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        Hairy chest!

          Fou-- wait.
          I thought I could see the pattern, but now I'm just lost.

            Third is the one with the hairy chest?

              Apparently? Or is that some line from a rhyme or something?

                The only one I can remember is "Second is the best, better then the rest, and third is the one with the hairy chest"
                I just remembered the other
                "First in the worst, second is the best and third is the one with the hairy chest."

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    Huzzah! Now that I have you attention, the kids and I took their mother picnicking and bush walking for mothers day. We found a bat colony, and stepped in much guano. I think she may have actually enjoyed herself!

    On a gaming note, I finished with my first run through of Dark Souls 3, and am now well into a NG+. Is it just me, or does this Dark Souls feel a bit easier this time round?

      I think any Dark Souls game is going to feel easier to someone who's already played a previous 'soulsborne game. Once you understand the basics of the language that's being spoken, each iteration is really just about adjusting to that language's regional dialect.

        I think running a melee build as opposed to my usual caster also has something to do with it.

      Were you using a longsword build? I've read a few times that build is the closest the game gets to an easy mode.

      It's what I used and all of a sudden I realised that I was finding things quite a bit easier than any of the other games, much like when I stumbled on a greatsword build in Salt & Sanctuary and the game got half as hard.

        Yeah, currently rocking a maxed out Irithyll Straight Sword.

          Try farm up a dark sword. They're bloody awesome.

            Dark Sword has been my ol' faithful for pretty much my entire first playthrough.

              So long as poise is broken, it's broken for PVP. Fast, strong, and staggers. Maybe after poise gets put back in there'll be more viable alternatives to quick, strong weapons.

                It's been reliable for PvE...

                PvP it's good enough to swing to win against medium shields - anyone rocking less than a great shield will block less times than I swing. Shields aside, the quick swing speed also really helps the whole lack of poise thing, means even if I get clipped I can often return the favour before disengaging.

                  And it hits hard, so if you're trading blows against someone else with a straight-sword, unless they're running a luck/anri, they're probably going to come off worse.

                  @transientmind I ended up trading with someone else also running a dark sword, until we both dropped through simultaneous kills. Still got my shackle so it was fine by me :)

                  I struggled against some guy with a rapier the other day. So annoying.

      Now what you gotta try is a challenge playthrough. Like a level 1 run.
      I'm doing that and gotten up to Irithyll without too much trouble. Gonna be interesting from here on though.

    Good morning TAY

    Last song played game time? Yeah it is!

    You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died by Listener

    How were your weekends?

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Worked at the VCE Careers Expo this last week and weekend, if I never hear my own voice again I will probably be happy.

      Last played song: Settle - Vera Blue

      House of Pain - Jump Around.

      Clearly, this is the best radio station ever.

      Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish. Not my favourite from that album, but I don't think there's a single track on it that's below a 8/10.

      Happy birthday Helen - Things of stone and wood

      When I originally tried to reply to this it was Bob Marley & The Wailers - Waiting in Vain

      Now it's Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth

      NESkimos - Courage
      Nice bit of video game-inspired rock.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from the 'I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from' club.

    This probably comes as no suprise to a lot of you, but for those of you who weren't in 'the know' I'd like to take this opportunity to take up an offer to take up this opportunity to announce my retirement from the ' I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from' club.

    Let it be known that this was a long time coming & it's nothing personal but I feel I've reached the moment in my life where letting those of you in the know, as well as those who weren't, that this has been a long time coming.

    Special thanks to pillows & The Pillows as well as a very special thanks going out to those of you who weren't in 'the know' (even if you were).

    In conclusion, I'd like you all to remember that cheese is often yellow in colour & that there aren't enough hours in a day (or was that days in a year?).

    Thank you.

    I am really enjoying playing overwatch with everyone! =D
    But the difference between the bots and the actual human players is ridiculous.

      I am enjoying being bad at overwatch with everyone =P

      Jokes aside the matchmaking has some serious quirks, I played 3 games yesterday where I was up against 3 level 20+ with my team being all below level 10. Obviously onslaught ensued. I've since noticed players connect to a game, and a few seconds later leave probably after seeing which way the teams were rigged.

      tl;dr Maybe 10-15% of the games I played were close competitive matches with the rest being steamrolls one way or the other.

