Dark Souls Boss Battles Are Beautiful

Dark Souls 3 is such a beautiful video game. It doesn't have the technical brute force of a game like, say, Uncharted 4 but man... the art direction, the aesthetic. Everything just feels so strange and designed.

This gorgeously edited video takes a look at the boss battles of Dark Souls 3. It's beautiful.

(Warning: spoilers ahead for those who haven't finished the game.)

It's an interesting video. Mainly because you get to slow down and look at the sheer detail and care taken in every aspect of the boss's visual look. I didn't really notice the transparent trails of The Dancer Of The Boreal Valley. Didn't notice the care taken in the animation.

Basically now I love Dark Souls 3 even more than I did before.


    Was playing around in my ng++ on the weekend with some bosses and managed to kill pontiff, dancer and Aldrich with only chaos fireballs which was fun, those things r powerful when your stats get high enough. And then after many many tries I defeated champion gundyr using mostly parries, and that was pretty thrilling as someone who is only starting to parry now.

    One thing that always seems to captivate me in retrospect of the souls games I've played is the journey of the character. Having the bosses lined up like that really does show how far the player character has to go in order to fulfill their purpose in the story. One hell of a perilous journey for sure. You've killed a lot of big bads to beat the final big bad amirite?

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