What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm still trudging through Dark Souls III (and loving every second of it) what are you playing this weekend?

It's starting to worry me how long it takes me to play video games. It's just extremely difficult for me to find the time to do anything that isn't working, looking after kids and sleeping. I think I need to eke out a little more time in my schedule for video games, but that's life I guess.

I'm hoping I'll at least get close to the end of this damn amazing video game before Uncharted 4 comes out!


    got my platinum in Stikbold during the week, so its a rush to finish Uncharted 3 Remastered before no. 4 comes out soon.

    Figuring out where to go next in Dark Souls III mostly. I've sent two children back to the naughty chair but haven't figured out where the next path is yet. I may also check out the new Ratchet and Clank, and I'm still in the process of finishing up Bravely Second.

      If you are where I think, after down, go up.

    The Division and a Baldurs Gate replay - then to the footy!!

    Rocket League & Sunset Overdrive.

      That's like an overdose of fun!
      And those are the exact games I am playing too. Why didn't I buy Sunset Ovrdrive earlier?

        I finished sunset a couple months ago after it sitting there for months with my bundle, it's up there for pure fun factor, it's just constant movement no time to stop and think about its few faults imo

        Because, if you're like me, you waited and got it for (basically) free?

    Chronovolt on Vita (actually not a bad little game)
    Trails in the Sky SC on Vita (about half-way through or so and loving it to bits - Olivier is in fine form)
    Assassin's Creed Rogue (PS3) mopping up the collectibles before finishing the story. It's surprisingly OK.
    Broken Age (PS4) just over half-way through and it seems pretty good if not spectacular.

      I am loving Trails of Cold Steel on PS3. Doing a second play-through now for the Platinum.

      It's a damn shame the other Trails games never made it to PS3/PS4. I would have loved to play them.

    The division whoop whoop and also quantum break now that I have a week off

    HOT TIP! if you log into the Division this weekend, they are giving everyone 150 phoenix credits just for logging in, to apologise for the lack of dailies before the patch dropped. If that's how they apologise, I should be freaking rolling in Phoenix credits in the near future!

    Also I'm 3 hours into Heavy rain, finally starting to get into the story, still utterly hating the boring real life tasks I seem to be wasting soooo much time doing, and the fixed camera makes it feel really derpy, but plough on I must!
    I've also kicked Skyrim in the guts again with all dem mods so probably some more of that

      I can't remember that there were so many real life tasks 3 hours into Heavy Rain? I thought it was in the first few levels.
      BTW I'm probably on the 20th Level in Beyond Two Souls. It's a good game but the only thing I don't like about it is the jumping in the timeline.
      B:TS is more action oriented compared to HR and I'll give my final verdict once I've finished B:TS.
      Once I finish it I'll probably try and get Fahrenheit and Omikron. I'm impressed with these 2 games from Quantic Dream

      Cooked any eggs yet?

        Nah but i have done lots of fun things like make sure my son do his homework, heat him up some pizza, make sure he doesn't watch too much tv, get him to clean his teeth before bed and read him a story. i've made plenty of coffees, played with the kids in the back yard, changed a baby's nappy and fed it, got medicine from a cupboard, showered and got changed....the list just goes on. I feel like a very large portion of the first 3 hours has been just doing shit tasks that could of all been done with short cut scenes. Just sort of feels like it takes so long to actually progress the story, but it's just starting to speed up and move along now so hopefully the boring stuff is done

          Ha ha, it does a fair bit, but there's a reason David Cage calls it interactive drama ;-)

          Wow that's a lot of "chores" lol. I don't recall doing so many when I played it.

          However do remember the choices you make so somewhat affect the story of the game.
          I've seen videos on of scenes I've never played and I remember the review on Good Game Bajo and Hex had different scenarios too.
          Maybe you chose levels that had a lot of daily life chores :-P

            Maybe I have, maybe they saw 'Sucker' written all over me!

            I can honestly say, if it wasn't for the sheer amount of people that has said it's a brilliant game, I would almost certainly have thrown it in the 'I'm done with this shit' pile alongside other classics like Assassins creed 3 and Medal of Honour warfighter which also got about 3 hours of play time before being unceremoniously thrown in the draw, disk out of container and all.