      Last edited 09/05/16 10:22 am

        I played against someone who was level 45 and my god they absolutely wrecked everything. Mind you, it felt so good when I finally managed to kill them.

          It's probably also worth remembering there are a lot of players out there who would be in their early profile levels but probably had access all through closed beta putting them at a very different skill level.

            Pretty much. Mind you, I'm level 16 and not very good =P

      On the plus side, at least you'll sometimes get grouped with those ridiculous human players. :)
      I found in PUG'ing against Hard AI, we lost more than we won.

      It's a nicely-polished game, that. And very pretty. I don't think I'll be picking it up, though - novelty was wearing off pretty damn quick, it really is basically a better TF2.

        Yeah I'll have to agree it's very polished and love the characters but.... loses novelty quickly (case in point couldn't play for more than 40-50 minutes at a time over the weekend). That said just atmosphere it creates is enough to have me jumping on for a few quick matches each week.

        Would've loved to see these characters in a different setting though... pity =[

          It has not worn off for me.
          I'm terrible D=
          I would love to see a racing game using D Va's mechs. =P

            I would shell out so much for the Super Siege Tank arcade game if they made that.

            The novelty hasn't worn off for me yet but I'm curious to see what happens to Overwatch after it launches. I really dig the world and the characters that they've made and I want to see more of it.

              I would like a story mode

          The good news is you can see some of these characters when they get brought over to Heroes of the Storm. :P

            Come buy bastion now! He'll be OP for the first 6 months where he costs ridiculous amounts of money/gold but after that we'll nerf for "balance" but release new heroes instead to take his place at being OP!

          I'm getting increasingly filthy when you start up a game as attack and everyone immediately goes Hanzo/Tracer/Widowmaker/McCree with someone doubling up on one of the snipers.

          Nobody can absorb any damage, there's no healing and it's just Team Selfish. Ticks me off. Such a fun game though. Got a few levels on console and level 16 now on PC as well.

            This. This pisses me off to no end. I had a team of 3 tracers once. Two I can deal with.
            We also played a game with 4 bastions.

              This happened at the Blizzcon where Overwatch was announced. I sat down in the public arena to test the game and on defence everyone decided to go Bastion. We had 6 Bastion's on Temple of Anubis defending.

              The Blizz employee watching took a photo, he thought it was so funny.

              One person playing Reaper teleported behind and took out four of us and then used an ult to wipe out the remaining two. We didn't win.

                Serves them right. Hopefully they won't be selfish next time. Probably not though

            Yeah I find I can't play my favourite heroes if I want to win and I can't win if I play them because the team comp gets fucked.

              You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

                So to summarize I'm just damned? =O

                  Well, you know I also care about team composition. So if you picked an attack class, I would pick up something else.

            And even if you do go tank or support, no-one sticks together and it's wasted.

              Excuse me, every time you played a tank I tried to stick to you like glue. =P And then apologised when you died.

                Eh, I'm very hit and miss.
                Sometimes I'll make good plays and be a solid asset to the team.
                Othertimes I play like a dumb useless scrub and drag everyone down.
                But what can you do. it's all in good fun.

                  That's it, i still have fun. TF2 I felt completely useless.

      Yeah, was fun.
      I dunno how much longevity it has for me but jumping on with peeps for a few is great.
      I'd like to see more vs Ai options. Like a horde mode or something.

        They should add more stuff. I would like to see Mercy with a double jump or some flying ability, because there are a lot of characters I can't reach if they're not close to the edge.

          Her shift ability is flight isn't it? Like as long as you have LoS to a corpse or friendly player you can fly to it?

            Yeah, you can hover with Mercy if you hold down the jump button (SPACE by default). Shift flies to the nearest target.

              If the person is in your line of sight. She doesn't hover, she decends slowly

              I feel like I should clarify. I want the ability to get up to the high spots as Mercy. Unless your Hanzo or widowmaker is near the edge of a roof, you can see they are critical, but you can't lock onto them unless you can see them. From below, this means they have to be near the edge for you to be able to fly to them. It's frustrating because a lot of the people that can get to high places will not come to you for healing. You have to go to them.

