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    Morning All!
    My weekend consisted of Watching Deadpool (Spoiler: it's amazing) baking a cake, eating german food, eating slow cooked beef, making a cake, and playing a board game. All in all it was good. How was yours?

      That sounds like a great weekend, and yes, Deadpool is awesome. We watched it for the second time and it was just as good on the second viewing. I got to go to 2 kids birthday parties. One had a LIGHT UP tentacool cake, and the other was a star wars party with pool noodle lightsabers.

        Those would have been my dream parties as a kid. Kid's get all the fun!

          It was really good to go to an old-fashioned back yard party that had home made food and didn't feature a paid entertainer.

            How much of a thing is that with parties these days? I Never understood that as a thing. surely it's more special to organise and entertain yourself?

              It's pretty common for people to hire at least something for a kids party, even if it's just having the cake made or picking a venue. Partly because lots of parents work and just don't have the time to run around getting stuff organised, and partly because it seems to have become normal that you have to invite the entire class (and more) to the party, so catering and entertaining 20+ kids becomes a big deal.

                At my colleagues kids school you are required to invite every single kid in the class to avoid bullying. Feels strange to me...

                  I've heard of that before. Exclusion is a bullying tactic that girls are particularly fond of, and deliberately inviting every girl in your class except one or two is a particularly nasty thing to do (unfortunately there are adult women who do it too, so no surprises how it happens).

                  Unfortunately a policy like that isn't likely to do much other than drive invites away from the traditional paper version to online versions where you find out that everyone was invited to a party via facebook, except for your kid...

        Tentacool pics required :P

          This is the tentacool cake. The red circles are made of toffee, and hiding underneath them are discs of remote-controlled LED lights.

          And this was the excellent Lego Star Wars cake from yesterday's party:


    Episode 5 of Game of Thrones got leaked last night. I watched a portion of it.
    All aboard the feels train. Seriously. Some pretty big turn around stuff here.

    Also, HBO is looking at doing a 'Jon Snow' spin-off for once the series finishes. Not too sure how accurate that news article is, though.

    Morning, how are you all?

    I finished Uncharted in a bit of a marathon. I thought the ending was particularly weak and a bit hollywood-esque. That said, it was an amazing experience, and if you haven't picked it up yet, do it.

    Can't wait until Naughty Dog do what they've always wanted to do, a full length feature film.

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    Morning everyone.
    After stuffing up techie's leg, I redid it in a week. Ready for fibre glassing without the stuff up this time.

    I also helped @sernobulus become more confused about his cosplay. And I helped @freezespreston pick the wrong fabric =P (I said twill, he chose drill, but it'll be fine. They're similar anyway)

    I also started playing Ukulele again. Trying to relearn

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      To be fair I get confused about the very simple things.

        Do you think you may be able to make the gloves?

          Maybe, might see if I can find any that I like first.

            It's not that difficult. It's actually the basis of the back tentacles for my squid hat. I learnt from the glove making =D

            Also, if you do decide to make it, I would suggest buying a 4 way stretch fake leather from ebay. It's thin and stretchy.

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      Fun (not so fun?) Ukulele fact: my friend spent $1000 USD on a Ukulele when we were there on holidays.

      He knows 5 songs.

        I think mine cost $40

        1000 would buy a beautiful sounding ukelele.

          I'm sure it sounded amazing, I heard him play a few songs and it sounds great. Trouble is with my hideously tone deaf ears I'm not sure I could fully appreciate it.

            I don't have a great ear for music either, but there's definitely a big difference in sound between the plasticky ukeleles you see marketed to kids and beginners, and the ones sold in music shops that start at $80-100 and go up. It's the same as with guitars - the better construction and materials mean they hold their tune, and the sound has more depth and texture than an simple "pling"

            And just because I love her so much, here's Amanda Palmer with The Ukelele Anthem

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      After stuffing up techie's leg, I redid it in a week. Ready for fibre glassing

      Benefits of being a robot. When I get my leg stuffed up I have to visit a physiotherapist.

        I knew someone would make that connection, not disappointed in the slightest haha :)

    Good morning TAY :)

    how are you all?

    I loved the hell outta Far Harbor (and still have plenty to do there)

    I also bought Homefront and am not regretting it, it's not pefect sure and I can see what some of the reviews mean.

    But I can also see what they mean when they say there is a good game buried amongst it all.

    How was your weekend?

