What Are You Playing This Weekend?

2016 is really starting to crank. In the last month or so we've had Dark Souls 3, Uncharted 4, the Overwatch beta... a lot of good stuff. And Doom comes out today.

If you're looking for something to play over the weekend, you have a lot of choice.

Me, I'll be trying to finish off Uncharted if I've got the time. Then I'll be going back to Lothric for a New Game + with Dark Souls 3.

Actually I'll probably be wrestling the Wii U Gamepad off my three-year-old son who insists on playing the first level of Super Mario 3D World over and over and over again.



    I'm thinking I might wrap everything up and move onto a NG+ in Dark Souls III. I want to do some 40k painting too. My Eldar are almost looking like Eldar which is nice.

      YAY TABLETOP WARGAMES! I've actually got a Narrative tournament in Melbourne for Infinity. All about the pew pew with some espionage thrown in for good measure :D

      Have you got a link to your Eldar?

        Nah, they're mostly one or two layers away from being complete. With any luck I'll have some photo ready stuff soon.

          Tag me when you have some photos :D I had an Iybraesil army back in like 5th ed. Good times were had by all ^_^

            Hey, same Craftworld!

              Nice choice. This is it YEARS ago.


              Still have it sitting in the cupboard ^_^

                Nice. I love the Banshees and the Wraithlord.

    I finally got my copy of the witcher back after lending it to a friend many moons ago so I'm finally going to tackle a ng+ on Death March and also try out the blood and wine expansion. Goodbye free time

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      Blood and Wine is out 31st May, don't get your hopes up, I know I am counting down the days

        Ah right, I meant the other expansion, hearts of stone

          Cool, I liked that expansion, I'm going to be reinstalling Witcher 3 this weekend, potentially starting a New Game Plus and hopefully be finished by the time Blood and Wine comes out (although I doubt it)

    If I have time...some MGSV

    I did just buy Doom, however.

    Uncharted 4. Probably servicing my crippling Kantai Collection addiction. Maybe some World of Warships if I feel like eating torpedoes. Possibly will dig something off Ye Olde Pile o Shame if I finish Uncharted quickly.


      World of War-




        I plumbed the depths of World of Warcraft years ago and now I find it gives more and more diminishing returns in terms of the amount of enjoyment I can get out of it. If I played an MMO again I'd be more likely to take up FFXIV again.

    I bought Uncharted 4 on day 1 and so far have had all of maybe 45 minutes to actually play it. I'm hoping I might find some time for it this weekend, but not looking good right now :(

      Same here, except last nights play-through got me hooked on the story. Good thing no one spoiled anything for me.

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      I've installed it.

      Then I came down with a migraine. :(

    2h left on the doom download...nbn in jan

    offworld trading company
    eve online
    wow legion

      Nice, i have just moved into a new house with the NBN, Doom is now chugging along at a nice 3MB/s, should be done in about 4 hours.

        Only 3MB/s? You might want to reconsider being on NBN, ADSL2+ gets anywhere from 1.2-1.8MB/s and currently our cable plan rocks between 2.5-3MB/s
        So if you are (presumably) paying quite a high price for NBN, maybe have a look around for other plans/companies

          I only have a 25Mbit/s connection and steam was downloading at 3Mbyte/s which is about 23Mbits/s so i was getting the fastest speed i could with my connection.

      How big is the download? I have to wait till I'm home from work and I have quiteslow net speed . I hope it's not one of these 5gb on disc, download the other 45gb... If so I might not be playing at all this weekend...

        If anyone was wondering: 5.7Gb update for DOOM on PS4.

    My time of overflowing choice doesn't start until next week when Valkyria Chronicles Remastered kicks off a slew of JRPGs and other J games (well, Odin Sphere: Leifthraisir) being released over the space of a few months. This weekend though I'm finishing up with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and possibly starting either Stranger of Sword City or maybe one of the other GBA Castlevanias. I'll also be getting a little time in on Pokemon Red and Operation Abyss.

    Just bought Uncharted 4, but I was hoping to finish Witcher 3 before I start.
    I just found Ciri and beat the Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen so hopefully I am in the home straight???
    Unfortunately, I also have a baby shower and engagement party I apparently have to attend which will cut into my much more important gaming time. Adult duties suck!

      No sorry, you still have Act 3, but on the plus side, You still have Act 3 :D

      Nah, you might as well have waited for PS5 and bought Uncharted 4 remastered, because you're going to be busy for a while yet with Witcher 3 :P

    Well, I've been banging my head against Aldritch's wormy butt all week so either keep trying that until it works or I can give DOOM a try when I get home from karaoke tonight.

    Other than that we've got some puppies staying with us for the weekend and I'm hoping they don't destroy any more of my knitting.

      For Aldrich just run at him, whack his tail, and run like hell whenever he shoots his bow.

        That's what I've been doing, but for me whenever he's been doing the arrows he's also been doing the homing soul mass thing and I end up getting wrecked by that or the giant soul mass he's also firing at the same time. He's killed me more times than all the other bosses so far combined.