    Morning, TAY.
    Hyped as hell for DOOM on Friday!
    I'll probably fire up Brutal Doom tonight to tide me over.
    Also, it's apparently supposed to pour today. ;_;

      I am looking forward to that. Sadly I won't really have much of that weekend to myself. Work's insane this week, and I've gotta stop sacrificing sleep for fun.... but looking forward to snatching a couple hours anyway. :)

    Looks like overwatch got a 24 hour extension on its open beta, pretty awesome but still not long enough for me to get 25 to try out competitive mode :(

      Pretty sure they said they're removing competitive mode at launch while they redo the whole thing.

    So... CoD is going into the far future while Battlefield is going into the far past. Hmmmm.... decisions decisions.

      I think I've had my fill of CoD no matter what they do. Find it just doesn't have a lot of longevity for me. Same shit, different round.
      Bf though is a bit better - games and maps and playstyle options are more varied and has a better progression system and challenges.
      Will be picking up Bf1 I think.

      I'm actually more interested in CoD now that I have been in years. Blops never really did it for me, and AW was interesting but my interest in CoD campaigns (never the multi - discard it from the conversation utterly) sort of petered out around MW2.

      Reason being, the game seems to be one of those franchises whose titles always, always, always stay at AAA launch price for fucking YEARS. The campaign is usually only ever a few hours! That's not worth $90-100 to me! But it STAYS like that until the technology is redundant and I no longer care.

      I picked up Ghosts recently when it was on sale and have been pretty entertained by it so far, but it's kind of showing its age and even though it's 'mostly enjoyable', it's in a very pop-corn way. Mindless boomsplosionmanshooty stuff with annoyances well-entrenched in the franchise, like tutorializing nifty features for the entire duration that you use them, and never fucking using them again.

      At least with this latest iteration of CoD, we'll be seeing not only a regular campaign which looks frickin' awesome if the trailer's anything to go by, with a very interesting shift to space-fighter combat and segues back and forth between that and on-foot fighting, but we're getting classic Modern Warfare remastered. And that's definitely worth a re-visit.

    New Radiohead album out today! Have yet to listen but I've really enjoyed the two singles so far. They're the only band I can think of that's managed to stay relevant for 20+ years and not become one of those 'legacy' acts.

      I've listened to Burn the Witches soooo many times. Love it, but the video scares me (Wickerman on a whole scares the shit out of me too).

      They're the only band I can think of that's managed to stay relevant for 20+ years and not become one of those 'legacy' acts.

      Dream Theater (31). Iron Maiden (41). Lamb of God (22). Muse (22). In Flames (26). Alice in Chains (29). Rise Against (17 - still count!).

        Would Tool Count in here too?

          If Tool had put out an album in the last 10 years then maybe they'd count!

        Respectfully I would argue that Dream Theater and Iron Maiden are firmly in the legacy category, as they have their dedicated fans but don't have the widespread respect that a band like Radiohead commands

          I guess it depends how you define 'legacy'.

          Sure, maybe they aren't quite as popular as they used to be... but in this context, I'd say it means that they are still putting out great new music, rather than bands like AC/DC or Rolling Stones, who technically are still active and touring, but no one gives two shits about any songs they have put out in the last 10-20 years.

          Plus, like @virus_ said, Iron Maiden's new album has sold out stadiums all over the world this year, and at the end of the day Dream Theater were never a mainstream band - they released a greatest hits album, which was called 'Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool songs)' because they have only ever had 1 song get any widespread radio airtime

          Maiden really aren't though. I fail to see how a band who releases an album & then plays more than half of it live with the fans loving it is 'legacy'. Personally I love it when bands go out in support of a new album & then have half the set list dedicated to the new album.

      I dunno.. I went to Iron Maiden last week in Brisbane, the band played 6 of 11 songs off their new album 'The Book of Souls' to an almost sold out arena & the crowd loved it. Then again The Book of Souls is a fantastic album, so there's that as well.

      They Might Be Giants have been going for more than 30 years and are still fabulous!

    Good morning TAYbes!

