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    Morning TAY! How was everyone's weekend?

    I didn't get to start the Witcher 3 - Was busy building barriers to stop our guinea pigs getting under couches/fridges/cupboards most of Saturday, and at the beach yesterday. Had an hour or so last night, but just ended up playing a game of Dota since I was sure I would not sleep if I started a new game.

    So yeah... 1 week left until I head to Hong Kong for a holiday. Hype!

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      Jealous! What have you got lined up in HK?

        Friends wedding. 2 day bucks party in Macau - I never buy travel insurance, but I got it for this trip. Also conveniently happens to be my birthday, so it should be a pretty epic trip.

        Then I get back, and head straight to Brisbane for another bucks party. My liver is in for a world of hurt.

          Have a look at the fine print of your travel insurance. Might be voided if something happens while you're drunk:

      My weekend was kind of shit really. Didn't get much done due to feeling like crap and sleeping half the day on Saturday and then having no power for most of Sunday.

    Mornin' TAY, first game of hockey for the season done and dusted without any injuries, except the standard first-game-of-the-season-too-sore-to-move-anything soreness.

      Also, 50th consecutive game for the club, work is going to break that streak in a few weeks though :(

    Good morning everyone.
    I was so tired last night, I went to bed early. I slept all night through but I have no idea why I was so tired.
    I played twilight princess and lost an hour of game by choice after I noticed a secret passage when lighting all four lanterns. I couldn't put it out so a restart was needed. Next day, after about 40 minutes of getting to where I was, I was about to save after the next battle, when my Mum accidentally turned off the wii U by switching off the power board.
    I haven't touched it since.

      I've had a few of those, either a console/PC will lock up, a save will be corrupted, an online connection will drop out etc, but I then end up harbouring a deep resentment towards that game :D

        I just don't want to do that bit again.

      The boomerang can be used to put out torches.

        It was like the first one. I didn't have the boomerang yet

    I think I'm actually really liking getting up stoopid early to go to the gym. Case in point, I've started getting up at 4:50am, getting to the gym around 5:20, doing what I need to do, home again by 6:30 and out the door to work at 7:30.

    I'm just relieved now at work that it's all out of the way, and I don't have to get home and go out again unless I want to.

      Nice one! Waking up that early just make sure to get a full nights rest after an active day; I'm planning on starting a similar timed routine later this week :)

        I'm hopfully going to keep cranking away and get into a routine of doing this 3 days a week, though I did have to buy some shakes so I could have something quick to eat before going, otherwise I feel my strength sapping out way too quickly.

      I can't even motivate myself to get outta bed at 7 to work out at home

    Morning TAY. Had a pretty decent weekend. About a month back we had arranged a separate guys night/girl's night for the group, presumably so everyone could go out without any lingering partners or whatever tying people down. What I discovered is that with no girls around, guys tend to be pretty dull, at least, the guys I know.
    The girl's night, from what my wife tells me, was far more lively and interesting. I met up with her at 11 as people who needed to take public transport were leaving (an error in the infoline website made them think the trains stopped shortly after midnight instead of continuing until nearly 2) which is when the glam rock cover band started playing, so I still had a fairly decent night out.
    I got bored with doing sidequests in Far Cry 4 and decided to push through the story. Now I feel compelled to hunt all the collectibles and do all the side content anyway before moving onto something else.

    I wish I'd realised a lot sooner that one fire arrow will (eventually) kill a machine gun heavy. Wasted so many explosive arrows and grenades on those guys.

      Yeah I think what happens after guys stay in a committed relationship for a while the mantle of planning things to do automatically goes to the mrs. We're just a very dull gender =P

        My wife was just astonished that, because the girls mostly talked about dicks, guys when left to their own devices don't automatically talk about boobs or compare sex notes.

        I don't think I've ever had that mantle. Unless I just didn't realise it before those two committed relationships I had worked extremely fast on stealing it away from me all those years ago :P

    Morning everyone. Had an alright weekend. Worked & did nothing after work which is nice.

