What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Oh my god it's finally arrived. Praise the gods in the heavens. My Oculus Rift has arrived.

So yeah, I'm going to be messing around with that for the most part.

What are you playing this weekend?

I'm spending an entire day doing a mad 'how to survive in the wilderness' course on the Saturday. Got roped into that by my Bear Grylls wannabe brother-in-law. That's gonna suck away at my Oculus Rift time. Probably suck away at my 'finally finishing Uncharted 4' time as well.


    For some reason I started a new game of Oblivion the other night. Dunno if I'll get to it though, bust weekend.

      I would do this just to kill some minoutaurs...

        Minotaurs? I don't remember them

          Really? I think they spawn after level 30.

          They guard the unicorn in hircine grove? Generally find them in forest areas, they use a spell that degrades weapons/armour IIRC. Super fun to kill. Oblivion rules... going into the painted world, memories (^___^)

    Another attempt at clearing my shame pile; Pillars of Eternity and RAGE are on top.

      As much as people like to hate on RAGE, I actually really liked it.

      I played RAGE on a similar mission a couple of years ago. Not the greatest ever, but still pretty good fun.

    ill be creeping around Far Harbour this weekend, im pretty pumped.

    Finishing off the Division to lvl 30... once I clear my pile then i'll hit Uncharted 4

    I bought uncharted 4 last night so I want to play that. But got to go into the city tomorrow for some stuff. Every spare second will be putting into Uncharted 4!! Such an awesome game!

    Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and FE: Conquest mostly.

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      I picked up Valkyria Chronicles yesterday too and want to give it a try. Any tips?

        Yes, Alicia is the best. Use her in every mission you can.

        Hide behind the Eidelweiss a lot.

        Scout Rush. Replay the Skirmishes for experience to level everyone up. And Alicia is awesome

          Hmm...I'm sensing Alicia is a good character to have around...

      Purchased VC Remastered on day 1 and it is as awesome as I remember.

    Uncharted 4, Halo 2 and onwards. Maybe The Witcher - Hearts of Stone. Or Life Is Strange.

    I'm playing through Uncharted 4 on crushing difficulty, and I'm up to what I think is the final level. It hopefully won't take me all weekend, but I've already sunk half an hour into one of the battles, and this post sums up how I'm feeling right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/uncharted/comments/4jlln0/uncharted_4_crushing_difficulty_is_bullshit/

    But I've made it this far, through some previous multi-hour battles. I shall prevail!

    It's a pretty cool guy overall, too. 2 thumbs up!

    Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC

    Maybe some Broken Age

    Maybe some Bubble Bobble ;-)

      Bubble Bobble ;-)


        Recently discovered it on PSN :-) Gonna get my lil' player 2 to do some co-op.

          I too introduce younglings to retro games. A d-pad and two buttons is nice and simple to explain to kids (not saying they don't have the mental capacity for more buttons).

            Yeah, retro gaming is a great way to get them hooked. Nothing complicated to remember, and they dont need to care about strafing and all that stuff, they can just get in and have fun.

              And plenty of retro games have graphics that are relevant today, given the nostalgia for noticeably pixellated games.

              I'm pretty much honing their skills so I have enthusiastic Golden axe or Streets of rage co-op partners :)

                My nephew got into gaming via a Gameboy, not known for its graphical prowess. Fast forward a few years, and I recycled my last PC to give him something to play. Basically, he uses it for Minecraft in all its pixelated glory.

                Most other things are either retro (eg Garys Mod) or indy enough that graphics arent the key feature.

                I like the Golden Axe co-op thinking though.

                  Golden axe is a double edged sword (axe?). It has communist credits, so if they die a lot you lose continues as a team.

                  As long as I get to be Tyris Flare it's all good, I've been able to do a no continue run a few times with her, best character hands down... there are reasons...

    [runs around fisting demons]


      [Runs past Tofu]

      DOOOOOO---wha?! Who took my chainsaw?!

        [fists the chainsaw} ... doom

          ......Is there a doctor on Mars?

          Dr. Hayden: "I'm a..."

          OF MEDICINE, NERD!

          Dr. Hayden: ".....My mummy said I was special."

          No, you're just a jerk.

          Dr. Hayden: "WAAAAAAAH!"