    Omg Uncharted 4 tomorrow, I am literally wiggling around in my seat I'm so excited. Or maybe I need to pee.

    Does anyone have any ideas about who's going to have it cheapest? I've got no pre-orders and like, 30 minutes tomorrow lunch to grab a copy. I could download it but I'm confused about what's in the special edition?

      Man, people are so hype about that and I still haven't finished watching the 'movie' version of 2 or 3. (I own 2, but just couldn't muster the enthusiasm for finishing it.) By the time I get around to 4, someone will have cobbled together a movie for that, too.

      But AAA pricing interests me. In general, Big W and Target usually have ultra-low day-one discounts on the big AAA titles, which won't be price-matched by JB or EB. But at the moment, the only prices I see for the big department stores are pretty much on par with the boutiques - $84'ish for standard. Which is higher than the PSN digital standard of $80, but MUCH lower than the EB price of $99 and a little lower than JB's $89. At those rates, it's not actually much more expensive to buy the digital deluxe through PSN at $107.

      Deluxe in that instance only includes some multiplayer bonuses (skins, hats, currency) and a SP DLC level (when it comes out). Physical deluxe at EB is $199 for a statue and a teensy mini-artbook. Doesn't seem worth it.

      I reserved mine from the local jibber store so will go and get it tomorrow... reasonably hype.


    Multiplayer sometime?

      It's not out for another few hours isn't it? It needs to hurry the hell up

        Releases at 6pm CEST. So... 2am tomorrow for me. *cries*

          Apparently it's 1800GMT which converts to 4am for me

            Really? Everything I'm reading says CEST... There's a reddit post that said GMT, but it got retitled with "Correction: CEST"... Not that it makes a difference for me - won't be able to start playing until tomorrow night, anyway.

              Ahh I see, I must have misread the post. Still stuffs up the chances of playing it today

      I went to start the download this morning, only to find that the release is 1800 CEST - 0200+1 AEST. I've never played a grand strategy game multiplayer, I imagine the games would take forever.

        Oh, it wouldn't be an exercise in completion, it would be "lets all tool around in the same universe for a night or two"

      Happy Stellaris Day!
      I shall give it a try tonight after I've helped fix my parents next computer
      Remotely. 900Km away

      Totally. I'd want to get a single player session or two out first so I have a vague notion of what I'm doing.
      But I suspect sessions might be on the long side.

        Yeah, might be one of those things where we agree to a time limit for each session of a couple hours.

      I'd be happy to. Been a long time since I played EU-IV, and never done MP before, but it sounds like a lot of fun.


    After kicking around those ideas for an RPG campaign last week, my wife instructed me to just pick one. Super Nazis it is, now I just need to understand GURPS.

    In trying to get my head around some of the rules, I've been making a few characters and they don't seem as heroic as I had expected. The rules suggest that a roll should be made when a hero's health, wealth or reputation is at risk - so, looking (well, not actually - since I'm at work :() at Parachuting, clearly a hero's health is at risk if anything goes wrong, so a roll should be made - is that right? How do you do 100 training jumps and not critically fail once? That would lead me to think a pretty high situational bonus should apply, or there are some situations where checks aren't required?

      Is there a particular reason you're going Gurps?

        Not especially. The d20 system derivatives that I've played in a modern setting have all been pretty unsatisfying; the classless/level-less nature of GURPS suits the campaign pretty well, I think.

          Are you looking for tactical combat or a layer or two of abstraction?

            I want combat to feel risky, with the players rewarded for good tactics - so definitely some abstraction, but there'll only be a couple of combat encounters per session. Ideally, with a good application of their skills, players should be able to avoid the most risky encounters, identify and execute ambushes and gain advantage with sound tactical choices - cover, flanking and suppression. If they do get into a gun battle, ideally it should be quick - hopefully achievable if I can describe things well enough, without having to resort to pulling out a battle-mat and minis.

          Have you tried Savage worlds?

            To add to this, Savage Worlds actually has a supplement dedicated to weird and wacky WWII stuff called Weird War II. It might not have as much mecha stuff or Nazi super-science but you can pull that from other Savage Worlds books as well.

