Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens In Australia

And, hey! If you see it cheaper somewhere else please feel free to let us know!

So Star Wars: The Force Awakens is officially going on-sale tomorrow, and you probably want to buy it. Because it's Star Wars and it was pretty good.

Here are some of the deals we've spotted so far.

JB Hi-Fi

So JB Hi-Fi's online price for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is about $29.98 (with $1.69 delivery).

But some people have reported paying $23 for the blu-ray in-store. And getting it a day ahead of time.

My recommendation is to head into your local store, there's a good chance you might be able to get it earlier and cheaper.

Big W

Seems to be the same situation here.

Big W's online price is $33, which is pretty pricey. But again, some people have reported picking up early copies of The Force Awakens for $23.

Once more the story seems to be: give it a bash, and head in-store.


This is a weird one. And it's for people who still DVDs — i.e. your Mum and that's it.

So Woolies has a deal for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for $20. But apparently if you're a Woolworths Reward Member (which I am because um... I am a domesticated man who buys groceries on the regular) you can get a $10 discount. There are more details here.

But seriously, Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD isn't really something I'm prepared to buy.

I'm going to update this story if I find anything else — if anyone finds something cheaper let us know in the comments below and I'll update!


Dendy Direct

Here's a turn up for the book — if you're happy with just a digital copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens you can buy at Dendy Direct.

It's $5.89 for the SD version and $6.89 for HD. You'll need to sign up to Dendy Direct, but that's a really good deal.

Thanks Luke


    Ill be going to my local JB, they always have it at a decent price for me.

    All the department stores still are mostly DVD as well. I never browse movies there anymore.

    Could of sworn this was still playing at the cinema.

      Could you of?

    Why even bother? We all know there's going to be another edition with more special features, etc. I recommend pirating it.

      I might hold out for the Special Edition, guest edited by George Lucas

    I'll be grabbing the two disc blu ray tomorrow from JB. I'm also actually starting a blu ray collection. I haven't bought a single movie or TV show in ages, but my lounge room is looking bare and needs some racks full of sci fi and horror goodness!

    BigW confirmed on their website - $33 online, $23 instore ("save $17", not sure how that works, $33 doesn't include $5 post but that still doesnt work)

    We got it from Big W for $23 yesterday

    Got mine from big.w, JB were selling it but for 29, both in Melbourne city

    Target is 25 bucks (at least online, not sure in store):

      $25 for the bluray in store confirmed. Bought it in store today.

    I note there's no "here's the cheapest copy of Dark Souls 3" articles!!

    Got it from Big W for $23 yesterday. Was the Blu-Ray two disk with digital copy.

    I work for Big Dubs and yeah, it's $23 on blu ray

    $10 extra for a steelbook.. i'll be fine with out that thanks.

    No 3D version stopped me from buying it yesterday. I will probably buy it, but I'd rather get one with a 3D copy. So if that's coming out in the near future, I will wait. I should just google that now.

      I'm in the boat also waiting for 3d, damn cash cows holding out on us that's all the info I could glean

    So is that BigW price for a limited time only? I don't want to go in on the weekend to find it to be $30.

    My wife just bought it for me (I'm at work) at Big W for $23.

    idiots still paying for their movies.

    Last edited 12/04/16 2:12 pm

      If only everyone thought like you and stopped paying for everything. That way the people producing the things we like will have no way of financing their next venture.

    Wow that was quick.
    ' Murica

    I really want to get it on VHS.
    Just to put on the shelf next to the other 10 Star Wars VHS tapes I have. Different versions, original trilogy and prequels.
    Might have to make my own VHS copy......

      I love this idea and would love to see it happen

    Kmart prices are $15 for the first Week then the price will be higher , $25 Blueray

    Got the 2 disc steel cover BluRay from JB for $39. Worth it.

    Grabbed my copy on BluRay from Big W for $23. Happy to find out that it came with a free digital copy to be redeemed on iTunes or Google Play :)

    Totally surprised to see it at Big W for $23 on Monday. A nice surprise. Apparently JB does price matching also

    I wouldl rather be an idiot who pays for movies than a cheap arse scumbag who expects everything for nothing

    The Dendy Direct prices for under $10 are rental prices. The full purchase prices are the same as, for example, Google Play Movies.

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