    Last song played game time!

    Sommerliebe by Solee

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Oh I can do it this time!
      Issun's theme, Okami OST

      Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

      Ninja edit: Good thanks, how are you? Weekend was pleasant...consisted of some drinks, MUFC winning the FA Cup, Rocket League and about 10 straight hours of Daredevil Season 2 yesterday. Ohhhh BOY. Let's just say, I had some messed up dreams last night.

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        I'm good, as I said it was mostly Far Harbor with some Homefront thrown in, some youtube to catch up with my favorite content creators and some yard work

      Nylon Pink's G-Dragon cover Crooked -

      Bonus song: Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky (it's almost here!) -

      Last played:

      Yeah, I grabbed Homefront and have been really enjoying it. It's a very competent Far Cry clone, and if anything I'd say it's possibly done even better than FC3 or FC4 in adding a little illusion of depth to its mechanics.

      Of course, when I said as much in a positive Steam review, I was immediately review-bombed into 25% helpful territory. Possibly because I made fun of the rampant 'MURRICA!' nationalism (seriously, it's really, really bad - it's almost at Killzone levels of not knowing if even the devs were aware that you're playing as the bad guys). Possibly because I dared to deviate from the, "This game is broken and sucks!" hivemind. I noticed that with XCOM 2. It's a fantastic game which is better than its predecessor in just about every way... but giving it a positive review at a time when reddit decided it was universally broken is apparently frowned upon.

        I am enjoying it, and finding myself wanting to play (right now stuck at work) despite the bugs and glitches and poor design choices (which I feel can be quite evident)

        The nationalism is pretty intense but I guess it needs to be forced in a game like this (take back the land from the invaders) as opposed to not being forced in a game like Call of Duty World at War (while the allies may have been invading certain countries it's generally seen as a means to an end and only way necessary to fight a war and save the world)

        I like the illusion of depth you mentioned.

    For the last few days when blowing my nose it has been coming out blue. This was alarming until I realised why.

    Always wear a mask when painting, people.

    Edit: Here's the test fire for the stencilling. I've put down the black on the final piece, but I still have to wait to do the white and dark blue. It'll make sense once it's done...

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      I don't know what that is but I'm assuming de Blob and Glover had a baby and it's rad.

        I'd play that game!

        But no, it's lucario.

        Is it that unrecognisable?!

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          He's not gen 1 so yes :P

            This is the kind of hipsterism I can get behind. :D

            THERE ARE ONLY 151 POKEMON, AND PIKACHU HAS A MANDATORY PLACE ON EVERY TEAM. Pokefans have spent the last decade and a half spouting pure gibberish as far as I'm concerned.

              I was like you once. And then Oshawott and Dedenne happened.

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                I love Dedenne's name. I just picture someone accidentally poking their finger in a power plug every time.

            Fair point, I still remember even the unlovable gen 1's like exeggcute.

            But lucario is pretty much the number two pokemon behind pikachu, he's repping pretty hard in smash, pokken, etc.

            Here's the stick now, the final detail paint goes on today before sealing:


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              Pretty shweet.

              Lucario is number on forced pokemon nobody wants. Get outta here you're taking Mewtwo's Smash slot :P

              Number one pokemon is Hawlucha.

                Lucario is dog jesus. You shut your mouth!

                Also, hawlucha is amazing, and I wanted it in place of pikachu libre right up until the moment I played as her.

                Best burst attack in the game.

                  Cats rule, dogs drool :P

                  The lack of Hawlucha saved me a purchase on that one. Well, that and the demo.

              Also I'm strongly considering trying to make some kind of a combo pinball/arcade stick controller for VR now, like what Will Smith on Tested made. Though I think it could be cool if it unhooked with some clamps so you could attach it to a desk or something, instead of being fixed to the miniature cabinet shape.

    Finally had enough energy to get some Warhammer painting done. Hopefully I'll still feel like painting tonight and get past the annoying parts of the Fire Dragons or Striking Scorpions.

    @ashigaru I actually prefer your version of the Iybraesil colour scheme. Mine is a bit too green. I like the way mine looks on the Guardians but it doesn't seem to scale up to vehicles as well as yours.

      I like how awesome Eldar can look but my god they are one of the trickiest armies to paint well. I've seen some absolutely astonishing paint jobs with all of the different styles and symbols while I've basically given up on achieving that level of awesome with my Eldar.