              Also Achtung Cthulu

                One of these days I'll play a Lovecraft style game. All of my friends want to be heroic and win at RPGs while I'm totally down for completely and utterly failing in stopping immortal Elder Gods from destroying the world.

                  I did back Lovecraftesque last year, could be fun to run once it comes out

                  @redartifice That was 7th edition Call of Cthulhu right? Or was there another Lovecraft game that was kickstarted last year?

            I haven't - cliff notes?

              It's fairly setting agnostic, but people have created Settings for it as well.
              there are 5 base Attributes that you spend points on, then your skills use those attributes. The skills themselves are quite broad and allow for a lot of different things.

              The character creation piece has an Edge(perk)/Hindrance system that helps to balance the character. Here's a link to the Test drive which gives you basic rules and understanding.


              If you're looking at the light end of the spectrum (where Savage Worlds sits) FATE might also be worth a look. Uses Fudge dice which can be faked with d6s

      With GURPS, I haven't played it but I heard that it can get very finicky as there are rules for pretty much every situation and every possible skill.

      I'm curious though. Do you want a lot of detail and mechanics or would you prefer something a bit more pulpy and loose with the rules?

        I think GURPS, like D&D, can get finicky if the players let it. With my group, a situation will probably progress like:
        PC: "Can I do X?"
        Me: "I don't see why not. Do you have [skill]?"
        PC: Either "Yes", "No", or "Can I use [different skill] because reasons?"
        Me: On the spot decision so we can keep playing.

        GURPS has a lot of potential skills, but then you can default them to a attribute score or another skill (with a penalty), so I'm feeling that it'll probably suit my group.

          Keeping everything under control with GURPS is advice I've heard a fair bit. There is apparently a real danger of getting so bogged down with the rules that the game collapses under its own weight. It sounds like you've got it covered so I wish you the best of luck.

          On a side note, I'm jealous of your Iron Reich game idea. I've never had a chance to play in a WW2 style RPG and your game sounds like a tonne of fun.

    My weekend was pretty good. Mother's Day lunch yesterday followed by setting my new computer up in the afternoon. I had a mild stress session when the network adapter didn't seem to work but that was easily fixed by updating the drivers.

    Saturday was 40K RPG during the day and Game of Thrones at night. Both were pretty great although I really need to learn to stop almost dying every time I play my space marine. Copping a Mega Nob's power klaw is not good for my health.

    Morning all! Weekend was pretty excellent. My girlfriend has been out of town for the last week for work, and leaves again today to Japan for more work! It's our 9 year anniversary on Saturday, so we celebrated over the weekend. Had some friends over for dinner and drinks on Friday night, Saturday we went out for super-expensive fancypants dinner ($250 for 2 people, but they forgot to charge us the extra $120 for the matching wine so it wasn't so bad!) then saw Civil War, then Sunday we literally just sat around doing nothing - it was bliss.

    Hoping to play heaps of Witcher this week - I leave for a 2-week trip to Italy on Saturday, so hopefully I can get through it by then!

    So many more tickets today. So so many. Constant three-day weekends have their downside ;_;

    Speaking of, lost most of this one to Elite​​. The Engineers beta hit on Friday, and I spent most of my time trying out the new Enhanced Thrusters on all the ships that could take them. Sidewinder, Hauler, Adder, Eagle, Viper, Imperial Eagle, Courier. Total pain in the arse doing it, with the engineer being 2kls from the drop-in point for that system, but she's on a damn cool planet for it absolutely covered with awesome valleys and canyons to fly through. Stripped them all back to lightweight racing-grade (though with shields) to see just what they could do. Still need to go back through them all and see which ones are combat capable, but it's possible to *just* squeeze out a combat-capable Sidewinder with them and it sure helps. Haven't yet been able to try out any Elite Anacondas yet though, but we'll see. The Eagle's got no hope though, barely enough power to run a single beam and it overheats like crazy. Imperial Eagle's the fastest of all of them, and shows some promise although the Courier's probably a safer bet. Not sure I'd take it over my Diamondback though, while it's slower it's still a pretty damn fast ship and feels a whole lot more nimble.

