Total War Warhammer Becomes The Next Steam Hit

Total War Warhammer Becomes The Next Steam Hit

It’s not often you see a tactical strategy game sitting just underneath the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 on the Steam charts.

The reception for Total War: Warhammer has been, well, pretty good. There were plenty of concerns for the franchise given the state that Total War: Rome 2 was released in. And then there was the ferocious backlash last year when Creative Assembly announced that the Chaos Warriors — those annoying buggers who invade every campaign game without fail — would be gated off for DLC and pre-orders.

Andif that wasn’t enough, there was also the concern that Total Warhammer would only have four playable factions at launch. That’s not a great deal for a Total War game, considering the myriad of factions and the size of the world map at play.

Still — and despite almost 1500 negative reviews on Steam at the time of writing — people are lapping the strategy game up.

Things aren’t looking good for Creative Assembly just on Valve’s front page either. The latest estimates from the Steam Spy tracker puts the total number of owners at just under 290,000, a number likely to rise over the coming days.

Total War Warhammer Becomes The Next Steam Hit

It doesn’t put Total Warhammer in the same kind of territory as Empire: Total War or Total War: SHOGUN 2. But considering the game’s reception, including Luke’s fawning review, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Games Workshop collaboration pays off handsomely for the British developer.


  • This is a good thing. It’s the best Total War game yet. (Apart from the first one.)

  • Loving what I’ve played so far myself.

    I expect most of the negative reviews were from the first few hours of launch when people were experiencing that loading screen hang… Which is fair enough to be angry about, but I don’t think it’s fair enough to leave a negative review with less than 10 minutes played.

    The more I see of Steam reviews, the more I think those who refund games should have their reviews removed. Or at least have it very clearly stated “User refunded title” like it now states “User recieved product for free” or such.

    Some might think that’s backwards, but I say it is one thing to simply not be hooked in your first two hours… And a whole other to be able to leave a negative review out of petty spite while also getting a full refund.

    • I find it hilarious that when a game is released and has glaring technical issues, everyone seems to think we shouldn’t call the company out on it. You release a game and it has technical issues that hinder play…well then…maybe you should have waited until you fixed that issue before releasing a wonky game. These companies are ok with mediocre releases because people like you don’t care. The last few games I have purchased have had crappy launches…Disgaea PC, The Division, Hitman, etc. I have given each bad reviews. If you decide to release a game in a crappy state, you don’t deserve to bitch about it afterwards. As a consumer, it’s my right to give a bad review of a badly designed or poorly released game. Period. I put down the cash, I deserve a working product. Period.

      • People like me don’t care, yeah assume more shit that isn’t true. I clearly said it’s fair enough to be angry about certain things like technical issues.

        But if your reviews consisted of anything remotely like “OMFG doesn’t work, I hope you all die!” then I’d say you need to climb down off your soap box. Because THOSE are the types of reviews I’m primarily talking about. They don’t help ANYONE, especially not people thinking about buying the product. And when you’re talking about PC games, the problem might not have even been the game itself but the person’s own computer. So it’s just bullshit that doesn’t inform anyone of anything beyond the fact it simply didn’t work for THAT person.

        As for this game, the issue was because of server load they simply weren’t expecting… And this is what users worked out, not what the company told everyone, it was essentially a check which was hanging due to server load. Because if you left it long enough the game would load up just fine.

        And server load issues is something that has always been a problem with launches, and will likely always be something that happens regardless.

        Secondly, it’d be one thing if it wasn’t working at all, but even with the issue that was happening to some people there was a workaround on top of just waiting long enough… Add to which they fixed the problem within a day.

        Putting on a review “user refunded product” has two effects. It not only lets people know that a) It might be bad enough that it warrants a refund, but also, b) The person leaving a negative review just MIGHT be doing so simply because it wasn’t their type of game, so they’re being a petty prick while exploiting the refund system for a game they may never have even bought had said refund system not been in place.

        Steam is prone to that shit. But sure let’s sweep that under the rug so you can grandstand like the almighty, forever wronged consumer washing your hands of any and all responsibility.

        You sound to me a lot like the people who buy games their systems were never up to spec to run to begin with, so then they bitch and moan about how badly made the game is even though THEY made a mistake.

        • This is comical. I’m running g an I7 with a 980 ti and 16 GB of RAM. My rig is more than fine. If a game launches just like any other product and doesn’t work, consumers can say whatever they want about it. I don’t understand why people now think they need to defend companies. Server load issues eh? When the division launched, many couldn’t play due to the server issues. Many refunded the game. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE ANGRY! I just didn’t get it. They purchased a product, it didn’t work, they returned it for a full refund, and posted a review about the bad experience. That’s what reviews are for. If you don’t believe in the person reviewing a product, buy it yourself and take the risk. Just don’t erase the reviews. The company f’d up and everyone should know about it before giving them their hard earned cash. Reviews aren’t meant to be posted to your liking. They should be fair and impartial. If the launch blows, stop accepting it as if it was inevitable. Expect more and stop accepting subpart releases. Get some self respect. As consumers, we deserve better.

          • I never said your computer wasn’t up to spec, the comment was quite specifically worded for a reason as I had no clue what your computer specs were so it’d be impossible to say as such. All I said was you sound just like those types of people. There’s a very clear difference.

            They should be fair and impartial.
            They SHOULD be… But this isn’t what actually happens on a great many customer reviews. It’s enraged mouth breathing telling developers to die or other such bullshit nonsense.

            It’s not about defending the company, it’s not about reviews being to my liking. It’s about people not ‘reviewing’ products like asshats… I’d have zero issue if everyone reviewed things like you seem to be claiming they do, but it is not the case; And you’re utterly delusional if you think that is what is going on.

  • My only concern is whether or not I can run it. Especially with word of optimisation issues. I only just meet the recommended specs so as much as I would to give it a crack I am a bit hesitant to spend $60 on something I may not be able to run.

  • Keen to play it, but the DLC tomfoolery has pushed it to “wait for the GOTY edition” status for me.

  • If you’re into pre-Age of Sigmar Warhammer it’s a must buy. It’s fucking amazing

  • Enjoying it. Don’t think it’s as good ad Empire TW – but that’s an apples and oranges thing really.

  • Why do you always have mention steam reviews? They mean absolutely nothing. Nor are they proof of anything. Websites should just ignore them and hopefully loser will stop writing them desperate for attention

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