Someone's Making A Live Action Counter-Strike Film

Almost 15 years ago, there was a machinima film based on Counter-Strike. It was all about hostages and the quest to save them. I remember watching them thinking, "God this would be so good if it wasn't blocky as crap with Counter-Strike's graphics."

I might finally have my wish.

The YouTube channel Teschkefilms is in the stages of editing a live-action film. For Counter-Strike. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. But in person, and not using dodgy in-game audio from 2002.

All the old weapons are in there: the AK-47, M4A4, AWP, Scout, UMP and the Desert Eagle. The makers have written DEG as an acronym; it doesn't make sense for any other Counter-Strike gun that I can think of, anyway.

The creator said on Reddit that the objective of the project was to "capture the pure adrenaline induncing [sic] action" of Counter-Strike. I hope he doesn't take the average session of CS Deathmatch as inspiration.

Mind you, it wouldn't hurt to look back at some of the old Militia films. They're still enjoyable to watch today, considering the challenges software and Counter-Strike itself posed to moviemakers. The second film isn't a half-bad way to kill some time on a Friday.

You can view the rest of the set shots on Imgur. There's no word on when the full film will be released.


    There's also this live-action short from 15 years ago:

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