What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Thanks to a sick day this week — legit sick before anyone asks — I finally found time to blast through the final act of Uncharted 4. I enjoyed that video game a lot.

Now it's time to finally finish Dark Souls 3.

Yep, I haven't finished Dark Souls 3. It was just bad timing. I was very close to the end when Uncharted 4 came out. I figured I'd blast through that quickly and come back to Dark Souls 3 ASAP. Of course that didn't really happen. I started playing again last night and realised I'd left the game at a boss fight.

Try jumping back into Dark Souls 3 after two or three weeks straight into a goddamn boss fight. It's tough times.

But yes, this weekend I'll be playing Dark Souls 3. I should be playing Overwatch I guess, and I have been, but I need to finish Dark Souls 3. Mainly because it's so goddamn good and I want to get an NG+ in before the end of the year.


    My issues with Dark Souls 3 are many and great.

    I'm not sure if I should push on through the end-game because of how strange the DLC often is. To finish the game now would actually count against me enjoying DLC, as usual, with Fromsoft games.

    How does the scaling work now? I want to improve some of my favourite dex weapons but not waste those stupid gems.

    I hope to finish Uncharted 4, and I'll play some Overwatch as well.

      Come join us in UC4 MP when you're done! When you get a good group going, its a blast!

    Overwatch and Squad just got an update so I'll be playing that too

    Overwatch, and continue my first Witcher 3 playthrough.

      Enjoy! You will freaking love the witcher. Great game!

        It's pretty great. Doing it slowly, trying not to overdose on all the content. Plus breaking it up with Overwatch is necessary, because Overwatch. =)

    More Ark:Survival, really enjoying the new Center map. Rocket league will fill the gaps

    Man, lotsa games all of a sudden.
    Finish levelling a wow toon ready for legion, Overwatch, Stellaris.
    Also a beta for Paragon apparently so shall need to squeeze that in somewhere too.

    Overwatch and maybe some Uncharted 4, though by chapter 9 I'm getting a tad bored.... so probably Overwatch and more Overwatch.

    I was "legit sick" too Mark! ;)
    Finish off Pillars and RAGE, then hit the shame pile at random - probably Deus Ex HR.

    Fire Emblem: Conquest and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered mostly. I'm having a raging internal debate over whether I want to get Overwatch. It looks like a lot of fun but my history with FPS Arena Shooters is that I lose interest after a few months.

      That was my concern as well. I pulled the trigger on Overwatch though and I can tell you, those few months (if not more) are going to be really, really fun.

    Overwatch, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 (not in that order) lol

    Depending on time and my wife's social schedule, Doom. Alternatively, The Old Blood. Alternatively alternatively, something from my steam library.

    Finishing up the platinum in Uncharted 4, then back into Dark Souls 3. I'm at a boss fight. Sounds familiar!

    Well I finished uncharted 4 last weekend so I'm currently gameless. Not sure about the overwatch hype..Im one of those people who might lose interest as well. Thinking a second play through on the witcher 3 wouldn't go astray. But I also haven't finished farcry primal and I now have ratchet and clank for the ps4 which I haven't even started! So many games! Its so good!

    Overwatch and when that get's annoying or frustrating, breaking it up with some run and gun easy thoughtless demon slaying gorefest with DOOM.

    Assassins Creed Black Flag and Assassins Creed Unity
    and i just want to say, Unity is fucking amazing. so sad they fucked up the release. but now that its all patched, you can pick it up for $9 from EB games and it has mulitplayer Co-op for the storymode.
    i just bought 4 copies for myself and some guys at work and its great fun. highly recommended.

    Leap Frog. Wonders if anyone here will know what that is.

    Also Battleborn and Doom. Probably Far Harbour.

      Leap Frog?


    Time to work on my pokken rank:


    Fallout 4 survival mode and probably a bit of Mad Max. Really liking post-apocalyptic stuff at the moment. Survival mode is brutal.

    Overwatch and Rocket League. I'm a bit worried that I'm gonna get bored of Overwatch really quickly though. Maybe I need to try recruit some people when playing so we can chat whilst playing. Think that would make it more fun. On Xbox I have noticed a few people using their mics in only 5/6 games, so that's promising.

      Definitely recommend getting a posse together! Banter is half the fun in a straight forward game like overwatch.

    The Last of Us - PS3
    Quake 4 - PC

    Maybe finish Flow. I know it's a short game but it's so boring and repetitive. I might not even bother with Flower and go straight to Journey.

    Probably some Dark Souls at some point but I don't think I'm going to be playing much of anything. I've got plenty of good games to jump into but for some reason I'm not feeling it lately.

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