The Big Question: Cats Vs Dogs

Seriously, let's end this thing. Here and now.

We are in the end times. We are atop Mount Zion and a decision must be made so that mankind, nay the known universe, can be saved. Internet. We must decide.

Cats or dogs.

Cats. Or. Dogs.

You may think this has nothing to do with video games. You may be right. It's much more important than that.





    not so much as a cat lover, but rather cat preference, but i love both

    Have 3 cats and 1 dog but I prefer some of column A and some from B.

      Cats, but other people's dogs.

        I love the cats but hate the shedding hair. Love the dog but she is only 12 weeks old or there abouts so cannot hold it over night. Plus if I am a little slack there are accidents. Cats on the other hand learn from a very early age where to go. The dog on the other hand would not have anything to do with pads or even the same spot each time in the house. Still, love them all.

    How many games have had cat companions? Torchlight maybe. Dog companions? A lot. Your Honour, I rest my case.



      In true Phoenix Wright style, I just yelled out without having an actual defence.

      Case dismissed. The Court takes judicial notice of the prevalence of cat videos to dog videos on the internets being no less than a ratio of ...

      Holy shit - there are 2.9 BILLION dog video search results on the internet!?! Only 206 million cat video search results...

      I'll see myself out.


    All other personal opinions are subjectively incorrect.

    Dogs, I don't like begging for affection from my animals

    Damn you Serrels!
    As soon as I click dogs, I feel bad for not choosing cats.
    As soon as I click cats, I feel bad for not choosing dogs.
    Cat-ch 22.....


    You already did this 3 months ago.

    Come up with original questions like:

    Vag vs Ass

    DP vs 3P vs 4P

    Kotaku vs garbage

    Mark Serrels vs Fart Serrels

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      clearly the desired outcome of that poll wasn't reached.

      is that receiving or giving multiple penetrations?

    They don't grow to be ridiculously large, they can use a litter box, and the sound of them purring on your lap is the greatest.

      I prefer a dog crapping on my lawn to a cat crapping in a box inside the house.

        But what about a cat crapping outside and burying it too. Much better than that lazy dog.

      "They don't grow to be ridiculously large, they can use a litter box"

      I take both of these the opposite way you intended. Litter trays are the most disgusting things... these cats can't get through their heads that outside is toilet we don't need a tray with sand/gravel/crystals in the corner for you to go in.


      Dogs for the win. (Sorry Charli((my cat)))

        You can train cats to just go outside. You put the box near the cat flap, and after a while, put it on the outside of the catflap, slowly move it towards a flower bed, and eventually they'll just go out there. Or you train them to use the toilet...

        Mine have a catio/outdoor run, but they don't have free reign to go where they like - it's an industrial area, and with many busy roads and a large stray population with high FIV incidence.

        Recycled paper litter I've found the best.

          Aldi has an unreal cat litter - amazingly absorbent; only need to change it once a fortnight, just scoop out the moonrocks that get left behind from the clumping.

        Then let your cat out lol. Cats instinctively bury their shit to hide their scent from predators

          She is an outside cat.... perhaps she is just an idiot lol

    If it was a big dog vs a cat, then I'm pretty sure the dog would kick the sh*t out of the cat. Or like a rottweiler or pitbull vs a cat.

    Smaller dogs is a bit more of a gamble. They're all bark and not much bite. And cat's can really scratch the living f*ck out of flesh....

    At the end of the day, my money's on still on dogs though.

      I'd go a lion against any dog one on one ;-)

        I didn't know you could domesticate a lion to live in a house / property ;-)

          You can in Dubai!

    Neither. I'm not particularly fond of either of them, though I absolutely detest cats and can't stand them. So dogs are the lesser of the two evils for me but that does not mean I'm a dog person.

    How about a budgie?

    Aside from the obligatory "Why not both?" Old El Paso girl, if it absolutely must be one or the other then cats come out on top.

    Cats are better than dogs.

    But they all suck. Birds are better. And reptiles are cooler.


      It's a two-party-preferred system, it's all the rage with the kids these days.

      fuck ducks, what about Geese!?

        Geese are jerks. They're like that one uncle of ducks that gets drunk and belligerent at family gatherings.

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          And Swans. "Look at me being a fucking fabulous swan!?!?!" *snaps someones arm*

          Bunch of dick birds.

      the option for ducks is in hell where they belong

        Ducks are great. Geese ... even other ducks hate geese.

          Geese kick the shit out of ducks. such a more beastly animal.

            Come on, it's a gaggle of geese. They're mean as shit but you can't take that seriously XD

              thats why theyre so awesome.
              they're all like "hey, check out our fucking stupid collective noun for geese..."
              then while you are busy laughing your ass off at the word 'gaggle',
              RRRROOOOOAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR - they're fucking going nuts at your unsuspecting ass.

