My Ride Through Kingdom Come, The Medieval RPG With No Magic Crap

My Ride Through Kingdom Come, The Medieval RPG With No Magic Crap
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Video: I’ve been following Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s development from the very beginning, what with it promising to be a bunch of things I dig (open world, RPG, weird FPS melee and history) all in the one package.

I played through the rather barebones Alpha build of the game early last year, but in the time since Kingdom Come’s beta has added a bunch of new content and polish, so I figured I’d saddle up and see how it’s coming along.


  • Urgh… that voice acting… Not feeling the script either but I think it’s mostly the acting that’s really jarring.

    I was really looking forward to this game for the combat system (which they claim is considerably more realistic than most medieval/fantasy games) but it’s looking very, very rough at the moment… If they can nail that by release though it’d probably make up for dodgy VOs.

    The world is gorgeous, at least.

  • Yeah, that voice acting was insanely bad. Considering the game appears to be based around questing and so on – that’s pretty much killed my enthusiasm for it. I’ll just wait for the reviews to come in, but I don’t really see the writing and VA getting overhauled for release.

  • With the sound off (I’m at work), it looks like an attempt at a cross between The Witcher and Mount & Blade. Think I will stick to playing both of these others.

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