Off Topic: Tesla Model III

Has anyone here put down a pre-order on the new Tesla?

I must admit, I'm seriously considering it.

I mean, it's really exciting. And kinda affordable, right? I'm thinking that by the time my pre-order comes up it'll most likely be 2019 and I'll be in a great position to drop $65,000 on a piece of new, unproven technology!

Hahahahaha... oh god.

It's weird. I am not a car guy by any stretch of the imagination. It was legitimately one of my goals to go through life without ever buying a brand new car (waste of money, lose cash the second you drive it out the dealership, etc). But the Tesla man... I don't see those losing their value in the same way and it's all so exciting.

How do you all feel about the Tesla Model III?


    I'm tempted, because holy crud they look amazing but at the same time I want to see the roll out of a whole heap more charging stations first and I'm still trying to figure out if I can afford renting a place on my own so this is probably a pipe dream.

      Melbourne to Sydney is already done, Sydney to Brisbane is in progress now and will be done by the end of the year. Evidence (plus a little bit of speculation) suggests that Melbourne to Adelaide will be done by end of 2017.
      Australia probably won't get the M3 for another year after that so there should be plenty more around the place by then.
      Worth pointing out: Most EV owners charge their car in their own garage/carport overnight and rarely need to use public stations, so having a charging station in your local suburb isn't a bit issue - it's on the highways where you really need them.

        My main issue is that as I share a house with a few others and the car parking isn't undercover there's limited options for home charging for me so I'd be more dependent on the charging stations at this point in time. Hence why it's a bit of a pipe dream at the moment where I'd need to be better off financially to afford my own place before I could really look at getting the car.

    I'd love to, but I currently rent a unit, and I doubt i'd be able to get the power setup that I need down in the shared garage.

      I've seen photos online of people running extension cables out of their apartments to charge their Model S parked on the street. Maybe not the safest way to do it, but works.

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    If I can afford $65,000 in 2019 then I'll consider it for my next car. But no, I'm not in a position to even think about a Tesla at the moment.

    I didn't know that was a thing.

    Also I've spent all my money on VR instead.

    They're only $35k here (I'm in the US) which is a little more than what I paid for the new VW Golf I purchased at the start of the year.

    If I could have put an order in and picked one up this decade, I'd probably have gotten one. It's a remarkably sexy vehicle. If they can ramp production up so they can get ahead of demand I'd definitely consider one in a year or two, but I'm pretty leery about putting down a deposit on a car I might get in 3-4 years.

    Said this ina Giz article just before but: My main issue with any electric vehicle is that I rent, which leaves me at the mercy of what's available at my unit- no powerpoints in the car port, and any retrofitting for charging would be near impossible to achieve as a tenant.

    that's my main issue with EVs- they're great, it's just until stuff like green charging is available to those with less money, they're going to be the domain of the rich.

    I reserved my Tesla Model 3 straight after the reveal. I should be somewhere between 115,000 and 120,000 on the reservation list... of course it's region specific, so that doesn't really give me an idea of when I'll get it, but I am guessing early to mid 2018. Give me a chance to save for a decent deposit, then finance the rest.

    I'd go for it Mark, get your name on the list, you can always opt out down the road if it doesn't feel right. If you don't get on the list, you might be waiting until 2020 before one is available. I get the feeling reservations will go crazy after the second (part 2) reveal later this year.

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      Personally, when it comes to expensive stuff like cars (especially ones with the level of tech in them that these Tesla ones have) I'd probably prefer to get one a couple of years later rather then from the initial batch. Give them time to iron out the glitches and let the early adopters do all the testing and take all the risk.

        True, but these cars are a lot simpler than cars with internal combustion engines, so there is less that can mechanically go wrong. Tesla will be releasing the first batch in late 2017 to California buyers so they will be able to quickly respond to any initial problems before they deliver world wide. In a way Model S owners have been doing a lot of the early adopter testing, especially with auto pilot.

        Don't worry - if you pre-order a base model now, you probably won't get it until two years after the first batch!
        - Asia/Pacific area is low priority
        - RHD regions are low priority
        - New owners who are not existing Model S/X owners are low priority
        - Those who order a lower spec machine are low priority

        Which is why I'm putting my deposit down in June. :)

    What kind of pre-order bonuses do you get? Some kind of DLC for the in-car entertainment system? Maybe an exclusive paint colour?

      Pre-oders get access to the Beta that will start in late 2017 and run all of 2018. :p

    Just about to drop 50k on a new car, might consider trading up in a few years if stock becomes available and there isn't a waiting list years after it launches locally.

    I know nothing about cars, don't have a driver's licence and am not in the market to buy a car, but I have to say, that is one nice looking car.

    no but i previously put down an investment in some lithium mines that are doing well due to all this, so go tesla go! open more battery plants!

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