JB Hi-Fi’s ‘Games For Girls’ Section Is Perfect

JB Hi-Fi’s ‘Games For Girls’ Section Is Perfect

Because yeah, it’s basically just regular video games you’d recommend to anyone — male or female.

This sign was put up by Morris Umali and the team at the JB Hi-Fi store in Galeries Victoria. They were getting a little tired of being asked what games “girls would like” so they made this little sub-section in the store.

Games girls like:

Dark Souls 3
Grand Theft Auto V
Black Ops II
Until Dawn

Basically the same games any normal human being might like.

“All the women I know are playing the shooters and scary games,” said Morris. “I’m the one playing Animal Crossing and crying at To The Moon.”

Well, you’d have to be a complete monster to play through To The Moon without crying, but that’s another story.


  • I can picture someone seeing that sign and walking over, preparing in their mind the string of offended remarks/comments they can make, getting their phone out to take a picture for social media that’s sure to go viral. Then they get there, realise it’s just normal games anyone would play, put their phone away and go on with their life.

    • Then they get there, realise it’s just normal games anyone would play, put their phone away and go on with their life.

      And then there’s the group of people who will try to find it offensive.

      • As much as it pains me to say it, Black Ops 3 online for a girl is just asking for trash and its disappointing. I don’t know if GTA is any worse, COD just seems to attract the lowest forms of filth, is why I never play them online (even with my indestructible man-parts).

        Agree with the other selections though. My girls play EDF4 and TF Devastation. The world needs more of those.

        • Based on my limited experience/exposure, it’s true – and disappointing. My best friend’s fiance is exceptionally good at Black Ops 3 (has been with most CoDs) and cops a lot of shit.

          She doesn’t even have a photo of herself as her profile picture – I can’t imagine what it’d be like if she did, as she is (with all props to my best friend), very attractive as well.

          Whereas, again based on limited experience, her time with Destiny, The Division, the Overwatch beta (so far) have been much more positive. I suppose CoD just attracts a generally younger and bro-ier audience.

          It’s a damn shame, as she’s the kind of girl (as with almost all girl “gamers”) who should be encouraged to participate more. Genuinely loves games, is good at them, etc.

          • My fiance and my female housemate both play cod, and are both decent at it. To the point when I think girl games I actually think of wow, Cod, ff and LOL/dota2 as that’s what I see most girls playing in my town.

        • Girlfriend plays a lot of CoD. She’s taken to bashing the trash back. She’ll single them out, let others know in the lobby that they’re being shit to a girl gamer. It’s amazing watching an entire lobby turn on some dickhead.

    • I just want to see a “Games for Guys” selection with Barbie Fashion Designer on the display.

      • My parents bought my sister growing up a bunch of girly games like catz, dogz, horses and barbie games, and bought me like star wars and medal of Honor, much to everyone’s surprise I played her games more than she did, still remember spending 30 hours getting all the catz collectables. Such a bad game lol

        • Try staying up to 2am fishing in Animal Crossing on the ‘Cube for that golden fish, and then I’ll consider whether or not you are as wretched as I! … ;p

  • Apparently girls only play console. My hopes and dreams of meeting a nice girl while murdering investment bankers in GTAV PC are dashed forever. Forever!

      • I hit submit early by mistake because derp. If you saw just the first sentence, it’s been updated since =) And yeah, physical retailers tend to make their money on the console market, especially for trade-ins.

      • We had a thread here a while back that had a lot of people saying they buy hard copies. A lot more than I expected, at any rate. I thought it was strange. Maybe that’s a good topic for a Kotaku poll article? Breakdown of whether you mostly buy physical or digital on PC vs console platforms.

        • I’ll keep it in mind! I don’t think I’ve bought a hard copy of a PC game since the original Age of Empires 2, which I now also own on Steam. Go figure.

          • Yeah, aside from collector’s editions I only buy digital. Probably should have done that with Fallout 4 in hindsight because the Pipboy edition was not worth the extra price.

          • I think the only argument left for buying physical copes is that JB occasionally have pretty competitive discounts which occasionally dip lower than Steam. What’s in the box though is almost always an outdated DVD copy which has to be entirely re-downloaded from Steam anyway. Might as well just sell them as steam key scratch cards.

          • I buy hard copies of PC games coz I like to actually own a copy of the game. Often it’s faster to install from disk than to download. Also it makes it a snap to uninstall and do a clean reinstall especially for something like Skyrim where I’ll do modding.