    Going to have to make my mind up between DOOM, Uncharted 4, Fire Emblem Fates or Pocket Card Jockey >.<

    Think I'll tackle some more Uncharted 4, I've mostly played DOOM this week. I'll probably wind up spending way too much time with Pocket Card Jockey.

    Ok, I think I am finally finishing up the base game of Witcher 3. I'll start Uncharted 4 and if I can finish that I can move onto Valkyria Chronicles Remastered which I have been interested in playing for years.

    If anyone has any tips around Valkyria Chronicles lay them on me, I know it's a hard game and I have such little time these days.

      You'll be restarting encounters a lot :-)

      I think I played on normal difficulty, from memory, but you are still probably going to lose characters unless you restart after you make a mistake.

      Also, upgrade your weapons!

        That's always been my problem with games in the past. I'm stingy and don't like to spend my money. :P

      Level up the scouts. Upgrade the weapons. Use Alicia a lot.

    Grabbed a game from my pile of shame. Wolfenstein: The New Order. So far it's pretty good but after an hour or so I have to swap to something else... like Rocket League. Must have shooter fatigue.

    I'll be sneaking in some Metal Gear Solid V where I can. It's a really good game. The tech/gear is awesome. I could literally spend all night just customizing weapons...

    I've been convinced (Darth Sidious style) into playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm

    It's... 11Gb download and then Initial install updates followed by 11Gb patches.

    But whatever I'll kill the hardest boss first: Character creation. Do I make a sexy dark elf? Or perhaps a sexy Au Ra? Yellow or orange pupils?

    Then i'll have to choose a class that starts in Gridania but it can't be a lancer (my brother has dibs). I just want to skip to the end when I have Magitek armour and can run around without a shirt.

    Playing Uncharted 4, not sure how much more I have to go in it, but yeah playing that. If I finish it this weekend probably start playing Mad Max.

    Jelly. My rift will not arrive until first week of August earliest.

    Well, I purchased The Witcher 3 on PS4 yesterday while it was $30 so if I can ever get past the damn griffin in the prologue, I will be playing more of that!

    Hopefully the 1.07 patch fixes blue summons so I can finish off the blades covenant progression and collect the Dark Souls 3 platinum.

    Finished 1st blind run-through of Dark Souls 3 last night
    Think I stuffed the ending up somehow) by giving the firekeeper her eyes then, found here summon sign at the last bonfire and summoned her. Then as the final scene played out I put the controller down and must have R1/2ed her as the screen faded, I was like WTF just happened. Spoke to my mate and he says its a hidden ending and there is no way I could have found it on my own, but well here we are.
    so I might try and read up a little and see if I can get a proper run through (using a checklist or something) because according to my friend I missed a lot of stuff....good times were had though.

    Should I start a new run-through or just go into new game plus?????

    otherwise maybe something a bit simpler to tide me over until TOTAL WAAAAGH WAAAAAAGHAMMER hits next week.

    or I could just go with another try at X-Com 2 ironman mode and try not to get smashed this time.

      yeah the endings are a bit weird, there's 4 that I'm aware of. The one you got is supposedly a pretty direct reference to one of the demon souls endings

      If you're thinking of playing through the eventual dlc with this character, maybe create a new save so you don't have to go directly into it as a ng+ difficulty.

        Yeah its been a long time since I played DS, but I thought it seemed somewhat familiar.

        I was thinking of leaving this char as is to be ready for DLC. was also thinking of rolling a mage build but my searching on this seems like it probably isn't a very viable idea in DS3.

          It'd be possible to run a mage, but you'd need to be a bit of a glass cannon and have more ashen estus than regular ones and maybe a weapon/ring that regenerated fp.

          Once I finish my first run I'm thinking of trying a luck/faith cleric with anri's sword or a hollow infused weapon because they scale with luck apparently and I want to see how that goes.

            that sounds like an awesome build, wasn't aware they scaled with luck (thought it was just for item discovery)

              I know Anri's sword does and I'm fairly certain if your hollowing is over 15 and you've got a hollow infused weapon it automatically gets max luck scaling and if you upgrade the weapon to +10 you get an added 5 luck

                ahhh I see, I have just been doing some looking into this and it does indeed seem that way.

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