        The funny part is when I chose Eldar I thought they'd be easy to paint. Almost no skin or hair. How can I go wrong? I had no idea how painful edge highlighting fifty thousand panels covered in gem bumps would be...
        That said I'm improving and more importantly I'm getting used to my level of skill. I'm starting to look at my stuff as succeeding at being table top quality rather than failing to be showcase worthy.

        @chuloopa Looks awesome. I can't wait to get a Wraithknight and use him to turn your demon into a smouldering pile of ash. =P

          Hmm - maybe i'll stick to my DA and imperial knight your ass in that case :P

      I look forward to seeing them on the table - looking great so far, mate

      Once we get to higher point games i may switch to Chaos just so i can field this guy

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        That looks pretty fuckin awesome. What is it exactly, a daemon engine, a dreadnought?

          I'm running it as a Defiler.
          I thought the stock standard one looks a bit tard, so i kit-bashed a Soul Grinder and an Arachnarock to make that.
          I love him ever so much. haha

            I can see why. It's the kind of thing that makes me want to get back into the game but that whole issue of spending probably around a grand on armies for both fantasy & 40k and only having 2-3 games in total does tend to burn through the motivation.

              This is why second hand armies/models are the best.
              There's a warhammer buy swap sell page on facebook which is also excellent for this. And gumtree. I rarely use retail anymore.. i just don't see the point

                I got some second hand Eldar from a guy who'd had it for about ten years. He had a metal Karandras phoenix lord which I got for a steal considering it was part of a larger set for $500. People are often just happy to offload their old models so they're not too concerned about trying to make a profit.

                  Dude - i once got an entire CSM army in a case for about $100.
                  So much awesome.
                  It's just a matter of keeping a look out. Sometimes you get lucky.

                Yeah but there's still the whole 'never using it' problem, no one I know is interested in the game anymore.

                  hahaha - Friendly local game store, or flagship local game store, or favorite local game store.
                  Basically a local independant tabletop games store - they're pretty great for playing just about everything.

                  If no - warhammer 40,000 conquest is an awesome way to still be into 40k without being into 40k :)


                  Oooh then no, we used to but it downsized massively and now it's basically a small cupboard in a tiny walkthrough alley. Think 'second hand bookshop' kind of size

      YAYYY!!! You remembered to link me :D Nice work mate! I agree yours looks better on the Guardians. What are you worried about for vehicles though? Just copy my scheme for the vehicles and keep the rest the same for yours? The only major difference for me is I sprayed the underside half white and then shaded it, and black for the hawk turquoise (whatever the equivalent is now).

      Let me know you thoughts. I can take close up pics for you too if you like, still have all the vehicles and stuff at home :)


    Wife's 40th on Saturday. Good day out, starting with two legs of a pub crawl with one group of friends, and then winding up with a different group of friends at a pub in the city. Messy.

    No gaming to speak of, although my Anaconda is now out beyond the Snake Nebula and heading away from the bubble at 36ly per jump...

    HI GUYS!

    Had Heidi's 2nd birthday party on saturday. I ate Fairy bread. awesome.
    The party wasn't half bad either - Bee organised a teddy bears picnic at a local park - thank god it didn't rain! LITTLE VICTORIES!!

    Tomorrow is also the release date for total war warhammer. Which also happens to be my birthday. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!
    It actually kills me a little that i'm not buying it, though, as my computer would have a seizure and die if I tried to play it.
    It does look pretty bloody amazing, though.


      Surely you're better off waiting for a few patches to hit on Total War? Then address the computer upgrade in the mean time? It is your birthday after all... *cough*new GPU*cough*

      I love kids birthdays - the best food.

        I have a laptop.. no new anything :(

        I KNOW RIGHT?!? mini sandwiches. Sausage rolls. Fairy bread. Pop tops and soft drinks!
        SO GOOD

          If you did get a new GPU, that's about half the cost of a new PC right there...

            I have literally no space for a dedicated computer, so laptop is pretty much my only choice - And i am no where near able to afford that sort of a layout at the moment, so it's a case of make do. haha

              Ahh just screw the mobo to the underside of a table and keep everything in place with zip ties, it'll be fine!