    Had one guy at the engineer base ask if I wanted to race, we got in a pair of Eagles and among a huge series of problems trying to drop in on the planet without the game crashing or hanging, flew around for a bit. Not really racing so much as taking turns in the lead while flying through the place, but it was absurdly fun even just trying to follow someone weaving through and around the surface. Would absolutely love to have more places where you can do that kind of thing.

    Non-game stuff​​, sister and her boyfriend came over on Saturday and we went out for dinner for his birthday and Mother's Day. The local Vietnamese place has been done up a bit, and got a few new dishes too. Great as always. Had a pretty good hazelnut-encrusted cake afterwards too.

    Apparently the house next to my grandfather's place sold for over a million bucks. Absolutely ridiculous, it's the tiniest shittiest little thing. But hey, I guess it's good news for his place.

    Sunday night, got my weekly "see you tomorrow" message from Aerialist, also mentioning when she'd be free​​​​ to go to the Lego exhibit. With an added "just as friends" stipulation. Guess that's that mystery solved then :P Experiment succeeded.

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    Side Overwatch note does anyone else love the little story interactions between characters before you start a match? I once heard Tracer tell Reinhardt he might be getting too old to keep doing this!

      First game I popped into, Tracer was telling Tracer that there must be some sort of paradox.

      Shame that meant we had two Tracers in the game, and the odds of having more than one good tracer are infinitesimally small.

        And which were you? The good Tracer?

          I wasn't playing Tracer that game, I think I was McCree.

            ...... 2 Tracers and a McCree it's like every Overwatch game ever =P

      I really like Overwatch, I wasn't convinced watching it at PAX (I had the feeling that it would take too long to understand how the game was meant to be played, but I'm starting to understand it now)>

      I heard Roadhog tell Junkrat to behave himself on one map. That was pretty cool.

      I heard my Widowmaker tell the Tracer "Looks like we're working together this time"
      Tracer responded with something like "I don't have to like it though."

      Pharah tells Reinhardt she had a poster of him as a kid. To which he replies "I remember the poster! My hair was amazing back then."
      Also hear a few characters mention Lucio's music career.

        Haha yeah I heard one between and Lucio where Lucio was like "I'm a big fan of your gaming career" and D.Va responds "Omg I loved your last album!"

    Edit: Post covered in earlier threads


    Last edited 09/05/16 10:38 am

      Yeah. Dammit Uncharted and Stellaris in one week it's almost like they think that deep thinky space games and shooty adrenaline action games are intended for two different audiences!

    So much Dark Souls 3 creepin'...

    Don't mind me over here, just an innocent piece of the scenery. Pay no attention, that inanimate object didn't just move. You must be paranoid, that isn't the sound of slow footsteps following you.

    I'm having way too much fun with this one.

      I'm not good at PvP, but I am good at being a sneaky bastard.
      Gotta play to your strengths.

    Sorry for more Overwatch stuff but I'm curious to know: who is your favourite character?

    Mine is Junkrat. I love how he plays and he's my most successful character so far despite my consistent ability to kill myself with my own bombs.

      Bastion. After that, Mercy. Although she's really weak, defensively. Has to hide behind everyone else and is (rightly) seen as easy kills, so gets targeted a lot. Gotta make heavy use of that shift key to zoom out of trouble and even then, it's usually not enough.

      If i was any better at the game it would be tracer, for now though its Pharah.

      The butt one.

        See, but there's a question there, because Widowmaker is clearly "The Butt One", it's just that Tracer is "The Butt Controversy" one.

        Gotta be specific. :P

        Which butt one? Tracer, Widowmaker, D Va (zero suit samus edition) or Mercy?

      I like D.Va as a tank, though there are times when her health seems to drop way quicker than you'd expect. I'm having a lot of fun with her in Zero Suit / (Get In The Damn Robot) Shinji mode as well.

      If I want to annoy people I play Tracer, I'm not yet good with her, but I'm not longer bad, which makes me better than about 80% of the Tracers I've played against, which is nice.

      Lucio is also great fun to play, though I've only scratched the surface there.

        Oh, and Mei.

        Mei is love, Mei is life.

        Mei is possibly the most annoying character in the game to play against. I love it.

          Goddamn Mei is frustrating as hell to play against. Especially when she's paired up with a Widowmaker.

