Melody's Escape Turns Music Into A Platforming Adventure

Melody's Escape Turns Music Into A Platforming Adventure

This is what Flo Rida's "Wild Ones" looks like when run through the advanced audio detection algorithms of Loïc Dansart's Melody's Escape.

I've been in love with music visualisation since the early days of Winamp, and the only thing I enjoy more than watching the beats and melodies of my favourite tunes is playing them. And while I've recently taken the plunge into virtual reality rhythm games, there's always room for a running, jumping, sliding and flying 2D platformer.

Just release on Steam proper after quite a lengthy stint in Early Access, Melody's Escape analyses your music tracks and uses them to map out an obstacle course for the titular heroine.

It's all arrow keys and face buttons and while sometimes a guy can get his face button colours mixed up in the heat of the moment, the results are generally excellent, no matter the genre of music selected.

Here are a few clips from YouTube of folks plugging their favourites into Melody's Escape.

The game's come a long way since it launched in Early Access back in 2014, adding original music, Steam Workshop support and tightening up those animations. It's really come together nicely, and it makes my music do wonderful things.

Melody's Escape is currently available on Steam, on sale for $US5.99 ($8).


    I bought it ages ago, played it for a month and then lost interest.

    Kind of looks cool, more or less like a procedurally generated Bit.Trip.Runner. After playing Audio Surf for all of about two nights though I know this would end up the same way.

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