                I had actually been considering a micro computer (or a cube) - but then i'd still need to be storing/carting around a monitor as well.. Why the hell can't laptops be affordable?! haha

    I watched the original Ghostbusters with my kids on Friday night. It was awesome, even 32 years later. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd really carried that movie though. The interaction between Bill Murray and the EPA guy played by William Atherton was the highlight for me. All of Atherton's scenes were great. Rick Moranis also added a lot to the film. It was a bit sad that Sigourney Weaver's part wasn't very well-written, and it was obvious that Ernie Hudson's role was written in as a "crap, we've got no black people in this film!" role. Still, got two thumbs up for the brash attitude of the 80s and the 'triumph of the underdogs' theme, not to mention the kick-arse soundtrack.

      Best line: "It's true. This man has no dick."

      Rumour has it that they originally wanted Eddie Murphy for Hudson's role, and when they couldn't get him it got scaled back dramatically.

        I actually kinda liked how it turned out, with Winston playing the straight-man. Every Strike Team should have its Ronnie.

    So it's been a terribly shit 10 days with everything going on. Fortunately for me this means I threw my preset game budget out of the water and bought everything and anything. Stellaris is awesome (stayed up all night Friday playing it and then slept for 16 hours on Saturday).

    Now I have Total War Warhammer and Overwatch to look forward to! Still haven't 100% Doom and not touching Uncharted 4 for another few months. Yes I may have bought a lot of games. A lot. Like double what I'm talking about right now.

      You need to add me on Steam so you can join TAY



      on Fridays.



            I still kind of regret not kissing up to them when they were played by the AI and making them a vassal, just to see the reaction...

        I'm 99% sure I have you added red? Not sure what my steam profile name is but last I remember I think it was Reaper?

        What time do you guys run your game? Am I able to join mid-game? Won't I be like 600 years behind??! :O

        I've presently vassalized my closest and only neighbor (playing on a spiral world so the factions appear to be separated until further tech is researched). Now to spread my evil empire across the cosmos!

        Question with world stellaris galactic domination? How many vassals can I have at once without risking massive scale betrayal? What are sectors? How do I control more than 5 planets :O

          1) You probably do have me, I don't remember because I don't sit on Steam that often
          2) You can join mid game, you'll be given control of an AI empire. We can tell you which ones are worth controlling
          3) Vassals etc depends on ethics divergence. if ethics are close, vassals will like you more.

            I'm guessing a multiplayer game is similar to the normal game except you can't pause?

              The hosting player controls game speed, which in our case has been @aliasalpha. We've been playing at normal speed

              We do sometimes go to fast speed, depending on what's going on

          Sectors are how you control more than 5 planets.
          You basically create a region, starting with a Planet, that is semi-autonomous. Can control the space station but not the planet itself.
          So chuck your crapest planets and any frontier outposts you can into sectors and get new, better ones to control directly.
          Certain gov types can have more core planets.

    Spent the weekend with friends at a farmstay in the southern highlands. It was refreshing to have no mobile service whatsoever, so all we did was hang out, drink, and look at horses. Beautiful place.

    I feel like I'm completely missing whatever it is people are enjoying about Doom. I had way more fun playing Shadow Warrior last year and that was made on a third of the budget this seems to have been.

      Actually picked up Shadow Warrior with Doom as well and I find both quite enjoyable. Doom however for me feels much more fluid while I feel like I would've enjoyed Shadow Warrior more on a PC.

      What were you looking to get from Doom though? I went in expecting mindless but well polished shooting with some story and some RPG progression. Got exactly that 10/10 :D Love how the maxed out weapons create challenges for you in order to unlock their final upgrade, adds a nice spin to fights just as they started getting stale.

        I don't know, but I haven't had any fun with the shooting. Maybe i'm too old.

      I spent an unhealthy percentage of my youth with the Doom franchise, and Doom 3 was kind of a let-down in its deviation from what I enjoyed about the first 2, and lost potential. Doom 4 is a call-back to what I enjoyed about the originals, with a tonne of polish, so I've been getting a tonne of nostalgia value out of it. The way they've injected the lore in this one has been ultra-appealing as well. I'm enjoying it in bite-sized chunks, taking breaks after each level so that I can draw the experience out, though. I'm kind of worried I'll finish it too quickly and then it'll be over.

      For the most part though? There's nothing to complain about. Secrets are hinted at and revealed in a way that's satisfying. Weapons are fun to use and the upgrades aren't over the top, game-breaking, and there's enough in the way of ammo limitations to force you to switch it up and enjoy them all, so you don't get a one-note gameplay experience over-using one in particular.