    Trying out an Assassin build in DS3. Just got the Crystal Sage's Rapier.

    Gunna max intelligence, which scales with CS Rapier, see if the multi-class fighter/sorcerer build works!

    Having a great time.

      I've done something similar but a strength sorcerer build, using the Dark Sword infused as Raw... Pretty fun so far as I don't really rate sorcery in DS3 that much

        Yeah the build for me just happened on it's own. I started out wanting to use greater magic weapon with a raw weapon, and it's morphed into something totally unexpected.

        I really love it when a non pencil-and-paper RPG can deliver that ...

        Last edited 22/04/16 2:14 pm

          Over the weekend I dropped the strength/sorc build and went for a similar strength/pyro build. I've gotta say pyro is a LOT stronger than sorcery.

            heh funny, did same! But I ended up going the dex/pyro build - just awesome :)

    Probably Dota, Black Ops 3 and world of tanks
    then maybe some HOMM 3 and MMH 7. The other way round really because when I give up on 7 then I'll have to go back to 3 to soothe my brain.
    Maybe some Pillars and finally some Metro to stress my new graphics card and finally see that amazing game at decent settings

    Bashing some heads in with my Knight in DS3. I still have a loooooong way to go.

    Ima do a barrel roll!

    Also this:


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    Just bought Firewatch so might take a look at that.

    Heading back into GTA V Online for a quick bash with friends. Probs some Division as well as there is some freebies on offer if you log in this weekend.

    Dark Souls III but if I finish it or feel like a break I started a new playthrough of Ocarina of Time (never actually finished it) so I might do that for as long as my eyes can handle it.

    I'm thinking Dark Souls III tonight, gym tomorrow morning, pick up a copy of Star Fox on the way home and then smash that until Monday morning.


    I'll be switching between being a Sunbro and Mound maker. Helping people beat The nameless king and Aldritch. Then I'll hunt people in the grand archives like a complete bastard. I want covenant spells ;)

    Stardew Valley - Definitely will

    Hopeful on the following (If I can pull myself away from Stardew):
    The Division
    The Samaritan Paradox
    Enter the Gungeon
    Bunker Punks

      ... Or you'll spend all weekend just playing Stardew Valley. Like me. Because that game is amazing.

        Ok so I spent most of Monday playing Stardew Valley.

        I did play The Division (had to get the free 150 phoenix credits)

        And a lot of cleaning for the council clean up

        But yes, so much stardew

        Spring of Year 3 :D

    Beyond: Two Souls and trying to get 100% in Super Mario 3D Land.
    Will play a bit of Mario Kart 8 as the little one wants me to open all the compatible Amiibos for it.
    If I have spare time will play Quake 4 and Limbo.
    So many pile of shame games......

      Limbo is a fantastical game

        ...and I heard it's a short game (3hrs) so I could probably finish it in a few sittings :-D

    Pokken Tournament with the kids. Perhaps 'Barrel Roll: The Game'. Perhaps Bloodborne. Perhaps Tomb Raider. Perhaps Diablo 3.

    Well tomorrow I'm hiring a car to go pick up some timber to make a frame for a painting I got, pick up a fire pit and a couple of benches for the fire pit. Sunday is gonna be a mix of finishing off a knitting project so I can turn it into some wall art and helping the housemate clear out the owners stuff from the garage. Then monday is probably gonna be some dark souls 3 while I continue to beat my head against the high wall of lothric and looking up knitting patterns because I'm what the kids call relatable.

      only thing i read, was a fire pit for burning stuff. like some benches, and knitting. *flames*

    Plants Vs Zombies GW 2. picked it up last night for a bit of fun with the kids, also i believe mast 4 has requested i play Mario Party 10 so that will be in the fold no doubt.

    Ratshit & Clonk. Parents just don't understand.

    Gemcraft, Factorio and Devil Daggers are on the agenda for this weekend.

    I'll be at the Casino tonight watching the Crows smash those geriatric Hawks, and then making several hundred dollars on the tables. After that, I have 3 days of Rocket League, Fifa, MGSV (maybe), Project X Zone 2, and whatever the hell else I wanna play.

      I hope your right, I'm looking forward to their fall from grace so hard!

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