    I also gave Chilli her own bandanna because why not..

    Morning, TAY.
    Our download speeds are at a crawl, even though download quota reset on Friday.
    The thing is, though, we haven't gone over the limit, yet the speed just limps along.
    We usually get between 4 to 4.5 MbPS, yet it's only at 0.8 MbPS.

      The Internet is out completely at my place, went out on the Saturday and the earliest telstra can get someone out is Wednesday :\

        Thankfully, it's all been sorted out, and it's back to normal.

    Hello, TAY.

    I recently got around to playing Convoy, which I kickstarted a long time ago. It was released ages ago. It's really good.

    It's a really great Rogue-Lite. Kinda like if Mad Max Fury Road got a game tie-in that ended up similar to FTL. You should all get it.

      Convoy is on my to do list, I can't even remember if I've bought it or not. Had so much other stuff to play I could own it and not realise.

    Caved and picked up The Division last week. Finally got a chance to play it over the weekend.

    Turns out it's the time waster I've been looking for.

      Hmmm, maybe I should pick it up.

      Where can I get it cheapest

        I ended up just grabbing it on Steam out of convenience...or laziness. Ended up being like $70. is where I grabbed it from, changed from GBP it ended up at $57

          Sweet, grabbed it there too. Thanks for the heads up.

          Also, instant delivery is nice. \o/

            Schweeet! I think I added you to uPlay the other night, so flick me a message whenever you see me online.

              Downloading now. Probably won't finish until I leave for work. ='(

      I shouldn't procrastinate on a post. What are you playing it on?

      I too caved and picked it up, on PS4 mind you. Will play it when we finally get Internet back.

    Hey guys,

    I'm not actually dead, believe it or not. I know I'm hella late to the party buuuuut anyone playing The Division on PS4?

      Woo, not dead.
      Can't summon any hype for the Division myself but I've seen a fewplaying on ps4.

        It's a lot of what destiny should of been plus the 3rd person cover based shooting is much better suited

          Yes but I hate 3rd person shooting.
          Also I've heard the story/ characters and end game is possibly even more non existent than Destiny.
          Also Ubisoft. Haven't liked anything they've done since Far Cry 2.

      I'm on PS4 mate, Steed1080 if you want to co-op a bit.

      I wasn't going to get it, then I got it on PC (from steam) then I got a refund and got it on PS4 so I can co-op (none of my steam friends were planning on getting it)...then after all of that I ended up playing solo and no co-op anyways..........(i really need to think things through more)


    So all the 3DS owners indahouse...

    Looking to pick up a new game to tide me over on my flight to Hong Kong. I am thinking a relatively inexpensive sidescroller, and believe I have narrowed it down to Shovel Knight or Steamworld: Dig. Both seem to have good reviews - has anyone here played them? I probably won't get both immediately, but will inevitably end up picking up the second one once I'm finished with the first. So... which one should I start with?

      Shovel Knight.
      Even though I have it on the Wii U, it's still just as fantastic.
      Also, I'd recommend Mighty Switch Force on the 3DS, too.

      Shovel Knight is kickass. I hear good things about Steamworld, but I can't help but think "it's not Shovel Knight".

      Shovel Knight is great, it feels like a game you have nostalgia for. The sounds, graphics and puns make it worthwhile.

      Shovel Knight for sure. You can probably knock it over on the flight there if you're good at platformers but it's still a charming little game.

      I'm playing through Shovel Knight now to break up Fire Emblem battles.

      Certainly enjoying it. Doesn't punish you too harshly for being stupid and brings back some serious platforming nostalgia.

      Shovel Knight is really good. Like, really good!

      Gunman Clive is fantastic too. There is a sequel out now as well.

      Mutant Mudds is also really great. Cool 3D effect.

      Shantae and the Pirates Curse is another platformer that is meant to be cool (I haven't played it). Pretty sure it's on the eShop as well now.