          Geese are literally satan. I'll have to disagree about ducks, but that's purely on me because I've had a weirdly traumatic duck attack when I was younger where one tried to attack my face and ended up getting caught in my hair and it was surprisingly not fun and has left me with a fear of ducks. So yeah, ducks can stay the hell away from me and I'll stay away from them

            *hugs* I love ducks. They go really well brushed with hoi-sin in the oven for about an hour ;)

            I had a traumatic duck moment when I was young.

            My older sister scared it and it had a seizure, so it swam around in a circle with its head tilted to the side for about 30 minutes before recovering like nothing had ever happened.

    Puppies > Kittens > Puppies-trapped-in-small-adult-dog-bodies > [Cats = Dogs] > Puppies-trapped-in-large-adult-dog-bodies.

      *squint* I may have to have words with you. If I can remember how to talk on PSN.

    that is such a cute picture that it makes me forget what the poll is about.
    Who want's a love heart flower?

    I like my cat but i love my dog however if i had to choose i would go the cat.

    Reason is this the cat doesn't sleep on my head and snort in my ear all night.

      I've had several cats that dribbled on me when they were

      My childhood cat would lay on my head but all of my cats since that one have not, So i am probably just going on current experience.

      I have never had the cat drool on me but wife has been drowned a few times in cat drool lol.

      FYI i did not vote as i can tolerate both quiet easily.

    Dogs are cool.

    But the cats I serve are hilarious. :)

      Cats are like celebrities and dogs are like the paparazzi. Cats will strut around like they own the joint, licking themselves and each other in public, and generally acting the fool. As soon as a dog shows up, however, the cat acts all offended and tends to piss off quick smart. Dogs just hang around panting with their lenses hanging out ;-)

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        Funny analogy. Not far off.

        Our three:

        Jack is nervous. He hides from kids and dogs, usually in our bed. This is a cat who was an RSPCA rescue. Beautiful tabby, but was very badly treated (he's had a broken leg at some point), was probably semi-feral and was terrified of strangers, particularly men, for ages. A friend of ours took him from the shelter, then discovered her kids were highly allergic, and that cats and internal motion sensor alarms aren't compatible so was locking him in a utility room all day when she was at work and the kids at school. She was going to return him to the shelter. He wouldn't have been adopted out again and would probably have been killed so we took him. Taken a lot of gentle work over a couple of years to get him confident and able to sit with company, but he's a great cat now.

        Saffy is a princess. Kids she bosses, dogs she just hops up on the counter and looks. Takes no shit. Doesn't like you, she'll let you know. Usually with a nip or a swipe... but also loves to snuggle. Right under my chin when I'm watching TV, normally. Plays well with Jack, the two of them wrestle and chase each other around. It's like being in a cartoon sometimes.

        Max... might as well be a labrador. Highly food motivated. Great with kids. Doesn't give a shit about dogs as long as they're not too close. Has punched a couple in the nose that were too close. Used to be an old lady's cat. Was a fat bastard (over 9kg) but he's trim now. 15 years old... :) Likes to sleep on our bed. Which is fine until the other two arrive. Cold nights there's two humans and three cats in that bed...

        I do love dogs, but we're DINKs with busy jobs and social lives and dogs need active exercise and company in the day. The cats just need to chase the Thing On A Stick or each other for 10 minutes a couple of times a day. So cats make better companions for us. :)


    fite me irl


      lets do dis

        m8 no


        Ill rek you

          no wazza m9, i got ur bak.
          lets fully smash transientmind.

            u wot m8?
            u cn brung ur hole famly ill takem
            im STREET bro ill fkn smash use

              awwww sheet, you sound like a lebo.
              im out bruz. its just a joke bro, its just a joke.

                yeah you BETTA walk away


                I hate that I have actually heard the worst part of this exchange out in the world. Word for nasally-slurred word.

                Last edited 25/05/16 3:38 pm

                  haha, yup. i was reading it with real world voices ive heard also.
                  and we pay americans out for being the way they are and we have our own little treasures here in Aus.

    I used to be a dog person who didn't mind cats. Then I lived with someone who owned two cats.
    I am now a dog person who hates cats with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

      i was once like you, but then we adopted two cats from a person who died. one used to vomit in the house, but had a beautiful meow. the other has the meow of a fucking harpy sliding down a razor blade and landing in petrol at the end only to be set a light, but never die. BUT he is very affectionate and will happily cuddle and enjoy being cradled and belly rubbed (he pretty much acts like a well behaved dog) but the big downside for me is the fucking kitty litter. it stinks all the time even within one day of cleaning (have tried multiple litters and sprays etc etc) and the longer i have to put up with its literal shit, the more i yearn for dopey affectionate dog. but a real dog, none of this terrier bullshit.

    Dogs are cool but I've been attacked by more dogs than cats and dogs have destroyed more of my shit. Cats may be arseholes, but at least they don't try to hide it

      Miniature furry arsehole ninjas, is how I've heard them described. It's about right.

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