The Creators Of Slender Are Making A New Video Game

And uh, it looks fairly spectacular.

It's called Valley and the first surprise is this: it doesn't really look like a horror game. In fact, for the first minute of this trailer Valley looked like a new Call of Duty game or something.

Thankfully there's more than a few twists.

Probably the best part of this trailer is the mystery. Valley has already drawn me in. I'm curious. What's with the time period? What's with the suits? What did they find down there?

Valley defines itself as a 'first-person adventure' — that also intrigues me. Metroid Prime is a first-person adventure, Firewatch is a first-person adventure. For me first-person adventure is short-hand for games with unique worlds, unique storylines — I'm usually a fan of these kinds of games.

I'm extremely keen for this.


    Anyone else stop the giant dead hand and head emerging from the ground at 1:10?
    Are they drawing power from decaying giants? Or alive giants thus the roar?

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