      Contrast with Shadow Warrior: the combos were finicky to pull off and pressures to execute them within time limits - losing a combo JUST before finding the next enemy - never left me satisfied with what I'd achieved. Some weapons are clearly useless, the upgrade system left me cold (possibly didn't reward enough results, soon enough for my tastes), and as someone who never really got into the original Shadow Warrior, it spent a lot of time making references I knew I was missing.

      Shadow Warrior was still great, still enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, but Doom has a lot more polish, a lot more 'weight' to its mechanics, a more engrossing environment with more options for traversal (including clever shortcut-openings) that do a better job of hiding the arena/corridor nature of both games.

      Feels a little like arguing for Quake when my best friend was all about preferring Duke3D.

        I haven't found or had any hints at secrets, I don't think. I feel like you guys are playing a different Doom to me. The one I'm playing feels loose, floaty and boring. The shotgun is inconsistent and sounds absolutely pathetic, the level design is confusing and the game's unstable. I finally got the chainsaw, only to get murdered in seconds when I used it. Positional audio is non-existent and all I hear is constant RARGH to tell me there's enemies somewhere but no idea where they are. Usually behind me. They're no fun to kill either. And the music is utterly pedestrian too. I don't even remember if I've heard a guitar yet. It's more like Trent Reznor's noise-music from Quake I than anything, at least so far.

        FWIW I cut my teeth playing FPS like Doom and Quake. And Marathon, which probably had more time clocked for me due to owning a Mac more. I always kind of preferred Heretic and Hexen over Doom but I've finished them all many times as a kid.

        I'm not saying Shadow Warrior's a better game - it's not, it's nowhere near as polished or well built and had maybe a tenth of the budget behind it - but I found that fun from the instant I started, and have yet to enjoy myself in Doom. Though it doesn't help that whenever I maybe start to get into it, it takes out my PC. :(

    Yet another weekend of heavily abusing my sleep patterns. Too late, no going back now.

    Ended up going out Friday night to see X-men Apocalpyse, it was pretty good. Carted my Rift and PC along for my friend to try out, and as a road test it went pretty well in terms of transport. The 380T fits nicely sideways between the driver and rear passenger seat of my car, although its boxiness makes it seem a little prone rolling when going around corners. Might need to figure out a way to secure it better​​ so I don't have to reach around behind my chair all the time. Didn't actually get to use it though, since my friend was ready to crash once we got back from the movie. Still, it seems to work just fine without even plugging in a monitor, mouse or keyboard, so that's good to know. Stayed up late running through most of the free/passive stuff.

    Got up early Saturday (well, for a Saturday), then immediately got a message from Aerialist asking about postponing the meetup by a couple of hours, due to a big night the night before. That was fine by me :P Except then I couldn't get back to sleep due to hunger. Bah. Nearly ended up running late, but the suggested time was 1:30/2 and I got to the Powerhouse exactly at 2 so I was totally in the clear. The exhibition was pretty good, although reaching the end it was sort of like "oh, it's over already?", even though checking my watch we'd been in there for an hour. Wonder Woman's invisible jet was pretty cool, as well as the huge batmobile. I loved the little detail of the bat symbol on the hubcaps, that was great. Kinda wish there were a few more bigger set pieces like that, rather than all the smaller figures which started to feel a bit repetitive. Also, we spent a lot of time either laughing or rolling our eyes at the plaques and what the dude had written about everything. Especially his incessant need to measure everything in burritos.

    Ended up at this little hipster cafe down an alley for lunch, though all the food was kind of Asian on top too? I ended up getting the green curry hotdog. Also there was a ​​guy who got a wonderfully out of tune rendition of Happy Birthday, which climaxed in someone popping a balloon over him which seemed to be filled with milk. Dinner and a show :P

    Got home and spent more time in VR, this time playing a whole bunch of Lucky's Tale. The time trials in that are friggen hard, I lost count of how many attempts it took to shave off enough seconds to hit the gold medal. Had to take a break from that, and decided to fire up Pinball FX. ​​Oh man. Man oh man oh man. This is really great, I can see myself spending a whole load of time in here. All the benefits of virtual pinball like impossible tables and having as many tables as you like without needing a ~1.5x0.75 box taking up space in your room for each of them - but then you don't have the drawbacks like a lack of depth perception or parallax. I mean a real machine is still better, there's just something visceral about that tangible box of kinetic action in front of you and that extra level of physics that you don't quite get with a virtual simulation. But it's still pretty damn awesome.

