This Is What Firefight Looks Like In Halo 5

If you needed proof that 343 Industries were going to support Halo 5 in the wake of its release, look no further.

Firefight, now called Warzone Firefight, was revealed at today's Halo World Championships.

It's like Firefight, only better. I'm assuming.

Firefight is kind of a big deal. It was probably the best part of Halo: ODST, which is saying something because Halo: ODST was pretty damn good. It's been a permanent fixture in Halo ever since. That's why people got a bit grumpy when it wasn't part of Halo 5: Guardians upon launch. Much like Forge, Halo's user-creation toolset, Firefight has been added post-launch as a sizeable additional feature. Pretty snazzy looking.


    It’s been a permanent fixture in Halo ever since It wasn't in Halo 4. Unless you're counting Spartan Ops, which was hilariously bad.

    Mark, you forgot to explain what Firefight is... I haven't ODST in years and I forgot whether Firefight was a horde or objective-based mode.

      Horde. Maybe you should put in ODST into your 360 and join me for some Firefight matches.

    they also removed firefight from the master chief collection's ODST :(

    Love it ... this is how I like my halo

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