm

          Pussycat, pussycat, I love you... yeeeeesss Iiiiiiii doooooo.

      I should probably call them and check.

      *yells around corner to kitchen*

    Ugh. Stupid Hitman game. Being all over store pages and publisher emails and stuff...
    It's like a psychotic (but hot) ex messaging to say they're in town soon and they should come over to hang out. I need a block button for the store page. Like... 'Don't show me ads for this game until six months later when it's finished.' So that my willpower doesn't waver and leave me with an undesirable experience.

    I've bought every game in the series on multiple platforms but by God, I'm waiting until the game is actually FINISHED before I buy the latest. I swear it! I don't want any of this drip-feed, 'play this level repeatedly from every possible angle (but only online, because offline single-player is wheel-clamped as a form of we-totally-swear-it's-not-DRM) for an entire month until the next one' Early-Access-in-all-but-name bullshit. I can totally manage this. It will not be difficult at all.
    *eyes store page*

    I mean... I imagine it's gotta be like buying an album one song at a time, each fortnight.
    "Play this over and over until you hate it! Because you want to play more of the shiny new thing, but can't! :D"

    Damn, apparently some stranger knows my animals better than me. Guess I better listen to them since according to them I know nothing about my own cats which i've only had for 15+ years :(

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