The Makers Of Unity Could Be Valued At US$1.5 Billion

Bloomberg has reported this morning that Unity Technologies, the makers of the Unity game engine used by developers and students all around the world, could be valued at US$1.5 billion following their latest round of investment talks.

Photo: Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is expected to close their latest round of funding within a few weeks, according to the report. It would give the company more money to further upgrade their suite of tools to take advantage of the burgeoning fields of virtual reality, and augmented reality by extension.

It comes in a fairly big week for future tech. The Oculus Rift had their launch day recently, while Microsoft announced at their Build conference that HoloLens developer kits would also be shipped from this week. And that's not counting the owners who will get their HTC Vive from early next month.

Unity has already been widely used as a bedrock for VR development, with Palmer Luckey reportedly saying that more than 90 percent of games for Samsung's Gear VR are built using Unity. Many of the launch titles for the Oculus Rift were also made with Unity.



    Hopefully they use some of the funding to finally upgrade the ancient version of Mono that they use in Unity

      They just joined .net foundation.Check out their blog.

    Will their IPO go live through Steam Early Access?

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