Mirror’s Edge Is Getting Adapted For TV

Mirror’s Edge Is Getting Adapted For TV

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hasn’t hit store shelves yet, but that hasn’t stopped one company from wanting to turn the free-running Faith and her wall-running habits into a TV series.

According to entertainment reporters Deadline, the rights to adapt the first-person parkour adventure have been secured by Endemol Shine Studios, an offshoot of EndemolShine North America. The latter has produced a range of reality TV and drama shows for various networks, including the US version of MasterChef, Big Brother and Kingdom.

Endemol Shine Studios president Sharon Hall reportedly said the game’s strong female protagonist, a “wildly rabid fan base” and the brand built by DICE and EA made Mirror’s Edge well suited for a TV franchise for a global audience. Endemol Shine Studios owns the SMASHER Network through a subsidiary, which produces the Legends of Gaming esports show for YouTube and other streaming services.

It’s not the only video game to get the TV treatment of late. Last year Legendary TV & Digital Media announced they would create a 10-episode series based off the iconic Myst puzzle game, with the series to broadcast direct to Hulu. Nothing more has come out of that this year, although developers Cyan — creators of the Myst series — are scheduled to release Obduction, a crowdfunded spiritual successor, later this year.

What other games do you think would make a good fit for a TV series?


    • Same. I wonder why I didn’t make that comparison until someone said TV series.

      I think it’s a good fit though. A movie would work since the previous game isn’t incredibly deep, but a tightly written ten episode series is probably better. They could do something really sweet if it were sort of like the Mission Impossible movies. A big stunt or action sequence per episode, some action and a little drama.
      Although I will say parkour is risky. You throw in one or two unnecessary jumps or flips and suddenly it screams trying too hard. They really have to work hard to make sure that she’s doing things in a way that’s efficient but also flashy rather than just flashy.

  • Whom ever they cast for Faith will have to be pretty man fit for all that parkour/stunts they would need to do, stunt doubles might be challenging since Faith doesn’t have long hair/hair to easily hide her face.

    • The story isn’t the strong point of most of the crap on TV, either, so this is probably a good fit. They’re just making a TV show, nobody said it’s going to be a GOOD TV show 😛

      I’ve got to question the claim of a “wildly rabid fan base”, too. I mean I loved the first game, but it only sold something like 2.5m copies. That’s a decent number but not huge GTA / Halo / Uncharted / COD / whatever kind of numbers. From a AAA publisher like EA’s perspective, it’s a niche title. I guess the positive of that is that they can’t just count on the existing fan base watching it to make it a success. It’ll need to bring in more people who aren’t familiar with the source material, and there’s always the possibility that they see that the best way to do that is to actualy make a good show.

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