      Last edited 14/03/16 11:44 am

      I finished Steamworld, it was pretty cool, a little short, though I guess I can't ask for a Baldur's Gate length game for the $15 or whatever it was.

    Morning TAY!
    My weekend was a little boring, but that's nothing new I guess. Not a lot I can do in my condition.
    I did do a thing though!

    NSWF unless you use headphones, so you have been warned! Would love to know what you think even if it's not your kind of music. Not the greatest quality for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to my shitty cheap equipment. Still, feedback is welcomed! :)

      'used to be addicted to soap, but now I'm clean'

      @haggis approves. 10/10 would listen again.

        :D haha yeah I figured a good pun wouldn't go astray! Glad you enjoyed! :)

    After a stupid amount of drama I finally have my phone line switch from Internode to Optus booked in via Telstra.

    No way this is going to have more drama. Nope, not at all.

    I played some 40K table for the first time in a long while. 500 point battle between my Eldar and a friend's Tyranids. Turns out I was not prepared for infiltrated Genestealers to wipe out one of my bike squads in the first turn due to some really bad rolls (failed Overwatch, lost combat, and then I got destroyed as they were overrun). Low toughness also didn't help against the high strength weapons the Nids had so even my multi-wound models were not safe from instant death. I still lasted almost five turns before the Hive Tyrant decided to nom on my Farseer.

    I also played Raiders of the North Sea which is a board game about going viking. It's a really fun worker placement game but apparently it's also really, really hard to get at the moment so I'll have to hang out with my friends more to play it again.

      Raiders is really good. It's out of print right now but Shem's just wrapped up his Kickstarter for Explorers of the North Sea (plus an expansion thing that lets you play Shipwrights/Raiders/Explorers back to back in a campaign which sounds awesome) and he was saying in the latest update that he'll be doing a reprint of Raiders because over 750 people purchased a copy via that Kickstarter. Also doing a third reprinting of Shipwrights.

      You probably will never find his games in a FLGS though. If you do it'd be pretty rare. They're not distributed via a traditional distributor AFAIK. He self-publishes.

    I dreamt about that silly racing game where the cars go in opposite directions, except this time it was like mario kart


    Bill, ~2 year old border collie. never stopped wanting to play. followed me everywhere.
    bit sad coz my parent's dog, Nell a 13 year old labrador wanted to join in & play, but she couldnt coz hip problems. shed just stand there wagging her tail with a dopey doggy smile watching Bill run like a crazy person.

    still, just gently rolled a soccer ball to Nell & she'd 'catch' it with her face, try & bite it & then take a few steps back, ready for me to 'throw' it again.

    also played a fair bit of Underrail.
    Sorta like a mash up of Fallout 1 & Metro 2033. pretty cool. very cool when you consider that it was mostly made by one dude over 7 years.

    anyway. now i'm back at work & missing puppies.

      HOW GOOD ARE PUPPIES?! Sid saw Atlas for the first time in a month. They both cried they were so happy to see each other.

      now i'm back at work & missing puppies.

      That's the only downside to puppies. You miss them when you're not patting them. =(

    Spent Friday playing some CQC in Elite, getting back into the swing of things. I ended up switching over to try the Imperial Fighter instead of the Condor, and it seems to be sticking. There was this one guy in the matches though who was an absolute beast. Totally unstoppable, and it seemed like whatever lasers he was using were completely overpowered, I swear when I used them they weren't that strong. It was nearly impossible to even get a kill on him, and I kept getting put in the opposite team. BUT THEN I GOT HIM! I was freakin ecstatic, haven't gone back to check the shadowplay footage yet but I'm glad I captured it. Also, he seemed to disappear after finally taking a loss :P

