The Humble Store Sale Continues To Impress

Okay, the Humble Store sales aren't quite on the level of Steam Sales, but goddamn they run it close.

It's day five of the sale and there's some great stuff going for cheap.

I like the way the whole thing is set up as well. New day: new publisher. Today Ubisoft, SEGA and Australian publisher Surprise Attack bring their wares to the bazaar.


The Ubisoft sale is insanely extensive. These just a few of my picks. It's worth heading to the sale for the Ubi stuff alone.

— Rainbow Six: Siege is 33% off at US$40.83 — Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is 75% off at US$6.23 — Grow Home is 50% off at US$3.99 (this game is amazing) — Child of Light is 75% off at US$3.74


SEGA's stuff isn't quite so extensive but what is there is worth checking out. Games like...

— Jet Set Radio is 75% is US$0.99 — Everything Alien: Isolation is 75% is US$12.49

Honestly, Alien: Isolation is just so good. So good.

Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack has quite the roster of Australian games, and most of them are for sale right now.

— Hacknet is 33% off at US$6.69 — OTTTD is 75% off at US$1.99 — Particulars is 80% off at US$2.99

A lot of stuff to check out there...

The Rest

— EVE Online is 75% off at US$4.99 — Nidhogg is 66% off at US$5.09 — The Banner Sage is 65% off at US$6.99

Have at it people!



    You dare defile the Emperors name, and the name of his favoured sons by neglected to mention the GOTY, EVERY YEAR, Space Marine?!?!

    Let it be known that ever mortal should throw their wallets to the skies in praise to this mighty masterpiece of human engineering.

    Mark, you sniveling coward and agent of the Arch Traitor, I demand you highlight the glory of a discounted Space Marine.

    If not, shall it ever be on your head, whelp.

    Last edited 10/05/16 4:39 pm

      Not sure if heretical joke or heresy...

        'loops really likes Warhammer 40K. Like... a lot. And Space Marines are his favourites.

        Last edited 10/05/16 5:15 pm

    Still waiting for Dying Light complete to go for a decent sale, that title just seems to be resistant to going for cheap even thought its quite old now!

    Last edited 11/05/16 11:34 am

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