The Mirror’s Edge Theme Song Is By CHVRCHES (And It’s Good)

The Mirror’s Edge Theme Song Is By CHVRCHES (And It’s Good)

Damn, this is really cool. Also: how weird is it for a video game to have a theme song by a band you actually know instead of some obscure group you’ve never heard of.

Good job Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Being Scottish and BORN IN THE 80s I’m a pretty big CHVRCHES fan. This song is a little bit by-the-numbers for my tastes, but I still like it a lot. I think it suits the feel of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from what I’ve seen of the game so far. Also: it’s hard to beat Still Alive from the first game, which was just a legitimately incredible track.

Give it a listen. What do you think?


  • Still Alive is the best theme song in the history of theme songs.

    (I don’t mind this song, but it kind of sounds like a closing credits song from a generic European chick flick)

  • Never heard of them. It’s a very happy vibe to the track, are you sure this isn’t a Eurovision finalist? It’s still better than the Kanye track on the AC trailer.

  • I absolutely couldn’t stand Still Alive. The music is great (the entire soundtrack was) but the vocals utterly ruined it for me. This is vastly better.

    Looking forward to the soundtrack for this too – Magnus Birgersson / Solar Fields is doing it again, so it should be great. More excited for that than the game, to be honest.

    • Yup, got to agree with you on Still Alive, but this song doesn’t tickle my fancy much either honestly, again the vocals irritate me and it’s so unrelentingly positive. Hoping the OST is like the first game again, that was a great soundtrack. Then again I get irritated when 2 songs from one of my favourite bands cropped up in Spec Ops: The Line, so I guess I’m just really picky. (The Songs were from Mogwai the legendary Scottish Post-rock outfit, but they felt rushed and cramped within the game, hence the irritation).

  • I like it, though I would love to hear the instrumental to see if it’s just as hypnotic as Still Alive was in the menu.

  • Don’t mind CHVRCHES but this sounds pretty generic really. It has little if anything memorable about it in terms of game music. It actually sounds like something that came out of the 90’s. I could see it as an intro to a sitcom or a cult movie, but as the theme song of a game like Mirror’s Edge I think it’s fairly weak.

  • Still Alive is my favourite song from a video game….. which get’s really confusing when talking about it with someone!

  • Yeah half the reason I liked mirror’s edge was the soundtrack, and the “still alive” song. It added to the feel of the game. I thought they got the same guys to make the music again?

    This songs fine, but it doesn’t sound like a theme song to me.
    I also liked mirror’s edge because it sort of reminded me of a 1990’s future, it reminded me of being a kid in the city of melbourne, super shiny buildings.

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