A Humble Bundle For People Who Like Games With Good Stories

A Humble Bundle For People Who Like Games With Good Stories

There are a lot of Humble Bundles these days. There are a lot of bundles and sales in general.

But if you’re the type that likes video games that are narrative driven this is a very good bundle that you should be investigating right now.

Here’s what you get…

Pay What You Want
Her Story
Read Only Memories

Pay More Than The Average ($4.05 at time of writing) To Unlock…
Broken Age
80 Days
Sorcery! Parts 1 And 2

Pay More Than $10 For…
Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Let me be the first to say that this Humble Bundle is probably worth it for Her Story alone, which was one of my favourite games of 2015. I haven’t played Broken Age yet, but I’m fairly certain it’s a good ‘un. 80 Day was super interesting on mobile, no reason why it’s not fun on PC.

In short: there’s a lot of good stuff in this bundle and — crucially — these aren’t the kind of games you normally see in a bundle.

Have at it.


  • Aaaand I’m sold. $10 for even just Her Story and Broken Age is pretty great, been curious about the Shadowrun games too. After this and the Telltale bundle I’ve got a fair few games to get through.

  • Shadowrun HK:EE is a steal for a tenner. Very keen to get my fingers on Her Story, Read Only and Sorcery!

    Cibele looks interesting too! Some kind of gamey interpretation of MMO relationships? Some kind of voyeuristic look into an actual (?) relationship the dev had? Keen to check it!

  • Got this yesterday. Didn’t see much in Shadowrun to tempt me to pay the whole amount, but $5 for 80 Days, Sorcery and Her Story (which I’ve only read good things about) seems a great deal.

    Played once through 80 Days last night, and found it to be a nicely made little adventure/story game. Definitely worth the price of a beer.

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