            Like books I like to have something tangible for the money I’ve spent, it’s also why I avoid e-readers and iTunes.

          • Give Fallout 4 a miss then. You get 5gb on-disc, needs to download the remaining 25gb. May as well just throw in the key and download the lot.

          • Seriously?! What is the thinking behind that?

            For people with sub-standard internet access (lots of us in Australia), large downloads can equate to paying more. I understand that most games now have updates which need to be downloaded but those are usually a few Gig, not 25Gb.

            That is stupid and it makes me mad.

          • I always buy physical copies because my internet isn’t the best and I couldn’t believe when my copy of fallout 4 arrived with only 5gb!I hope they don’t continue with this trend otherwise it’s going to be impossible downloading large games with my 100gb limit.

          • cc @doog3 @eddie07
            They put what they could fit on a single DVD. At least they gave you as much as they could on the DVD to save you 5 GB. The Metal Gear Solid V PC disc contains just the 8.78MB Steam installer.

          • I don’t actively go out and buy PC games in store, but if I am there and the price seems right I do buy them still. Sometimes you can get a physical copy for the same price or a bit cheaper than Steam, but that isn’t often.

            For example Doom on steam is 79.95 USD (on Steams website, not logged into client at the moment) which with conversion is 106 AUD where at JB it is 89 AUD. Of course then there are places that sell steam codes for cheap, but as a direct comparison the boxed copy is cheaper than the digital version.

      • I do if it’s cheaper in JB or EB than it is on Steam – so mainly new release games.

      • I buy hard copy because often can get them cheaper than steam, then I just activate the key and download.

      • I used too when I had terrible internet where i lived.

        Boy was I happy when they just started including Steam codes in the boxes or only a tiny portion of the game on the disc (looking at you Fallout 4).

        Also, you can get some of these games fairly cheap on release at some retail stores for PC.

        • I was exactly the same until the NBN (which still isn’t super great) was installed where I live. I don’t think I can accurately explain how frustrated it makes me. Arkham Knight (yes I got that on PC, RIP me) did it, Fallout 4 did it… It actually seems like it’s only games that run using Steam do it, because Star Wars Battlefront and Dragon Age Inquisition both installed fully from the disc (though they did have relatively small updates) and they use Origin. Same with Mass Effect.

          I struggle to fathom what goes through the publication/sales/whatever team’s minds when they decide, ‘hey yeah, let’s sell physical copies that contain no physical content isn’t that a great idea durr durr durr.’

          Buncha ass hats. Praise Gaben indeed.

      • I used to buy PC games Hard Copy from places like JB and EB, until they all became a disc with a stripped down installer redirecting me to an online installer i.e. anything Steampowered.

        I used to buy all my PC games as Hard Copy because I’m one of those collectors/hoarders, but now it’s just not the same since I’ll need an Internet connection to finish the installation anyway.

      • I do if it doesn’t require Steam 😛

        Think the last one I got was Blood Dragon. Then patched out the Uplay thingo.

      • youtube.com/user/phreakindee

        This guy does. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t bought anything that doesn’t come with a box.

      • I do sometimes; I have had good luck of getting some boxed copies of games for cheap; i.e. Fallout 4 for $59 AUD on release better than buying from steam in USD

      • I do because installing from a disk is much faster then download which slows my whole internet if it’s a big download. Also then I don’t have to backup the main game on hard drive space when I uninstall it to save me future downloads. What’s that buy a external HDD I can’t justify that purchase somehow. $50 for this 30mls of whisky ok!


      • I used to, mostly due to the size of some games and my poor internet. 50-odd GB for Titanfall was rough. My connection has improved since then, plus the prices are so much cheaper that I’m almost exclusively digital now.

      • I do when the games are cheaper than Steam, which is surprisingly often. If the price is about the same I’ll occasionally go for disk to save downloading 30+gigs.

      • Hard copy games are really useful for nominated gifts.

        i.e. you tell the relatives you want Just Cause 3 for your birthday. They wouldn’t know Steam if it scalded them, but they know how to get a copy from JB Hi-Fi (since you’ve presumably warned them not to buy from EB Games.)

      • Much to my chagrin I don’t think they do, I’ve been looking for a physical copy of Mass Effect 3 for quite a while now and not a single store out of the 7-8 plus places I’ve visited had it. They all had it on console and a lot of them had ME1 on PC, but not a single copy of ME3 to be found. I’ll probably end up buying one online, but the feeling of paying an extra $2 for shipping feels too much like defeat for me to concede just yet.