          Are you rolling or running though? Running works better with the arrows. It's hard to explain exactly how I fight him, should be streaming his death in about a week though. (doing a single stream completion on NG+++)

      If you're REALLY stuck probably a sign you might need to grind some souls to raise your Vigor.

    Just finished The Witcher 2 last night, so on to number 3.

    I know I'm late, but I had to get off my backside and finish the first two. Great stories it turns out.

    Once it finishes downloading, that is.

      Mine is already downloaded, thanks Xbox

      Except it has since then been staring at me willing me to play it, and I hadn't been able to

    I have tea, milk, sugar, blanket and my PC. Plan is to buy biscuits tonight, and spend the weekend curled up in front of my PC playing Stellaris. Might divert some time to Uncharted, too.

      Yay Stellaris! Have you started playing it at all? I had a mate take the whole week off to play the game... but he's a bit mental like that :P

        Yep, put in a few hours on Tuesday night, haven't gone back since due to how dead tired I was at work on Wednesday because of it. Just one more [colony/research/anomaly/system-survey/trade-deal]... and suddenly it's 2am. :3 Gonna properly sink into it this weekend.

          Yeah I need to be good this weekend, looking forward to locking horns with it properly Sunday I think!

    I will be doing my best to finish the final boss battle on Trails of Cold Steel NG+ Nightmare Difficulty.

    I tried a few times on Wednesday night but kept getting my ass handed to me. A quick google has shown that luck plays a big role in this final fight so all I might be able to do is just keep at it.

    I'm achievement hunting my Steam library, alphabetically.
    Currently working on Bastion and Binding Of Isaac: Wrath Of The Lamb.
    'A' was a fulfilling achievement grind... 'B' is no less so.

      I love Bastion's soundtrack. What choices did you make?

        One of my favourite Soundtracks, by all means! I especially love Zia's theme. Gives me shivers every time.
        I saved Zulf and abandoned the Bastion. These are tough times, I can forgive Zulf for his actions.

        One of my favourite Soundtracks, by all means! I especially love Zia's theme. Gives me shivers every time.
        I saved Zulf and abandoned the Bastion. These are tough times, I can forgive Zulf for his actions.

    Let's Fish Hooked On! (Vita) (almost got my platinum)
    Broken Age (PS4)
    LoH:TitS:SC (Vita)

    I'll just be sitting in the corner rocking backwards and forwards alone with my Overwatch withdrawals.

    While waiting for Doom to download I'll probably play Nekopara 2.

    DOOM and DOOM 2
    But the 1994/5 Doom because it works wonderfully over the internet as co-op with a friend on two oldish laptops.
    Does anyone have any ideas of co-op games like the secret of mana that will also work over the internet and has a storyline of progression through a campaign?
    Oldish and efficient enough to run on old hardware and bad internet connections.

    We are going to try XWing vs Tie Fighter Balance of Power which has a wonderful co-op campaign but looking for a Mana type rpg as well.

    Nerdy fun times on Sunday playing a narrative tournament for Infinity (skirmish tabletop wargame). I also bought Stellaris last night and my god, it's accessible and a bag of fun so far. Just cool calm spacefaring fun :D

    Uncharted. MP tomorrow, prob single player Sunday.

    Tonight I'm Stellarising

    Probably finding the rest of the secret levels and alternate paths in Star Fox Zero.

    Dead Space. In chapter 3 - so far so good.
    And survivor difficulty on Rise of The Tomb Raider.

      The first Dead Space? 2008 was a beautiful year for games.

        Well it can't be the third game because I don't think he's suicidal.

          Is dead space 3 that bad? I've read that it moves from horror to action, but reviews were still pretty good.

            Well I can't find my last comment, except for this one

            I was thinking of doing a video on it. It's crippled with microtransactions and designed for co-op play. Without paying or without a second player, the game is unfair, trying to force you to pay up.
            The story is melodramatic crap that flanderizes characters. Even Ellie from Dead Space 2 for some reason gained two cup sizes because she's a woman.

            The game is excessively loud, banging and screaming in your ear, thinking that equals horror. Nobody acts human, then at the end of the game you find the mastermind behind the whole series. You literally fight the moon, no exaggeration, you pull out a gun and start shooting the moon.

            No it's not that bad.
            I still had a lovely time

        Yeah the first one. It was free with Gold last month, and since I skipped the last two generations of gaming, I am catching up.

        I am surprised my neighbours haven't complained about all my screaming while playing dead space.

        Also I have never enjoyed a silent protagonist, but I am trying hard to not let it get in the way.

    Stellaris. Lots of Stellaris. As an aside, anyone who hadn't bought it yet who's wondering what edition to get, the Nova edition is totally worth it, the soundtrack is amazing.

    A few people here saying they'll start NG+ in DS3...

    So, I'm having a lot of fun doing invasions in NG+ undead settlement. I apologise in advance if we should meet on the weekend.

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