Today I Learned That Midna Speaks English In Twilight Princess

Today I Learned That Midna Speaks English In Twilight Princess

I feel like an idiot. I can’t believe I didn’t know this.

But now I know.

In Twilight Princess Midna actually speaks a form of garbled English.

Thanks to this thread on NeoGAF I discovered something that’s apparently been known like… for years.

For the unitiated: Midna is the best. I may not be the biggest fan of Twilight Princess, but Midna is absolutely the best part of that game: great writing, great design, great character. Great story arc.

For the longest time I just though Midna’s voice was a MIDI or something. I was wrong.

Here’s Midna talking in Twilight Princess:

Here’s Midna’s chatter unscrambled into actual English!

This video is years old now, and I recognise that many of you will already be aware of this whole situation, but man. My mind is currently blown.


  • I love when people have their minds blown by things discovered years ago.
    Last year a friend and I were talking about old games we enjoyed and the topic got onto Banjo-Kazooie and the ice key. I told him how it was sad that they weren’t able to implement the “stop-n-swop” feature to carry the 6 eggs and ice key over, to which my friend replied, “6 eggs? There were only 2.”. Oh the disbelief on his face when i told him not only were there more eggs than the 2 advertised, but you could get them all with codes.

  • Holy crap! I had no idea. This is pretty cool that people discovered this. Her voice was always quirky that I figured it was just random keyboard presses that were sped up

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