        • I have a physical copy of ME3:CE. If you want it hit me up. BYO key though.

          • Are you selling everything but the key then? I’ve been looking for pretty much that exact deal if I can get it for a reasonable price (I must admit I have a fondness for steelbook cases as useless as they are, and the artbook does look appealing as well).

          • Omg I’m so sorry to get your hopes up bro….my missus gave it away to my nephew, must’ve asked me and reckons I said she could :/

      • last hard copy i bought would have been WoW cataclysm i think, back before NBN i liked having the physical copies for WoW

      • Yeah for sure, Heaps better to buy a physical copy of a game, plug in my external optical drive and wait 20ish minutes for it to install.
        Rather than spending 2-5 days downloading a game through steam/origin.

        Also most of the time much cheaper.

      • Oh of course. Every Blizzard Collectors Edition.
        But I don’t use the discs due to being able to pre download through the launcher, as well as the fact my PC has no optical drive. 😛

  • Between this and Tegan Jones’ article today – is the world finally starting to realise that there is no such thing as “Girl Gamers!!!”? There are only Gamers: Some are men, some are women.

    • Now its time to tell Girls this – since a few gaming pages i visit still feature girls using the #girlgamer hashtag

    • I would say yes, but it’s been very slow coming to this point. I would probably take this even further and say that there aren’t any “gamers” just some people play games more than others. I can’t think of a single person I personally know under the age of 25 who doesn’t play at least one mobile game semi-regularly and as such think the definition of gamer will recede from relevance the same way film watcher wouldn’t make any sense. In the place of movie goer and gamer I suggest “avid” as in “avid reader” be added to denote a particular love for the form that goes above the usual everyday sort of engagement with media at large.

    • Pretty sure at this stage that the label “girl gamer” is reserved for a minority that uses flirtation and physical characteristics to get subs on Twitch. No women I know would ever willingly put on the label “girl gamer”.

  • WTF is a normal humman being? Confirmed. Serrels is a robot/alien hybrid who is here to mate with our white women.

      • I can hear their national anthem now. “Hummus Where The Heart Is”.

        • Just be sure not to stare at the girls.

          It’s rude to watch a chickpea.

          • You just won my heart. If I could post a gif of Shia LaBeouf clapping hysterically I would.

      • Now I’m waiting for a spaceship to land and a bunch of Doner Kebabs to walk out in search of Hummus Beings.

  • I can certainly relate to this. Working in games retail, I get that question all the time, and my response is always: “Depends what they’re into. What games have they enjoyed playing?” They usually don’t have an answer for me and get annoyed, like it’s my fault they don’t know what they’re daughter/sister/niece/friends/whoever is into.

    And it’s not always in a situation when they’re asking for PS or Xbox games that aren’t violent, I even get that question when they’re looking for games on, say, 3DS, because apparently Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Pokemon aren’t games women and girls enjoy in a lot of people’s eyes!

    • Heh, Hi Mr agent_six, my little girls are 6 and 8, and have enjoyed playing EDF4, Orochi 2 and TF Devastation. What do you suggest? 😉

  • I love it, but I also worry a bit about the prospect of a well-meaning parent (who doesn’t understand that games aren’t just for kids any more, or pay attention to ratings) walking over, seeing a big fluffy animal under a sign saying “games for girls” and picking up a copy of Far Cry Primal for their six year old daughter…

  • with the expection to farcry 4 and gta 5, i wouldnt reconmend these games to any one, poorly coded darksouls 3 in peritlcar.

  • How long before someone switches all of the games to more stereotypical girl games just to cause a ruckus.

    • I would change them all to Cooking Mama. Because I just want to watch the world burn.

  • Wish i worked in a store where you weren’t reprimanded for not discriminating.

  • Not really trying to complain about this but aren’t a couple of those R rated and arent they supposed to be clearly marked as such? I’m sure there’s a few ignorant parents that would complain if they picked up GTA V without checking…

  • Out of those games my fiancée isn’t interested in multiplayer competitive shooters like CoD, rage quit DS2 after about 15 mins and absolutely refuses to touch any DS game again, hates horror games says the real world is horrifying enough (Trump is now the Republican nominee) and regularly plays GTA Online with me an the gang. I believe she only once played in a public lobby with a headset on while not in a party. I mean why would any rational person submit themselves to that sort of torture (public lobby bigotry) when you can easily unplug the headset and mute wankers.

    I don’t even put a headset in till im in a party personally.

  • forgive me for being nit-picky, but you accidentally put down Black Ops II on the list instead of III.

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