The Next Battlefield Is Called Battlefield 1, Set In WW1

The Next Battlefield Is Called Battlefield 1, Set In WW1 (UPDATES)

The PlayStation Store leaked the new Call of Duty, so it's only fair that Xbox gets to leak the new Battlefield. This morning, that's what happened, with the above image (showing character art from the new game) popping up on Xbox Live as part of an advertisement for the reveal stream.

EA later made it official: the next Battlefield is called Battlefield 1. It will be out on October 21 (PS4/PC/Xbox One) worldwide, and it's set in a realistic version of World War I — despite rumours, they're not doing any alternate history. (Unless you consider the fact that it's a video game to be alternate history.)

Here's the excellent new trailer:

The game's got tanks, biplanes, horses. Bayonets. Flamethrowers. There's 64-person multiplayer as well as a single-player campaign. The campaign will go to Arabia, Italy, and France, among other areas.

EA appears to be partnering with Microsoft for this marketing push; for the reveal event, all of the posters were plastered with "Xbox One" and they specifically announced that the game will be playable "first" on EA Access on PC and Xbox.

EA also announced an "Early Enlister Deluxe Edition", on sale for $US80 ($109), that will be out three days early, on October 18.

The character on the game's cover appears to be a Harlem Hellfighter. I think it's safe to assume that there won't be any magic, despite the main character looking straight out of Doctor Strange.


    awesome trench warfare!

      The trailer is just so goddamn good. Not in years has a trailer made me shiver with excitement and adrenaline like this one did. The song "Seven Nation Army" Better be the damn theme song for the title screen and story bits.

    2/10.....not enough bugs for an EA/DICE title.

      They can't show off all their best bugs in the first trailer! They've got to hold some back for the... *ahem*... "finished" game :P

    Very excited for this one. If it plays more like BF4 I'll be putting many hours into it.

    Not that interested in the new CoD but if the remaster is done right it'll be those two games fighting for my free time.

      I want the remaster, but I'm not buying the new Cod for it.

    Looking forward to first year of server lag until lots of people stop playing.

    Yes! I can't wait to bug out those blimps so I can ride me a land whale. 8)

    Looking forward to this now. I am so ready to go back to a WW shooter.

    Yeh this is music to my ears. I'm over the modern/future warfare shit.

    Now that looks fun as hell! Glad we're getting away from the modern/futuristic stuff and back to stylised fun :D

    But really, I mean really... they couldn't have taken this as an opportunity to get away from those stupid goddamn burnt glowing looking covers?

    Last edited 07/05/16 10:02 am

      Man with a gun, orange and blue, profit.

    Was just thinking about the next Battlefield game the other day, might be interesting going back instead of forward with stupid tech enhancements to both weapons and soldiers. Going to require a lot more skill than run and gun, or camping a corridor. WWI will require precision brick dropping from the bi-planes, and being able to convince other team mates to be the ones to stick their heads out of the trenches.

      God I hope so. I'd hate to see a massive digital overlay HUD on a biplane. Moreso, just look over, see your guy holding a bomb in his hand/hands and praying you hit that 'sweet spot' you're aiming for...

      I've been teaching World War 1 to students this semester for Year 10 history, we were actually discussing how it's a misconception that WW1 would not make for an exciting game (Pop culture gets a heavy look in for the year 10 curriculum at times, but I also segue a lot when on prac lol). Though it's stylised and they're taking major liberties there, it's definite proof it would work, that industrialized period mixed with medieval/imperialised period look is fantastic.

      Last edited 07/05/16 11:43 am

        Have you checked out Verdun? Playing that game has convinced me of one thing...

        ...I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in the real thing.

    Keen. As in Commander. Very bored of modern semi futuristic shooters.

    They'd better give the light horse brigades Australian accents.

      well i don't there confirmed to be in the game but there is probs gonna be a gallipoli or
      Beersheba map or campaign level. i'm hope we can get an aussie skin for the multiplayer

      Or better yet, throw in the Gallipoli Landings at some stage!

        Because everyone loves having zero chance of winning :P

        Considering Omaha was a great BF1942 map, Gallipoli should be a given. Doubt they will use Aussie accents though. The tobruk map in bf42 used British accents. Fark I miss those heady days of 2003 playing on the GameArena servers.

      At the time period the "Aussie" accent wasn't as established as it is today. Remember Australia was settled by cockney criminals, elitist aristocrats and the crown was still enforcing the white Australia policy. Colonization was high on the agenda, right up there with eradicating the native menace.

      It was 100 years ago, times have thankfully changed.

    Hopefully we'll get to see the Bashford Dean Panoply, the Mondragon rifle, the Federov Avtomat, the Winchester Model 1907/1910 and RSC M1917 make an appearance. It doesn't have to be fought solely with bolt action rifles, shotguns and the odd SMG.

    In terms of the campaign, I'd love to see Australians play some major role, but I suspect that nothing of the sort will happen. The Americans will save the day, the Allies will be solely America, England and France, and the contributions of any or all of the Commonwealth troops will be neglected. They'll probably even attribute Monash's victories and/or strategies to some American general.

      Oh Australia will have some role to play in this DLC.

        Nah, that's the Canadians. We Australians won't get a look in.

