Crown Melbourne Is Back Into eSports Today With A Big Call Of Duty Tournament

You may remember a big Counter-Strike: Go competition that the Crown ran a little while back. It was well run, featured international clans like Cloud9 (which Immunity beat), and doled out around $55,000 in prize money. Now they're back at it with a Call of Duty competition, kicking off today — and the prize money has been bumped up to $70,000.

I'm sure the house lost a bit of cash on that Immunity win, before they were eventually knocked out by Virtus.Pro. Now, punters will be able to bet on the likes of CoD legends Optic Gaming, as well as UK-based Millenium, as they compete for a share of an even bigger prize pool. Arguably, our local representatives this time around have a better chance at gold, as Aussie teams have a recent record of putting in a good effort against the world's best.

The competition will be 4v4 in the latest iteration of Duty Calling at the Palms in Crown Melbourne, and since Playstation is sponsoring the event, I'm taking a wild guess in saying they'll be playing on Playstation 4s.

The Crown website has a few labyrinthine links to a broken stream, but I'm just using the CoD Twitch, which I'll embed below.

In the breaks, you can read the official recap of the ANZ finals.


    Why didn't anybody tell me? I could have driven down to participate. I haven't played CoD in years but, it's CoD. What's there to be good at?

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