      Roadhog probably, or Pharah.
      Roadhog is just so good at disrupting their offence.
      Had one game where I just sat in the middle of a choke point and with taybies giving heals and cover fire, caused so much havoc no-one could get past.

        Roadhog and Rhinehart are just fantastic tank choices if your team sucks I feel, the other tanks feel like you get punished way to hard for being in the frontlines if the other team is pushing.

        Last edited 09/05/16 11:30 am

          Interesting thing is they kinda counter each other.
          Hog is great for hooking people around an R shield to break their push formation.
          But Hog is also the perfect target for R's charge.

      I like to think I click with Pharah, but ultimately I do well with Rooty Tooty Point N' Shooty 76.

      Last edited 09/05/16 11:27 am

      Offense my favourite is Generic man 76.
      Defense I play as junkrat.
      Sniper I prefer Widowmaker (or Lavender tits)
      Builder, there is only one.
      Tank, I like D Va or Roadhog. I agree with Blaghs, that sometimes her health drops way too quick.
      Support, I like everyone but Symmetra. Mercy is probably my favourite though

        There's going to be so many people dressed up in Overwatch costumes at PAX that I won't recognise

        Oh man, Brett L Field /Cole O. Duty Guy is so generic. =P

        Last edited 09/05/16 11:32 am

          Really powerful if played well, I've shutdown quite a few entrenchments with this ult and he's great at pushing on escort missions with his aoe regen.

            He's just soooo boring and generic though. Ult = shoot people, Shift ability = sprint, E ability = Medkit.

              He can run, though. Truly the mightiest of his lot, and that's why we salute Ten Hut Hut Man.

              Yeah, but if we didn't have him, we'd have to have all the characters re-balanced.

        Symmetra is also considered a builder, nowhere near as powerful as the dwarf though.

          She can be but you need very comprehensive map knowledge to use her well, I think she's better than Torbjorn in Escort missions but the dwarf does better for control points.

            But they have such god awful range and die way to easy, unless the other team was heavy on Tracers & Reapers they spend majority of the match doing nothing.

              There's choke points in every escort match, I actually managed a team kill by tricking people into chasing me into my choke points. In the Gibraltar map just before the very first point there's a slow with a nook on one side and a room on the other. Perfect ambush point =P

              Unfortunately because games are so fast there's entire sections of maps I haven't never seen or explored :(

              I think she'll be very interesting competitively once people know where the hiding spots are for her portals and once you get ambush points setup.

              Last edited 09/05/16 11:59 am

          I find Symmetra's turrets when combined with her own attack stack on damage really well. She's like an ambush builder so it's kinda weird.

          I set up my teleporter and had turrets down for an ambush. I got murdered immediately after they killed my teleporter.

      My favourite to play? Would be Genji

      The one I'm probably best/decent with Mei & Mercy. Which I inevitably end up playing cos someone else wants to be Genji/Hanzo/Widow/Tracer/McCree [email protected]

        I'm way to aggro to be good at Mei, she seems to involve a lot of patience and baiting.

        You ever feel counter intuitive playing Genji? you deflect bullets and throw darts to kill people than all the sudden you pull out a sword and murder everyone, such oddly paced.

          Actually I really like Genji's playstyle, he's a hit and run kind of hero and works best away from the team by flanking or distracting the enemy team. If things get really ugly or you manage to flank without being detected you unleash your ult and kill everyone before they know what hit them!

            before they know what hit them
            All heroes seem to do a server wide voice announcement before it happens, its more accurate to say you know whats going to hit them :P just can't avoid it. I was actually watching a kill vid when I was playing soldier 76- a widow sniper heard the voice and immediately switched the scope to the cluster knowing i would peek out.

            Ult denied =(

            Last edited 09/05/16 12:40 pm

        You want to practise those characters, try an easy AI game. It doesn't matter who picks what because it's an easy game

      Side note: I keep playing Pharah like I'm playing Quake 3, but it's no Quake 3 and the splash damage radius is awful so I am bad at Pharah.