      There is literally an arsenal of WWI era weapons to choose from, so no doubt you will get your wish. The only machine gun in the trailer that gets more than a second of screen time is the Lewis Machine Gun, everything else is a fleeting glance.

        There's a huge arsenal, but not all that many people know about some of the more obscure and interesting weapons, even if they were issued in large numbers, because most histories don't feature them at all. It's only when you go digging that you find out that the Mondragon rifle was first used in the trenches and then used to arm airplane observers, or that the Model 1907 and 1910 were issued in quite large numbers and went on to inspire the first Intermediate cartridge assault rifle.

        I'm hopeful, but not too much so.

        Edit: Holy shit, just got a look at a still of the guy in armour. That's the Bashford Dean Panoply! Scratch everything I said, I'm now super excited!

        Last edited 07/05/16 4:11 pm

    I'd be amused if Dice suddenly came out and said 'we're also adding a remastered Battlefield 1942' ... but in all seriousness, I'd be down with that.

      I bet if this game is successful their plan probably will be move forward in time again. So the next BF after this probably has a high chance of WW2.

        I'd be down for a Fantasy Era Battlefield game... imagine DICE being given the opportunity to make WARHAMMER FANTASY into a Battlefield game?

          Wasn't their last game a fantasy Battlefield game?

          Hold on man, we've gotta have some Battlefield 40k first, make a shooty game while they still know how.

      I would wet my pants at news like that and immediately schedule some lengthy leave to coincide with its release date. And then look to how I could send wife and kids away for a corresponding amount of time.

    ahhh what the funk. What about all those leeks of BF2143. This ain't BF2143, in fact its literally the furthest they've ever been from 2143.... I'm interest though I must admit.

      Never trust the leeks bro; they're dodgy vegetables!

    October 8, plenty of time to get a new video card then, my 7970 is starting to fall behind haha

      Maybe the new AMD cards will come bundled with BF1 the same way the old gen came bundled with BF4.

      Good thing the 1080 & 70 cards were just announced.

        I reckon, after I posted that comment I saw the stories about the 1080, plenty of time to save up some cash atleast

          Don't forget that Kaby Lake will also be released later this year too. As it will be one of Intel's 'tock' sockets, it should be good for a new system build. Pump that DDR4 baby!

            haha I just got a a new i7 6700K system late last year, just didn't have the cash at the time to upgrade the graphics card at the same time, then talk about new 10 series started so I waited

              Still working through games at a very satisfactory level with two 770's, in 4600k and 16GB of DDR3! Not sure the rig will handle BF1 too well though....

    Mk1 tanks! 4mph on a good road, YEAH!!!

      Wonder if most of the crew can die from monoxide fumes when the guns start going.

      WWI tanks sound fun, until you realise you need 15 mates to drive one, and everyone else has pissed off to the front! :p

        Yeah, I wonder how many players will want to be the gear changers? There were usually two gear changers in the back. They could make it like a bit of a reward system. If you're good on the gears, the driver has faster rate of fire, more powerful shots, etc etc.

    Yeah, nah, I'll be getting this on PS4. Better performance.

    I know; PC-blah, blah, blah.

    I like the bit with the blimp at the end, but aren't those ones filled with hydrogen? I don't think I could design something worse to send into battle that a massive cylinder of highly flammable gas.

      I always wondered about that too. The Germans used them quite a bit in WWI so they must be a bit more durable than i'm picturing.

      The blimps were never really used in direct combat persay, not intentionally anyway. They often used them as antiaircraft devices, hanging huge chains and spotlights from them (would have been a sight to see) I am curious to see what Battlefield does for sure.

      Zeppelins were used as bombers and as scouts,

    On another note, there was the Battlefield 1918 mod for Battlefield 1942. This seems to be an evolution of that. That mod was a bit of fun back in the day. Come to think of it, I sort of feel like I am playing through the Battlefield 1942 mods which are being released as standalone games now.
    There was the 1942 mod Desert Combat, which seemed to be copied with Battlefield 2.
    There was Battlefield 1942 mod Galactic Conquest, which has now been done as Star Wars Battlefront, and now the Battlefield 1942 mod Battlefield 1918 is getting a paint job and being released standalone. Don't get me wrong. These new games are fully fledged standalone games, however it goes to show you that the modding community will quickly take an engine and run with it to show you a very accurate version of where these games will end up.

      Totally agree. Especially with the evolution of Galactic Conquest mod through the various versions of Battlefront. Desert Combat was a ton of fun. Especially that map for planes.

    Battlefield 1 looks interesting. Could be some great new game mechanics. But after I got screwed by EA Battlefront, I won't be buying anything before release and will be waiting for reviews....DICE and EA now have to prove they can produce a decent game again.

    The cool thing is that this seems something fresh and new to a lot of people. Now the final game will dictate how it is. There's plenty of examples of cool idea that went no where, but the Battlefield franchise has remained pretty damn good. Let's try and forget they made Battlefront, except from the graphics side, and hope this is Battlefield.

    despite rumours, they’re not doing any alternate history.

    Except that they'll grossly over-represent the contribution of the 'Murricans.

    Rather than being high altitude bombers, the Zeppelins will probably behave like Hueys. Coming in at treetop height to allow troops to rappel down on ropes...

    Are magazine sizes going to be accurate of the time period or the series?

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