What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Okay so I'm playing Uncharted 4. It's good.

Here is my review of Uncharted 4: the climbing is really good.

I give the game climbing out of climbing. My highest score possible.

But as much as I love Uncharted 4, it is really hard to stop playing Dark Souls 3. I'll be back my love. I'll be back soon.

Also: Push Me Pull You is really good. I've been playing that with friends when they come over so I can pretend to be social. I recommend it. It's a goddamn wild time.


    I got my PS4 on Tuesday so I'll be powering through the Uncharted trilogy in preparation for Uncharted 4.

    Also Ratchet and Clank. Because Ratchet and Clank.

      Went to play some more of ratchet and clank last night but thought id leave it for weekend!

    I'm just about done with my first run through DS3. One boss and an estus shard to collect....then let the NG+ begin!

    Overwatch Beta for sure! Absolutely loving the mechanics and teamwork. The character choice is fantastic too!

    Also wanting to continue with Uncharted 2 on PS4 :P

      I'll be playing the Overwatch beta as well! Super excited to check out Mei.

        Mei is a really great character. If you stick with someone who does damage well you're going to have a great time!

        Mei is probably the most irritating character to play against in the entire game.

        She just freezes you solid and then in the replay you have to watch yourself getting frozen then watch as she just takes her time to shoot you in the face.

    Probably a gaming free weekend for me sadly. Preparing a big move back to the Eastern side of Aus so that is priority #1

    I'll be playing the Grand Kingdom Beta a little each day (It's got a 3 battle per day limit) but mostly I'll be playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and possibly fooling around with builds or NG+ in Dark Souls III. There'll be some Pokemon Red too.


    Miko is life. Miko is love

      He/She is a tough sucker to take down

    I'm going home for Mother's day, so I'm probably playing fetch with their dog.

    I may do a little Soulsing tonight, trying to kill the Old Demon King in Smouldering Lake, even though I know it's optional. New plan is to poison him and leg it

      I killed him this morning and he was super easy. Just running the pyromancer gear, chloranthy ring, the ring that makes spells faster, the ring that makes spells powerful and the ring that makes spells really powerful.

      It took about 8-10 Great Heavy Soul Arrows and he went down. I don't think he actually hit me... He kept his distance the whole time and even the fire didn't do anything...

        Well, of course he's super easy if you attack him from a distance since his danger zone is while at close range. For a melee character it's a bit more annoying because some of his attacks have frustrating collision that can drag and push you around while making dodging impossible. Hit and run is basically the name of the game.

          As someone who has fought this bastard with both a melee character and a sorcerer I can confirm this :)

    I've started a NG+ playthrough on DS3, although to break that up I'll probably finish the FC4 platinum.

    Possibly more Alienation or MKX. Will consider picking up Uncharted (if I'm particularly bored) or Push Me Pull You (if my friends are coming over).

    My internet is back, so I'll be playing splatoon after a three month hiatus!

    Also pokken, and some star fox, and finally laying down the grafix on my arcade stick.

    No gaming for me this weekend unfortunately... I'll be back on Witcher 3 next week and try to finish that before I get Uncharted 4. Also, need to finish my Wolven Armour set.

    I'm going to be out of town for a wedding all day Saturday returning Sunday, but I hope to find some time to continue with Valiant Hearts, or start on Wolfenstein: the Old Blood.

      Valiant Hearts was pretty good. Some of the game play elements didn't quite gel for me, but the overall story, character relationships, atmosphere and music were very good. I liked the art style as well.

        Yeah, I've really been enjoying it. Not sure how far in I've gotten, I've played it in short bursts of an hour here and there. I've just gotten through the flashback sequence that properly introduces Anna's backstory and am at the start of the sequences where the guy with the beard (whose name I've forgotten) is re-inducted into the army after being put on trial and found not guilty of deserting his post.

      I'm going to a wedding on Saturday as well - gotta get the most out of that Sunday!

        Your wedding isn't in Wollongong by any chance? :P

        I actually took a sneaky day of leave Monday to make up for the "shortened" weekend, so I think Sunday will mostly be sleeping off my celebrations after a courtesy mother's day call.

    I have a bit too much on my gaming plate at the moment.
    I've been working through LA Noire Complete edition (360), The Crew: Wild Run (PS4) and I've been getting some 'new' Sega Master System games off the old ebay. So might give them a go too.
    Will probably play some Lego Dimensions (PS4) as usual with my daughter. I also just picked up Dying Light: The Following edition (PS4) and MGS V (finally!).

      So many games! LA Noire is fantastic, I played through it with my girlfriend a few years back and loved it. Hope you enjoy it ^_^

    Since I finished Sunset Overdrive, I will be continuing my second play of Rise of The Tomb Raider on Survivor difficulty because I don't have a PS4 :(

    Might also start Dead Space!

    I cracked and bought a PS4 after reading about all the cheating on DS3 PC. so playing DS3 on my fancy new PS4 :)

    Overwatch and battleborn and maybe another run of dark souls 3

    Got my Blackwake Alpha key today.

    Going to pirate it up!

    Loving Alienation, so will probably keep playing that while I wait for Uncharted 4.

      How does it compare generally to Dead Nation?

        Quite similar... control scheme is basically identical. A bit faster... in Dead Nation I generally tried to creep along taking out zombies one by one at a distance as much as possible. You can start doing that in Alienation, but they tend to close in on you pretty quickly - it forces you to use all of your weapons / abilities to survive.

        Biggest difference is the loot system. Has that Diablo / Destiny kind of thing where you're constantly trying to acquire new and better weapons and then upgrading them to make it easier to defeat enemies in order to acquire newer and better weapons etc etc. If you're a stats-obsessed type person you'll probably find it sinks its hooks in pretty deep.

    It would be the Overwatch Beta if I didn't purchase Stardew Valley a few days ago.

      What kind of farmer would you be if you left your crops unattended?

        Well maybe just maybe I could squeeze in a game or 2 between patting the aminals.

    Finished Dark Souls III the other day, and I still have the itch for Souls, so I'm going to finally play the Bloodborne DLC, and then replay DS2 for Scholars.

      BB DLC is pretty rad. Last boss was great.

    Started playing this cool game called Xenoblade Chronicles X, and boy have I gotten myself into something. This game is fricken massive. Definitely going to be a several month affair with this one.

    Finally starting to taper off on Destiny's last patch. Two toons at 335, and collected/finished a pile of stuff I'd never gotten around to as well.

    This weekend I'm going to try and continue hitting my extensive handheld pile of shame. I finally jumped back on Luigi's Mansion 2 the other day, after neglecting it halfway through the second mansion a year or so ago. Glad I did. Such a brilliant game. Honestly one of the 3DS's highlights for me.

    Also on call, so provided they don't ruin me, I'll continue a few matches here and there of Overwatch beta, and maybe get around to fixing my old Asus laptop as well.

    Let's Fish Hooked On!

    Finished Jamie and Kano, now moving onto Ryuji and finishing up some challenge trophies.

    Got farcry Primal last weekend which I still haven't played, and am going to get Ratchet and Clank for ps4 (Has anyone played it? Is it awesome??)
    And Mother's day.. Looks like family weekend ahead! Then games next week

    Battleborn, and in between Battleborn matches, Battleborn Tap on the ol' iPhone.

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