    On Saturday I got reminded of the demos Sixense sent out along with the STEM SDK a little while back. Thought since I've been playing around with the Rift again recently, I should dust off the old Hydra​ and give them a go. Turns out the reason I couldn't run them previously was because of conflicts with the other controllers I have plugged in to my PC, at someone's suggestion I tried removing them and finally they started working instead of crashing. It is so. God damn. Cool. I mean there's inherent problems with the Hydra's tracking, especially since there's no tracker for the head. But even then it was so much fun. Golf and baseball were kinda weird and unplayable, possibly because DK1 doesn't have any positional head tracking, but the other three still worked really well. Actually, archery didn't work that great, it was really hard to line things up properly. But it was still fun. Made my shoulder so incredibly tired and sore though, after maybe just 10-20mins of play. Screw room-scale, standing's going to be hard enough work as it is :P Got Mum to have a go of them too, she enjoyed them. Can't wait to try them out with the full STEM system, it's gonna be great with proper tracking.

    Went around to some family friends' place for lunch over at Dee Why on Sunday. Had a good catch up, ate waaaaay too much. Didn't need dinner at all :P

    Now it is Monday​​ and all I can think about is climbing tonight and two weeks til Rift and probably need to sort out getting that new PC and I never got around to finishing to clean my room and about a million other things that are all happening. But mostly climbing.

      Hey hey you skimmed over the most important bit! It's monday! Gooky only climbs on Monday's remember?!? Soooooo.... what's the plan!?

        Oh man, storm's a-brewin'. What if that means she doesn't go, since she walks??

        Curse ye expectations, and the disappointments that inevitably follow.

          Gooky you go for the climb! Not just to reach the top! Get it?

    How dumb is that online requirement for the new Hitman? It'd be okay if it only checked when you were trying to use online features but it checks constantly even if you're just running through the mission the first time and if you lose connection, you get kicked to the menu! I thought it wasn't so bad when I saw it was in offline mode but then you not only lose access to features but also can't load any save that was made when you were online!

    I shudder to think how inefficient this system is, its constantly asking if you're online and THEN asking if you're using any sever dependant features rather than asking if you're trying to use server dependent features and THEN going on to check if you're online and enabling them where appropriate. Not that there seems to be any reason to disable challenge features, contract stuff certainly but challenges & unlocks? Mad...

      Constant online for a single player game is an absolute deal-breaker IMO.

    Got The Division on PC (runs everything on max) and looking for someone to party with its cool doing some parts as one player but i would like to team up with a few from here :).

      I'll probably give it a burl in the evenings if folks want to team up. (Steam user: transientmind.) I did all the solo stuff, so there's not really much left, but it's very, very, very pretty and the shooting is fun. Not going to get into the gear-upgrade treadmill/grind.

        I did not buy it on steam got it via eb games (5 disks lol)

        I'm very tempted but I think by the time I get to it in a month or so you guys will all have gotten bored and disappeared.

          I think it's better played solo til you burn through all the solo content anyway. Worth the box price, IMO. Grouping... yeah, probably will be less enthused by then (especially given possible latency issues and timezones), but the matchmaking is exceptional (at the moment). I've never had to wait longer than a minute to get a group for 'challenging' modes. And I figure I'll be leaving it installed for a while, so if you want to tee something up in advance, it should be doable.

            I've got to finish Cold Steel first. And Senran Kagura releases tomorrow though apparently Amazon Prime's 'guaranteed release day delivery on preorders' isn't much of a guarantee.

      I'm on PC, so are Rize and Cakesmith.

      I'm like level 8 or 9 I think, MorkaiAU on uPlay.

    Hola peoples!

    Haven't been around TAY in a while, but I'm back! >:D
    I'll have to make up for my absence with lots of innuendo and inappropriate remarks ,':D

    Week was good. Swamped with uni work again (LAST YEAR WOOOO!), but got to hang out with (I can't remember their tags) OnTarget, theCracks, and Fled on Saturday, which was cool! Perth meats happen far too rarely.

    Also... Penis!

