Physics Can Lead To Some Funky Teamwork

Physics Can Lead To Some Funky Teamwork

Counter-Strike fans have been raging about explosions blowing weapons away from them for years. But there are cool ways to take advantage of the physics too.

You can’t rocket jump or launch yourself into the air with a grenade in Counter-Strike. However, there’s no reason you can’t launch a weapon halfway across the map.

Most of the maps in Counter-Strike have walls that you can lob grenades over, so there’s plenty of opportunity to give your teammates some aerial assistance. Whether it’s practical is another matter entirely: you’d have to take a good chunk of damage from the grenade for a start, and it’s incredibly easy to bugger up the angle.

It’s also not known whether this GIF took place during an actual match. Chances are, it didn’t. But it’s still a flashy move nonetheless — and it might be a useful for getting rid of weapons in a pinch.


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