Community Review: E3 2016

It wasn't really supposed to be a big one, but it had its moments nonetheless. How did you judge this year's E3?

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised.

I thought Nintendo's show was going to be a complete bust, what with not having a Nintendo Direct, or any real sort of a presentation. Turns out the one game they did show — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — legitimately stole the show.

I thought it was going to be a quiet one for Sony, but it wasn't. They announced new games, showed off some incredible looking PlayStation VR titles and topped it off with a bizarre, show-stopping debut of Hideo Kojima's new work-in-progress.

Microsoft showed off a goddamn new console.

I mean come on!

Maybe it wasn't as strong as the E3s of old, but it was still a powerful showcase for video games.

It actually had me feeling extremely excited about video games again.

What are your thoughts?


    It was ok. Microsoft put all their eggs into hardware which was hurt by the leaks and while Sony looked great with all the games i kinda felt let down when half of them were revealed last year. No FF7 remake (which doesn't really bother me) and Nintendo trotted out Zelda and Pokemon again I just felt lacking for something new and original.

    Not an awful E3 just bland to me.

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    I think Nintendo - again - read the tealeafs correctly and executed its E3 in the way it wanted to, to an absolute tee. The E3 Directs were getting a bit old-hat, and a bit pointless because of the other Directs the company was doing back when it had games to talk about.

    The Treehouse streams were always the secretly-best parts if you are a Wii U owner, watching them was exhausting for our timezone however.

    Looking forward to playing Zelda, but on my Wii U. NX might be a line of e-cigarette machines (who the hell knows), I am deciding to hold Nintendo to its promise of catering to those who actually bought the former, hell, the Nintendo Directs aren't really hype-builders, they are customer support.

    'Hi, it looks like your console cannot run Fallout 4. Try this Tennis game instead.'

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      It can play Zelda Wii U with possible visual upgrades. We all know it will be a console. This was always clear.

        I was of course being facetious, point being the idea behind anything NIntendo did last week was to promote the Wii U's swansong, and it managed to do that. The sheer gaga antics that the media and the gaming community pulled over Zelda isn't going to be seen again for a very long time, even if Nintendo drops all it needs to about NX between now and Christmas. With new Xboxes or Playstations, it's always an artificially-produced anticipation, but a new Nintendo box has everybody anxious or concerned, that's never a promising start.

    My problem was, the biggest things both wanted to show off, were announced but not shown... Microsoft, you want to make us want Xbox Scorpio??? Show us the machine, show us the difference between what I already own... And you know that playstation is going to show off their VR system... At least give some kind of hint of what you're supporting on the xbox, or what you hope to achieve.

    And Sony, you want to finish your show with Hideo announce his new game... Maybe give us a bit more than a teaser, at least tell us what the games about. And finally a release date for the last guardian - come on, that game has already been talked about so much for years how is anyone gonna be really that super pumped about it.

    And both wanted to show us games - 90% of which have already been announced and shown off multiple times. It's hard to get awed by stuff I've already known about for over a year. The biggest game i've heard people talking about is the Resident Evil 7 game... which they've already come out and said isn't apart of the actual game... Blimey, WTF.

    While there were some good stuff shown off at the show, it all fell very 'bleh' for me. Some of the VR stuff sony showed off sure looked cool, but so did some of the Microsoft Kinect stuff a few years ago, and we all know how that turned out...

    Right down the middle for me

      You don't really get the Kojima brand do you...

        I'm with him a BS trailer is not worth any hype.
        I bet not one single line of code has been written.

        E3 2016 4/10

          Ah he said straight after the game isn't in production but the trailer reflects the game's tone and things that will be in the game. Kojima is about the journey.

    Aside from Zelda and Crash Bandicoot it was junk.

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    I was expecting absolutely nothing this year. Figured it would be relatively low-key all round, kind of an inbetween year, and especially little of interest to me since Nintendo was just showing off Zelda.

    Then ended up watching Sony's conference and actually being surprisingly impressed with their showing (still not enough to make me buy a PlayStation). And then there I was all set to be jaded as hell with Nintendo, "right, it's Zelda, just tell me the release date so I can put it out of mind again til then", and they go and get me all hyped for it and everything. Jerks.

    In summary:

    Sony - good conference but not spectacular (hard to top last year's though). Highlights included Kojima teaser, Last Guardian release date and God of War Vikings.

    Microsoft - Confusing reveal and messaging around the SBone (it'll run games better / no it won't) and Xcorpio (dem pixels) with few to no exclusives (timed only? console exclusive only?) meant that MS left people scratching their heads instead of talking about the games.

    Nintendo - Zelda Scrolls was cool, but because it was basically the only thing there people treated it like it was the second coming. I didn't notice any particularly exciting gameplay - it was just open world Zelda *shrugs*.

      Spot on except Kojima reveal meant nothing and showed nothing because as of June 2016 it is nothing.

        I know... but Kojima is Kojima. He's an event unto himself ;-)

    Started hyped for Zelda. Not that impressed initially. Not keen on RPG stats in my adventure game. Watched more previews. Came around. Was hyped again.

    Also got pretty hyped for Horizon Zero Dawn for exact same reasons.

    Was anything else announced?

    Forza Horizon 3 set in Australia was a pretty good surprise (and one of the few surprises that weren't leaked to my knowledge).

      I'm hyped.
      FHZ 2 was the most refreshing racer since Burnout

    Well Forza Horizon 3's announcement was enough to get me to buy an Xbox One, so I guess they did their job.
    Zelda looks like everything I wanted it to be and I'm pretty excited. I jumped back into Wind Waker the other day so once again I guess they did their job.
    Sony. Eh, don't really care for many PlayStation games and they didn't change my mind so *shrugs*

    Community Review: E3 2016

    "I wasn't invited..."

    "I wasn't there, I only saw YouTube trailers"

    "I heard from a friend who went that it was crowded"

    This year's theme: Fathers and Sons - WORST E3 - BY FAR!

    Sony's Shawn Layden walking onto the stage - knowing NOTHING is going to appease us - "so hey... umm... we're remastering crash bandicoot?" REALLY!? "Aww and its in Skylanders!'
    A zombie game that ruined all our hopes of "The last of us 2" - and more like Sons of Anarchy meets WWZ - cmon!!!
    The division DLC !? We're streaming a press conference live to be marketed to by ... OLD games?
    That small Japanese boy and the giant dog - a release date - the crowd goes mad - you people make me sick! Waiting for a decade for something that's going to play worse than Kirby's Return to Dream land!
    Dead Rising 4 ... with CHRISTMAS!?
    Spiderman #32 !?

    MS: Confused mixed messaging. S looks nice and Forza Horizon 3 in Oz looks fantastic.

    SONY: Great looking exclusives but when will we actually get to play them.

    Nintendo: Zelda looks trash. Sorry I grew up with Sega

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