        Same! I keep thinking the splash does decent damage but it's like 1% so I just keep missing all my shots =,=

        I find it odd because some characters don't take damage from their explosions (Junkrat) whereas some characters (Pharah) does and the game never tells you if they do or don't until you explode yourself.

          I've exploded myself with Junkrat, Pharah, and even Zarya. I just assumed every character can explode themselves if they have a blast radius attack.

            Really? I've seen junk rats blow themselves up with their mines and be perfectly fine.

              It might be because I'm bad at getting the angles right. I've died when I rebounded a bomb straight into my face and it counted as a suicide.

              You can use the concussive mine to jump. I'm not so sure about junkrat's grenades though

        Her special's pretty deceptive as well. You have to be pretty close to a clustered up team for it to cause the most mayhem.

          Depends if your after a highlight reel ult, does its job well enough if the entire team seeks cover. nothing inspires your team to push more than someone blowing an ult lol.

          Numbers used it to clear an area. Got them all off the point, allowing us to win. However, she's also completely vunerable when she does it. I've killed her a few times during her Ulti

    Game Creation.
    anyone here tinkering with anything? What system are you using?
    I've started having a look at Unity. I also have Game Maker studio too.
    What is good for what?

      I was starting to go through this here at work, but keep getting distracted by other things. Not so much of it actual work.

      here's a list of 2D game engines Pros and Cons of each.
      Personally, I'm using RPG Maker. I just don't have a lot of time

      What sort of game do you want to make? What level of programming experience do you have and how deep are you willing to go on it? Depending on the answers to those questions there's different engines to use.

    Oh btw peeps who hate Bastion I came up with a really effective way to counter him, use Genji's wall climbing & speed to flank him, use his auto attack at close range to get this attention and when starts unloading on you use deflect and have him kill himself! Works wonder's against the dwarf as well!

    Last edited 09/05/16 12:00 pm

      Genji only pulls his sword out to ult or deflect, don't be surprised when bastion players start to adapt to it.

      Last edited 09/05/16 12:37 pm

      I find Pudge/Hook-guy is pretty solid. Easy grapple onto Bastion, and a ministun into a face full shotgun blasts kills him pretty good.

      This comment was sponsored by Bastion's Play of the Game.

    Hey all!

    How's all the things going!? It's been a couple of months since I've actually posted here! Hope everyone had a good weekend, I had a ... mixed one.

    Had a fairly big anxiety attack on Friday, which I would not recommend.

    The rest of the weekend was pretty good though. Started a new game in Dark Souls 3 (shut up, I'm not obsessed, your face is obsessed) and finding a melee strength build is super easy, or that may just be because I've played through the game once. I'm also trying out PVP and actually kind of enjoying it.

    Also played a tonne of Overwatch. I wasn't going to pick this up but am now probably going to get it on release. So much fun.

      I look forward to play it with you!


    Been watching it raining up my window for 15 minutes. Normal service seems to be resumed now though and rain is going generally downwards again.

    Couldn't get in the Elite: Dangerous 2.1 beta so stayed in 2.0 and did some hauling of hydrogen fuel down to Jaques Station.

    Jaques is a cyborg who has somehow acquired a station with jump engines and has decided to move the station to "Beagle Point", the furthest reachable system from Sol. Something like 10 million tons of fuel needed. Done my bit, carted a few thousand tons, in the top 15% of contributors, and now off doing something else.

      Long way to go for that Quinentian Still.

        Yep. Probably won't stay on the rare loop...

          Hey, it could up the price substantially. Something to rival Robigo runs? :P

            Pretty sure, based on the non-specific patch notes about smuggling, Robigo et al is dead. Haven't checked though.

              Not dead but rebalanced. 20 mission stack not 100, and missions not worth quite as much. Which seems fair enough.

                ...people were stacking past 20? :|

                There were a couple out that way that were stupidly broken. I've had ones that were "Deliver one slave 420LY for 6 million credits"...

                  Yeah. I still see advice to "stack to 100 at Roskam" doing Cubeo. Silly.

                  And that's a little broken, unless s/he was a REALLY good slave.

    Is anyone else getting a weird security captcha everytime they try to post?

      I typically only get that if the post is a) too long, and/or b) contains too many HTML tags.

      My phone wasn't allowing posting.

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