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    Hi all! After thoroughly bashing The Division last week, I grouped up with some of my Destiny raid team and played some more over the weekend. And by "some more" I mean "another 36 hours of it or so"... We inadvertently played all through Friday night until maybe 5am, 3am Sunday morning, and 2am last night... *collapses*

    Not going to post detailed thoughts today as I feel it'd be a rambling incoherent mess... suffice to say that its coop has won me over - the endgame "Challenging" missions are tactically interesting, require good teamwork and good gear, and are vastly more enjoyable when you stop thinking of the game as a semi-realistic shooter and more as a Diablo-style loot-/build-focused ARPG with cover mechanics. Had a great deal of fun identifying choke-points in the map to lay traps and ambush enemies as they approached, focusing down one or two at a time - enemies are very spongey, but as long as 2+ people focus-fire, they drop quickly enough. Enemy armour is now basically a non-issue for me (outside of yellow-bar machine-gunners, who have a lot of health anyway) - we were absolutely shredding level 30 yellows in the DZ with no problems. We even pushed up into DZ06 and took out some named 32 yellows, tho the rewards for doing so were not really worth the risk/effort.

    Still very much dislike the rogue system as it currently exists - faced off against a 4-man group of rogues, and managed to take out all-but-one. The last one ran around the map with essentially everyone else in the instance on his tail, then cornered himself to allow his teammates (now non-rogue as we'd killed them) gunned us all down from behind. Literally nothing we could do without either going rogue ourselves or giving up the chase, despite recognising them when they joined the chase, and knowing they'd turn on us.

    Afternoon errbody how's every little thing? My long weekend so far has been good.

    Saturday I worked, open houses are hella stressful.

    Sunday went shopping and brought the division on PS4, also brought a bunch of shirts for work.

    today I have done nothing so that's good too.

    Monday question, what book needs to be turned into a game/movie/tv series and why?

      Dictionary: The Movie

      Just because.

        And its sequel, Thesaurus: the Movie, the flick, the motion picture, the film, the ...

        Trailer features some school-kid crying, "But if I don't know how to spell it, HOW CAN I LOOK IT UP?"

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at AEST 7:30pm, ACDT 8pm, and AEDT 8:30pm. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The party camped on the edge of the felled forest copse as they prepared to approach the icy keep. They followed the marks of whales that had been dragged here but they are unsure about who or what is taking these beasts.

    Edit: Let me know if you can't make it tonight.

    Last edited 14/03/16 1:58 pm

      I blame a Victorian public holiday and recently installing XCOM2 for forgetting that this was on last night, sorry Popdart :(

        All good. Are you available at all for playing on Wednesday night instead? I'm just trying to figure out if we can work a redo session for this week.

          Wednesday can work with me as I already have that pegged for Numenera anyways.

    Who's still playing XCOM2? Has anyone had much experience with the performance patch? I'm finding the game is running much smoother in the Avenger and on the geoscape, but have other people's games started auto-targeting the lowest chance-to-hit enemy instead of the highest?

      Yep. Confused me for a bit when I kept trying to fire on aliens halfway across the map behind cover instead of the Muton in my soldier's face about to tear it off.

      That seems like a very counter-intuitive thing to do. I can't believe that's intentional...

      I loaded it up just recently to test some things, but I'm not ready for another playthrough just yet.

        The internets seem to be suggesting that it has to do with the fix stopping the auto targeting of enemy VIPs.

      I knew something was up when I started playing it and I didn't fire at the bloody faceless in my assault's face, no he shot the fuel canister behind it -_-

    Hello TAY,

    My weekend was alright. I joined a rowing club on Sat and will be doing some rowing twice a week. Went to meditation to calm my monkey mind and then beach volleyball on Sunday. Played division, whenever I got the time on xbone, currently on level 17.

    Didn't get the time for Destiny, my titan is on 318.

      I can't imagine trying to to play both Destiny and Division. I quit Destiny months ago and still don't have time to play the Division.

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