    Rose super late ​​Sunday, and mostly tried to hammer out some forms and stuff with Wingman's help, but kept getting distracted. Got Mum to have a go in VR again, having only got her to check out the Unreal Showdown demo so far (which she found pretty impressive). But she was pretty well blown away by pinball, really really impressed. I ended up grabbing The Climb since my sister will be over tomorrow night and I'll need that ready, and began to play through it. It's pretty cool, but takes a bit of getting used to with the gaze-based aiming of hands. Kinda need to lean back a bit too to make all the upward gazing a little easier. It's true what I've seen others say though, it really seems to make your hands sweat a lot. I don't think I'm hitting the point of "presence" at all, but it still did it for me too. It's kinda weird to get used to not fully actuating the triggers for your grip too, but before long I was grabbing holds pretty accurately and swiftly with the correct amount of grip. Now I just need to figure out how the scoring system works, since the game doesn't seem to explain that from what I've seen. Got Mum to have a go of that too, a little bit more of a struggle since it's more "gamey" than any of the other things I've gotten her to try, but she had to stop before making it all the way through the tutorial due to excessive grip on the controller giving her a bit of hand strain.

    And now at some point I have five games to get through and write a review for. Blaaaaaaaaaaah.​​​​

      A third person that enjoyed Xmen! Yissssss

        What's there not to enjoy?

          Fun? I dunno. It's great.

          You stay for the post credits scene? My mind was on fire with the possibility!

            I did and I totally can't remember anything about it.


              The crew that come in & clean up after Weapon X are Essex Corp. Nathaniel Essex is Mr Sinister, the gene splicing mad doctor that's obsessed with Jean & Scott being the perfect couple.

              This makes that whole Wolverine cameo far more important than it first seemed.

              Because of history changing in the last flick, it ransom Wolverine escapes earlier with more of his memory intact. Who knows what that could change. It means there'll be no X1&2 now, not just 3 (or not exactly).

              If Mr Sinister is the next villain he could breed Cable in a test tube (X-Man & Cable?) this can then tie in to possible Cable & Deadpool stuff & Xforce movie.

              Also, he took gene samples, including Wolverine, which means X-23, which has been hinted at recently.

              I'm excite!

                Ohhh, right! That's why I didn't remember it, most of the details were lost on me. Thanks for the explanation :P

    Any of you fine fancy folk interested in Arma3 at all?

    I'm getting a bit sick of never playing it coop and I was thinking we should start a TAY squad. Relatively realistic but nothing stupidly MilSim-y with promotions and dedicated roles, just playing as a decent group working together and having a bit of a laugh whilst doing so.


      Oh. Fine. Didn't want to play anyway.

        Decent as in not planning to play like it's call of duty and then getting all pissed off when you get your face opened up by a fusillade of 6.5mm rounds. If you want to play properly then that'd be awesome

    I been grinding away at Elder Scrolls Online again.

    It's funny, I gave it a break because I kept doing uninteresting quest after uninspiring quest. That's still a thing, but in the 3 days I've picked it up again, a main quest opened with some interesting stuff, I ran around saving Lizardmen eggs, which feels good & I opened a new area which was a nice change.
    It's in Skyrim, which I'd thought for sure I was over but it feels good.

    I always seem to dig the quests in which you enter a dream & things get a tad weird.

    Also, I rearranged much of our house because we've been removing carpet & putting floor boards in , a room at a time.
    Now my buttock muscles hurt from doing squats & lifting furniture.

      We did the flooring thing. We only just finished a week ago. Renovations are an absolute marathon. Just finishing up a little bit of painting in the new kitchen and I hope I never hear about renovations ever again.

        Ours is taking forever because we both work , so on weekends I clear a room & the on my wife's days off (while the boy is at school) she puts the boards in.

        Then I clear out another room & she starts again.

        I hate it because I'm no good at the handy man thing. The reason we're doing it is because of my son & my asthma, but moving things that have been in place for years obviously stirs up dust.

        It'll be worth it in the end. But it'll be a while yet. Two more rooms to go & one is the biggest.

          I'm exactly the same. I also have asthma and we had to do salt damp treatment (our house is extremely old) on all the walls too. I was finding it hard to breathe in there often. My wife is paranoid that our kid will have asthma because of me.

          Don't worry about the handy man skills, I am in the same boat except i'm from a family of extremely handy people.

    I finally finished the Witcher 3! I think I got a pretty good ending.
    Ciri became a Witcher, Cerys rules Skellige but Emhyr gave back Temeria but it's a puppet state. Geralt and Yen left to go and have baths.

    I wanted to try out Uncharted 4 but it need a 5gb update so I played Valkyria Chronicles instead. Absolutely loving it! I don't know it took me so long to take the plunge. If I don't get an S-Rank can I come back and replay them at some stage?

      I got the exact same ending. Such a great game, can't wait for the new expansion!

        Me either! Bloody good game. Best thing I've played in the past year!

      If you don't feel up to replaying, I strongly recommend you also try looking up some footage for the other 'good' ending. It was so very human. The way it's revealed to you slowly through a small chain of quests felt really poignant to me. Very true to life, in the way of someone trying to... well. I'd say, just watch it. :D

    I think I need an extra hard drive.
    My 2TB one is running low on space.

      I always think that... then realise I have a stupid amount of movies/tv stashed on there.

      Right now I think I'd like to bump my SSD from 120GB to 240GB just so I can chuck the games on it as well as Windows... But then I think I should just get a new computer... and maybe turn this one into a NAS/server/media box... then I realise I have nowhere near enough time to spend maintaining them and making it just 'work' so my wife can use it...

      I have an almost perfect love/hate relationship with computers.

        I have a 256gb right now and it's not nearly enough. Splurge for a 512 minimum IMO.

    Weekend was good but busy
    Seems liek Tiglet is going though a wonder week so her vocabulary is exploding but she is so clingy and needy. So half her meals are had sitting on my knee at the moment.
    Had a deployment over the weekend that went much better than expected so that is good. Mrs Tigs and Tiglet came into the office and we had some fun playing in the beanbags.
    Watched both stage 11&12 of the giro, including a bottle of Red on stage 12 so still a little tired.
    Gaming wise not much, played some MPQ and fallout as well as a little bit of unravel which I bought Mrs Tigs for mothers day.

    Started a new book 'The goldfish club' which is story of club members which are made up of people who were forced to ditch their aircraft into water. Just short interesting little stories

    TAY Pathfinder tonight at 8pm AEST, 7:30pm ACST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    Just a reminder for tonight that we're going to try out using Google Hangouts again for audio and/or video. Roll20's quality seems to be far too hit and miss recently but we'll still use the dice rolling and table in Roll20.

    Just finished Bloodborne. Managed to take out Orphan of Kos, the last boss, & the secret last boss all in one session. Great momentum, but between finishing that and DS3 this year I wouldn't want a sequel for a loooonnng time. Realized I actually have a few games to trade in so I'm wondering if I should get Overwatch or put it towards No Man's Sky.

    Went back to work this week. It's been a while. Was pretty much me re-introducing myself to coworkers, acting as if I was completely new to the place, and asking loudly how everything worked because, of course, I was new there.

    I'm going to play golf on the weekend. I.. have no idea how to play golf. I think I'm supposed to wear polo shirts?, and khakis?? and complain about colonialism?? Whatever, as long as I can drink on the green. Is that what they call it? the green????

    Last edited 23/05/16 2:32 pm

      It's the fairways you want to drink on, you spend more time on them.

        Clearly I'm doing Golf wrong. OTOH, I'm okay with the wedges.

          Nah, I always walk down the fairway before heading into the rough to find my ball

      I'm terrible at golf.
      Until I start drinking.
      Then I get better.
      Unless I keep drinking.
      Then I get worse.

        Drinking Golf is the best golf. Lowest score on each hole has to finish their drink, helps even things out.

    I was just on the train when this one kid turned to the other and said "Hey do you know that game store in Bankstown that sells retro games? You know, like PS2 games and stuff?"


      Ugh. Young people. You know what we should do? Live selfishly as if there's no tomorrow, so that they have to inherent a world that's-- OH MY GOD THAT'S WHY

      PS2 was 16 years ago, that's as big as the gap between the SNES and the PS3

        Dammit Red I need to drive I can't be drinking right now.

    Hey everyone. I'm still working on my Junkrat shirt.
    Does this look okay? Does the tire look alright? He's supposed to be balancing on it and trying to walk forwards.

      I dunno quite what I'm looking at here, but given the character's moving and has a bit of attitude, something to make it look a bit more dynamic? Speed lines, some sort of motion, something suggesting haste?

        It's a shirt design, so speed lines won't really work I think.

          I dunno, it's just for your other stuff the character has been in a static pose, whereas here he looks like he's doing something

            I'm not sure I could do it and make it look good

      I think the tire looks wrong, it seems to be much more realistic than the character. It has gone from flat colours to textures and shading so it looks like 2 different images combined

        That was a reference image. I was concerned about the angle of it

    Starting to feel like maybe video games aren't a hobby for me any more. Feel left behind. There's no joy or excitement in it, and I feel like I'm not good enough to be able to get to the supposedly fun part any more.

      Try a new genre of game? Take a break? Try a weird challenge in an old favourite?

      Someone linked this somewhere the other day... Editorial: An End To “GIT GUD” – You Don’t Need To Be “Good” At Games To Enjoy Them

      I'm now at a point where I'm so far behind the curve (don't have a PS4, want one though) that I've accepted I'm only going to play games that match my play style and tastes. My gaming comes in chunks of time of anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours - dependant entirely on how narky I want to be with my family after not enough sleep.

      I know now I don't need to be good at a game... just enjoy it (which means it needs an easy mode every now and then because I don't have time to deal with shitty game design).

      Last edited 23/05/16 5:01 pm

        It's not about good or bad. I'll drop the difficulty without a second thought, and fuck the 'git gud' idiots. I don't play games just to wave my dick around about how hardcore I am.

        It's more that I feel like I'm not actually good enough at action games any more so I can't make decent forward progress. More than anything, I hate losing progress. I hate repeating the same stuff, and I really hate cases where being forced to do so ends up letting you see the seams in games, which happens more and more with AAA cinematic stuff.

          AAA cinematic stuff.
          There's your problem. I'm gonna take a guess and say this is coming from playing the new Uncharted?
          I hate the genre of "Cinematic" games Uncharted has spawned. Sacrificing actual gameplay on the altar of bombastic set pieces and forced drama until there's nothing left but a drawn out cutscene made of qte's and padding. Yes even The Last of Us.
          But also you're just getting older imo, and as you do everything starts to seem like the same old shit. Be picky about your games. Stick to a few good ones and don't feel bad about branching out to other hobbies.

      What red and sun have said, as I get older I find my tastes are increasingly divergent from the established reviewers and status quo. These days I just pick up what I think I'll enjoy and what I'm happy putting my money behind.

      After all you don't have to play a lot of games to consider it a hobby, just the ones you enjoy :) e.g. The game I've played the most in terms of time spent in my life is depressingly and most likely WoW. It doesn't however represent my fondest games at all which I consider to be KotoR 2, Witcher 3 and FF X. Oh also Sly, Ratchet and one other platforming adventure game I can't remember for the life of me. Dammit old age.

      Edit: Google helped me remember! Jak & Daxter! :D

      Last edited 23/05/16 5:39 pm

        My biggest problem is I buy stuff that I should enjoy, but I don't. And the rare ones I do a bit, I have this weird thing where I end up playing a bit and then dropping them, I think because I'm afraid I'll end up focusing on them and spending all my time on them and staying up until all hours etc. Because those experiences are just so rare. I've played a lot of objectively good games, and they were good experiences, but I still felt like I was going through the motions.

      Perhaps the fact that everything I was excited to play the last 6-9 months has been shat upon by bad localizations, content removal, and generally torpedoing my hype right when it should be peaking, to the point that I'm afraid to get excited about playing anything again. I've got Bravely Second, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade X and a bunch of others all sitting there, CEs and everything, but I regret even buying them because I'll probably never touch them now.

        Wouldn't you have enjoyed those games if you didn't learn about the localization issues? In this instance perhaps ignorance is bliss? Alternatively perhaps part of the reason you aren't enjoying the games as much as you used to is partly related to the hype build up? Personally I have a rule where if I'm really looking forward to a game I blackout the media on it like I did with the Witcher 3 & fallout 4.

          Bravely Second, maybe. The rest: nope, because I'd still have powered them up and found them to be dub-only. At least I knew that ahead of time so I could lower expectations. The localization bullshit was just the final straw.

      Just ask myself or @gingerchris86. We were both TERRIBLE at RocketLeague (we had numbers to prove how bad we were) and yet, had LOTS of fun.

      You just need to play games the way kids do. Just keep pressing buttons and remember that it's funny when you fall off things.

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